2016/11 (Nov) babies

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Do you mind to share what medicine r u taking...? All medicines have side effect...just be caution..

almost all of my mummy frn did Oscar at 12 week...but I think no test I 100% accurate.. detail scan at week 20 perhaps tell a clearer picture? I am also not sure on all these... cox I am also expecting my 1st.. hehe... but I will be doing harmony test in my 12 week (29yo here) ... just to play safe.. cox I am on medication during my early pregnancy (which I did not know I was pregnant) and I scare that the med I took will harm my bb...


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Supposed to meet him again this coming Thursday, but i received a call from the cck clinic last night informing me that Dr. A will not be around so the next appointment will be on Monday instead of android app development.

I always feel hungry and sleepy, actually same feeling as when my menstruation is coming.