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Advice Needed - Post natel hair problems

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by ficusis, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. ficusis

    ficusis New Member

    Hi All

    I know hair loss is common problem after giving birth. But i am experiencing more than this, i seem to be having skin flakes at the scalp. The skin flakes are similar to baby cradle cap. I wash my hair daily. Tried peeling but it will break my skin and hurt the scalp if i overdo it.

    Any remedy to share?


  2. bluecow

    bluecow Member

    i'm experiencing the same thing too...

    why ah?

    can anybody enligthen me?

    what do i do?

  3. ficusis

    ficusis New Member

    No idea what it is..my shampoo is one of those anti-dandruff type n it seems there is no answer except. I m continuing to wash with warm water to soften it then shampoo it+ some scratching.

    Dun peeling without washing with warm water first. Realise hair from that patch drops easily.

    Hope this goes away.. i dun want dandruff problems.

    Anyone has any soln?

  4. luvbabe11

    luvbabe11 Active Member

    ladies, just my 2 cents worth...think it could be due to hormonal changes after child birth...I have a very good friend who works in a hair salon and I had shared the remedies on hair loss and scalp problems with lots of mummies... If you are keen to hear, please pm me.

  5. aedes

    aedes New Member

  6. sakie

    sakie New Member

    I had this problem but not severe as cradle cap. All shampoos I used worsen the condition except Federick Fekkai APPLE CIDER shampoo. The cider has a vinegar agent so it has an anti-bacterial affect. It's expensive but it does the job. The moment I switched back to a regular shampoo, the dandruff/crusting came back immediately within a day or two. You can also use T-gel which smells very bad and dries the hair so during extreme dandruff period, you can use it daily; otherwise, I suggest once or twice a week. Mustela also carries a cradle cap shampoo. It's a baby brand but highly effective as my child had cradle cap the first few months of her life. Up to this point, I still use Fekkai Apple Cider and nothing else. Try not to rub hair conditioner on your scalp until your dandruff/crusting are cleared. Make sure it's the APPLE CIDER and not other Fekkai's hair products if you're planning to give that shampoo a try. Another pro is that Fekkai's Apple Cider also gives your hair a healthy look. Hope it works for you as it does for me.

  7. beccatong

    beccatong New Member

    I had the same problem too after I gave birth to my son. Right after the 1-month confinement, I went to a salon and requested them to help me heal my scalp. It helps after only 1 treatment.

  8. jubilant

    jubilant New Member

    I had the same problem too after I gave birth to my girl. I had a long hair and it was terrible. I actually had my hair cut and now the hair loss is not so bad.....

  9. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    I experinced hair loss after giving birth that I am so worry that i will be bald, but it will resume back

  10. joannafoo

    joannafoo New Member

    go see a doc get Minoxidil hair spray, it works for me.

  11. happiee_yippiee

    happiee_yippiee New Member

    I have been using this hair product which mine friend salon carries.. <trichodex>. saw its results especially after my pregn... thumbs up..

    Email me at jasmineyapsm@gmail.com for more info...

  12. sgluvusa

    sgluvusa New Member

    My hair lose after giving birth to my DD is terrible! One bunch when I wake up, one bunch when I comb my hair, one bunch when I wash hair and another bunch when I comb hair again after the wash.. Now when I wash my hair, I only feel scalp, not much hair left..

    If I leave it alone, will it grow back? Or must I find remedies for it?

  13. mumilicia

    mumilicia Member

    maybe you can try getting some hair tonic.. the hair will grow back, after some time, u'll find u hv lots of baby hair standing! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


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