(2017/09/01) LollyTalk's Teachers Day Lolly Mix + various customized lollies!

LollyTalk customizes gifting candy as door gifts and as favours
for various events and occasions such as wedding, birthday, baby showers,
as well as various corporate events, seminars, roadshows and various company functions.


(More photos of customised candy can be found here... Click Here)

LollyTalk also offers a wide range of readily made lollies with gifting messages.

(More photos of readily-made lollies can be found here... Click Here)

You can easily buy them off the shelf or creatively mix them into your customised lollies
to create an interesting mixture with various colour combination and a feast of different flavours.

Or you can simply personalises the packagings with sticky-labels with by us or yourself!!!

(More photos of packagings can be found here... Click Here)

You have to really experience a LollyTalk to know why so many people have chosen LollyTalk as their gifting & favours over other choices.
Ideal door gifts for various corporate events, roadshow giveaways, wedding favours, baby shower door gifts and birthday parties!
(For enquiries, please contact us or send email to smh(at)lollytalk(dot)com;
various packaging available too from as low as S$0.80 per pack;
other cost effective customisation on the packaging are available too)

With a Facebook fan page of over a million fans, you know you wouldn’t go wrong in choosing us.
You really have to experience a LollyTalk to know why so many people, big companies, government agencies, international brands as well as wedding couples chosen LollyTalk as their gifting solutions.

Pre-order your Teachers’s Day Lolly Mix NOW
and get FREE personalized 32mm round sticky labels for purchase above S$50.
and get FREE delivery for orders above S$80.

For more details...
(if from time of reading the post, the details are not there yet, try again later)


LollyTalk’s Teachers’ Day Lolly Mix
comes in various sizes and various packagings….
Super Mini Pack S$1
20g lollies in mini ziplock bags S$2
30g lollies in mini ziplock bags S$2.60
70g lollies in ziplock pack S$4.90

40g lollies in glass bottle S$3.90
70g lollies in glass bottle S$5.90
130g lollies in glass bottle S$9.90
200g plastic bottle S$13.00

Will soon be available to sell via resellers islandwide
(email for the nearest point of sales available near you)

To order, send us an email smh (at) lollytalk (dot) com
and we will give you further details.

Each Teachers’ Day Lolly Mix comes with up to 6 design/flavours lollies mixed together.
The design in the mix might varies.
Some of the design might be limited edition,
and will be changed with new addition to the mix,
and older design might be replaced and not repeated.

Follow our Facebook page and this page
as we update you the forming of the design of our
Teachers’ Day Lolly Mix in the coming days.

*Few important points to note about the Pre-order
1. The design of the Teachers' Day Lolly Mix 2017 might varies from photos
If the design of the lolly mix is very critical to you,
do check with us before your confirmation.

2. Free sticky labels are available on all the packagings for Teachers Day Lolly Mix

3. Confirmation of the order is based on date & time of payment
and after we revert you with acknowledgement, and not based from date of enquiries.

4. In order to minimise administrative overhead,
confirmed orders are not allowed to make any kind of changes.
If changes really needed, fees might applies accordingly.
To avoid disappointment, better to order extra than not enough.

5. Do take note these are handmade candy.
The lollies are entirely handcrafted and hand cut, therefore, variances in design, sizes and colours do/might occur.
If the project is very colour sensitive, and accuracy of design and measure requires precision,
handmade candy might not be the ideal choice for your needs.

6. Management reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions for the early bird pre-order promotion.

Special customization of the lollies, personalised packaging
and designed labels are also welcomed for School’s event.
Email us at info (at) lollytalk (dot) com

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You really have to taste a LollyTalk to know why so many people
have chosen LollyTalk as their gifting solutions.