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Advice & Recommendation for good gynae at KKH who is good with gynae problems - Endometriosis, Pain,

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by anggie, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. anggie

    anggie New Member

    Can anyone recommend any good gynae for the above. I'm desprate......

    I can't take BCP as I get bad mood swings, not comfortable with inserting homone relasing device into womb, take single hormone pill still have bleeding..... been in & out of hospital. savings going down.... afraid will get fired from job.

  2. davanmum

    davanmum Member

    Doc Benjamin Tham Wai Lum
    I been using him for my 1st child...now pregnant 2nd 1..still using him..
    gentle nice
  3. anggie

    anggie New Member

  4. jessa12

    jessa12 New Member

    Hi Linda n anggie,

    Im also using Doc Benjamin Tham at KKH. I seen him since my 2nd child when he was attached to CGH in 2002. Now having my third, also go back to him. Highly recommended cos he's jovial, gentle n always put me at ease. Nice bedside manners as a doctor too. He's very attentive, like when I was having my 2nd child, i had bad backache due to slipdisc. The next day after my delivery, he sent a physiotherapist to my bedside to see me n arrange for me to go back for physiotherapy treatment at CGH. Even my hubi who is very very fussy with docs is very impress by him. Highly recommended! Now seeing him at KKH The Private Suite.
  5. anggie

    anggie New Member

    i was under him than change to private gynae. now back to KKH under subsidized pt, so can't choose doc.

    the one that saw me during my last recent hospitalisation is Dr Regina & she did another lap for me. despite my previous gynae saying my endo (in june 07) is mild, there was some endo deposits again now (last than a year from the 1st lap done).

    any comments on dr regina??
  6. jessa12

    jessa12 New Member

    Hi anggie.

    No comments abt Dr Regina cos didnt see her b4.

    Why do u change to private gynae then back to KKH again? The private one no gd?
  7. anggie

    anggie New Member

    hi jess

    no just that i was in & out of hospital so many times, getting very ex. no more money. private hospital 1 time hundreds of $$. so no choice go back to kkh under subsidized.
  8. jessa12

    jessa12 New Member

    Yes, it can get very expensive when u go to a private one compare to a referral to KKH.

    Hmm..i duno much abt endo, but I do ve a ex-colleague last time who used to bleed so heaviy tat she has to stay at hm for at least 1 wk every time she ve her menses. After tat, she went for a ops but her condition only improve a little. She also ve severe cramps tat is quite bad tat she ve to stay in bed else will faint.

    Is yr condition as bad as hers? Hope u r ok.
  9. anggie

    anggie New Member

    i hv endo, bleeding not very heavy but very frequent. the pain is everyday non-stop. with painkillers, the pain subside but didn't go away completely.

    after the op last year, the pain stop for a while till my menses start again n the pain came back n also hv frequent bleeding. since than on n off the pain gets quite bad that hv to stay in hospital for stronger painkillers by jab. so was in n out of hospital many times.

    became broke bec of this so change back to kkh. at kkh they refer me to the pain management team also. the latest admission was put on morphine jabs. but once discharge was put on oral form. don't seem to work as well as the jabs. during my latest admission, the gynae did another lap n there was endo deposits again. didn't expect so fast bec previous gynae say it was mild N should not be so fast. there was also adhesion joining my ovaries to the intestines n on the abdominal wall.

    the pain team suggest a procedure to desensitised the nerve causing the pain but it is very expensive abt $4k. can't afford. they say because i hv this continous pain for so long that the nerves became very sensitive.

    now still hv pain n i feel so bloated. very uncomfortable.
  10. jessa12

    jessa12 New Member

    Poor u. At present, there is still no cure for tis rite? Cept for pain killers n ops, there is still nothing to cure endo. The ops cannot use medisave?

    wat abt exploring other options like doing yoga, going for physiotheraphy, TCM jus to name a few? I found tis website though i'm sure u r more well informed by now but still i hope it will help u too. http://www.endometriosis.org/treatment.html
  11. anggie

    anggie New Member

    yes no cure. if i get give birth might or might not reduce chance of recurrence but i still single, no boyfriend. another way is remove womb & ovaries but i want kids in the future if i do get marry.

    thanks for the advice & the website. will look into it.
  12. shirley_ang20

    shirley_ang20 New Member

    Im with Dr marieann hendricks in KKH last year regards my endo problems. She's the one who did the op for me and personally i think she's very gentle and friendly. I just got pregnant and she's still my gynae.
  13. babe2010

    babe2010 New Member

    Dear Anggie,

    Hi, how do u find Dr. Regina's service? How's ur experience with her?

    Sorry to ask so many questions. I have called up KKH and they refer her to me.

    Anyone can share with me on your experience with Dr. Regina? Hope to hear from u girls soon.
  14. anggie

    anggie New Member

    she seems ok to me. had quite a plesant experience with her. however I've change the days of my appointment so have not seen her for quite some time. her clinics are in the afternoon. & i prefer morning sessions. so now actually seeing different docs at each visit depending on the appointment days & the doctor on duty for my case that day.
  15. anggie

    anggie New Member

    on my last visit, the scan shows 2 cysts on my left ovaries but the doc say waith & see because they are less than 3cm. it's about 2cm each. really wish to have the cysts removed instead of waiting & seeing again.
  16. blueblue

    blueblue Member

    hi anggie, I understand how u feel. I also got a growth near my right ovary.

    Currently I am seeing 2 sides. (KKH and SGH) The gynae whom I see in SGH has one advice for me. If the thing looks serious and is bothering you, better to remove it and be done with it rather than keeping worrying.

    For KKH, I always see diff docs but it seems to me they are pretty inexperienced. What abt u? Do u get to c the more experienced ones?
  17. anggie

    anggie New Member

    i saw 1 at sgh also but he say everything ok. did 1 scan on my 1st visit but on the 2nd visit did not do any follow up scan. say the cyst is normal. so i stop going back there. the ones at kkh ordered a scan for each follow up visit but they say the cysts are less than 3cm now so just wait & see first. those I see are mostly Medical officers. diff one each time also depending on who's on duty.
  18. blueblue

    blueblue Member

    So I guess it is the same in KKH. Can only get to see the medical officers. I actually still prefer to see the gynae in SGH as he is much more experienced.

    Do u do the CA125 test too? Mine was pretty high and that is also the reason I need to go back for follow-up. Luckily the last round really go down to normal after being put on the birth control pills.
  19. anggie

    anggie New Member

    had tat done when I was under private gynea. it's normal. my experience/feeling with the sgh gynea is tat he doesn't seem to bother much. didn't bother to schedule a follow up scan to check on the cyst, just say it's normal. as for kkh, they say is normal but still arrange follow-up scan to check.
  20. blueblue

    blueblue Member

    hmm..which gynae u go to at SGH?

    Mine will arrange for a follow-up without fail.. My gynae is Prof Tay Sun Kuie.
  21. anggie

    anggie New Member

    can't remember. think it's dr tan something.
  22. dollyqueencess

    dollyqueencess New Member

    Hi anggie,

    is it dr k. c. tan? lady gynae?
  23. anggie

    anggie New Member

    hi dollyqueencess

    it's dr tan hak koon @ SGH.
  24. silentlove

    silentlove Active Member

    i was also with dr marianne hendricks. overall have no probs with her. nice lady.
  25. ladeline28

    ladeline28 Member

    Hi, anyone seen Dr Tan Kim Teng at KKH before? I'm looking for a good female gyne for regular check-ups.

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