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ADVICE: Is Yakult suitable for a 2 y.o. child??

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by hcarole, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. hcarole

    hcarole New Member

    does anyone know if it's advisable for a 2 y.o. child to consume a bottle of Yakult every day?

  2. mummy_bel

    mummy_bel Member

    hehe... Every time my boy cried for Yakult when I open the fridge, I will drink half and mix the rest with water to make it more diluted coz i think the taste is too sweet.
  3. cloveryfaith

    cloveryfaith Member

    I read from a magazine that Fen Ying the DJ I think is FM Love 97.2 who is the spokeperson for Yakult/Vitagen cannot remember which. Well she said she feed her child Yakult around 6mths old - 1 teaspoon...then gradually increase intake as the child gets older.
  4. dna

    dna Member


    my PD advises Yakult only after 2 yrs old. apparently, the bacteria that is good for us is not good for young kids / babies.
  5. cloveryfaith

    cloveryfaith Member

    Wow if that's the case better follow the PD. Hi MissingAN (dna), How much do we feed to a 2 yr old child?
  6. foliage

    foliage New Member

    hi carole,

    my younger brother (when he was round 2.5 yrs old) got asthma attack after daily intake of yakult / vitagen over a period of 1-2 months. It seems that yakult is too "cold" for kids. 2-3 times a week @ half bottle and diluted with water seems ok. but not too much.
  7. dna

    dna Member

    hi chen mama,

    maybe gradually increase for a 2 yr old child. i also don't know. depends on if yr child can take cold things i guess. cos i did not give my kids after PD tell me bacteria not good for the kids. maybe when they are older. [​IMG]
  8. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    I don't give my kid Yakult as firstly it is TOO SWEET, secondly I am giving him probotics(live bacteria). When he requests for it, I would rather buy Vitagen.
  9. adtan

    adtan New Member

    Hmm.. my pd gave me the green light to give my 1.5 yr old daughter Yakult and she has been taking it pretty often since. Usually half a bottle a day. So far no problem.
    Crossing my fingers...
  10. desireeloke

    desireeloke New Member

    hi mummies, i tried giving Yakult to my 2 yr old son and he had runny stools for many days...
    think the bateria too strong..

    now only give him half a bottle and only twice a week...
  11. janiceong

    janiceong New Member

    Hi to all Mummies, i had one DD and she is 20 mths now. My gal had been drinking Yakult since she was 15 to 16 mtonths old. And on alternate day, i will give her one bottle to drink by herself. So far, nothing went wrong (Touchwood). But i still like to seek advice from our mothers out there, is it advisable to give it to my gal?
  12. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Our going to 3 yr old boy takes once everyday,
    so far ok. [​IMG]
  13. papasmurf

    papasmurf New Member

    My boy is 4 now. He started on Yakult around 2.5 but we switched to Vitagen due to the supposedly lower sugar content.
  14. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    It all depends on the child. I used to give my #1. Then after a period like 6mths later, she got those thick phlegm, and won't go off no matter what medicine the doctor gave. I gave up and brought her to see chinese physician, then got "scolded" by him. He said shouldn't give yakult frequently to young child. He's not the only chinese physician that "scolded" me, in fact, got "scolded" by 2 different chinese physicians. Since then, I restrict the intake, give only very little bit like one or two slips per week.
  15. jean_foo

    jean_foo New Member


    To my understanding it's advisable to give twice a week yakult/vitagen. It will cause phelgm if it's given daily.
  16. happyfeet11

    happyfeet11 Active Member

    noticed my boy will LS if he takes 1 bottle of yakult everyday so i try to restrict his consumption or share half with him
  17. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

    I agree with Jenny. My kids (3 and 2 )had alot of phelgm when they drank yakult and coughed non-stop. After I stopped their intake totally, they stopped couginh
  18. dextermummy

    dextermummy New Member

    i give my boy twice a wk 1 bot to drink by himself since he is 18mths. but i usually dun give immediately when take from fridge. always put outside awhile.. i notice that his poo is watery.. wont call it LS.. some ppl say its gd (cos it pai tu) duno true anot
  19. princessmw

    princessmw New Member

    Yakult make child asmatic.
    I saw a few of my cousin gotten due to prolong drinking Yakult.
    If really must drink half a botle wil do but not immediately from the fridge.

    Hope this help.
  20. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    why would yakult cause asthma? what ingredients does it have?
  21. princessmw

    princessmw New Member

    Heard from the old folks and a chinese doc from HK saying that yakult is too cooling for the lungs as the young kids lung is still developing and growing.
  22. blissbless

    blissbless New Member

    Yes, my kid loves Yakult... takes one bottle a day [​IMG]
  23. polarpig

    polarpig New Member

    my pd dont advise young children to drink Yakult everyday
  24. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Not advisable to drink yakult everyday, it's too yin as it contains a lot of sugar.If it's natural, it'll not be sweet but sour, so they add sugar for it to taste better. If you want yr kids to hv good bacteria in their intestines, miso soup with organic seaweeds will be a better choice. It strengthens the intestines and provides a lot of minerals for their growing body. That is what the Japanese eats everyday, and it promotes longevity. Miso also hv vit B12.
  25. cloveryfaith

    cloveryfaith Member

    Out of curiosity: Miso soup in Chinese is called as Wei Jin Tang so does it mean alot of MSG? I thought this is unhealthy.
  26. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

  27. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Use Mugi Miso ( can be bought from organic stores like Nature's Glory), it's known as barley miso which is safe to use everyday. Most singaporeans might not be used to the light salty taste(as we are used to the rich meat soup taste, if you add vegetable like carrots, onions etc, it'll make the soup sweet. For a richer taste, you can add fish or meat. For kids, you can dilute a bit with water. Miso soup is also good for digestion.

    Thanks leng leng for clarifying to mamachen.
  28. cloveryfaith

    cloveryfaith Member

    Thanks leng leng for the explanation.

    I shall let my kid try the miso soup. Thanks for the recommendation, ping ping.
  29. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member

    can Try Eu Ren Sang's Si Shen Powder.. add into soup everyday... improve and strengthens intestines too.. safer.. tasteless..
  30. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    hi pingping,

    u mean we can use the Mugi Miso as a seasoning to cook soup?

    Pls enlighten me. Cause i have been using those knorr ikan bilis to cook soup for my son.
  31. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    wow. the Mugi Miso cost $15.80....
  32. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Hi Grace,

    Yes, mugi miso can be used to cook miso like what the Japanese does. You only add miso when the soup is simmering, as high heat will kill the enzymes and good bacteria. I bought the organic Mugi Miso from nature's Glory before, it cost abt $10.80 for 400g. Just saw that they don't hv it at that price anymore.

    I'll check with them whether do they hv it, and let you know. Grace, I may not access to some of the threads if you need me to reply you, you can pm me, ok.
  33. pingping

    pingping Active Member

  34. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    if compare to the seasoning that i am using to cook mee for my son is it better.

    i am using the maggie concentrated chicken stock, the one in yellow glass bottle, it advertise that they use double boil for long hours.

    is the mugi miso better? how does it taste
  35. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    For me, I find miso is better as it has enzymes ( as it's fermented) and it's fresh. If you cook soup with meat, a tiny bit of miso will make it taste sweet. You can adjust accordingly to the taste that you like. When I cook with vegetables like cabbage, onion and carrots, the soup taste sweet. However, don't put too much as it has some salt content esp for kids. You can buy non organic miso from japanese supermarkets to try out first, in case you are not comfortable using miso to cook.

    Miso helps in digestion and tones the intestines. I guess that explains why the Japanese elderly lived so long.

    I hv never used Maggie concentrated chicken stock. I think freshly cooked chicken soup stock is fresher than those ready ones. I think they do add preservatives in Maggie concentrated chicken stock to preserve the stock freshness. Did you check the ingredients used to make the stock?
  36. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    ya i checked....

    nothing much but also added salt....
    wats the difference between organic miso and non organic miso
  37. feif

    feif Member

    No diff in taste (organic/non--organic miso). Organic miso may not taste as smooth. Both have msg anyway.
  38. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    hmmmmmmmm...MSG?? then deficts the purpose of healthy living.....

    am i right to say that?
  39. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

  40. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    I hv been using organic miso (in paste form) for 5 years, and it doesn't contain msg at all. Like what leng leng said, you hv to look at the ingredients. I hv to keep it in the fridge as it's fresh miso, not the powdered type. There are many types of miso in the market, so you hv to look at the ingredients.

    If miso has msg, I would not recommend it and I don't like msg, cos it makes me thirsty.

    The ingredients in the miso that I bought are: Organic soybeans, water, barley,sea salt and Aspergillus Oryzae(koji).
  41. pingping

    pingping Active Member

  42. miqiminimom

    miqiminimom New Member

    Yes, nvr give yakult to ur kid. My sis suffer asthnma becos of this.
  43. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    Totally agree. I am now convinced.
    Gave my son just 1/5 of a bottle of low sugar vtgen a few days ago and he's been coughing.
  44. lackvitamin

    lackvitamin New Member

    now I can understand why my son is coughing and phlegming. He's even taking Ventolin. I'm stop Yakult definitly!!
  45. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    I remember coughing every night when I was a child till my throat's almost ripped. The doctor put it to ice-water etc but come to think of it, it could be Yakult 'cos I had a bottle of it almost everyday.

    No more phlegm now for my toddler. Stopped all of these 'drinks': Vitagen, Yakult and Meiji. Phew.

    Was all my fault - gave in to temptation one day when I was at the baby room at Isetan. (They have a Yakult vending machine)
  46. pt_su

    pt_su Member

    My Dr advice , Yakult after 2, Ribena after 4
  47. tidalstorm

    tidalstorm Member

    A TCM doc told me no yakult for young children, 3 y old also cannot, too cooling, plus the so called good bacteria is not good for the little tummies!
    How true, my boy got v bad sinus all of a sudden after frequent drinking of yakult!!! He woke up a few nites crying that he couldn't breathe though I couldn't see any mucus in his nose, Now on 3 mths medicine.....

    If really need good bacteris, better get those type from PD, more effective!
  48. bitbit

    bitbit Active Member

    my 3yo gal was on Yakult and she cough, phelgm and vomit (at times), coz too cold.

    actually if they are taken out of fridge, shouldn't be a prob.

    The best thing is to blend it wif water, too sweet, causing too much phelgm.

    if child like its, no harm giving them Yakult, but no need to drink everyday. Average 3days apart (blend with water).
  49. gemini713

    gemini713 New Member

    My son (30mths) love yakult too. He started drinking when he was about 26mths old.

    I felt it is way too sweet, have switched to Vitagen since then.

    As a kiasu mother, i usually allowed him to drink vitagen only on weekends either as a rewards (being good boy) or to brighten his day.(sat or sun - 1 full bottle per week)

    So far so good. But i did make sure it was cooled down and not given to him straight from the fridge.
  50. melodyteo

    melodyteo Member

    my daughter took one bottle of yakult almost daily since 1.5yr old , so far so gd, she's 2 years old now. i let her take them becos she refused to drink plain water. i rather she drank yakult than no water at all. I also let her drink the Doraemon yogurt drink. Drives me crazy. Honey water don't talk, plain water also don't take, ribena also don't like.

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