(2014/02) February 2014

Emily Tan

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Hi CONGRATS to Mums and mums to be !!! Those who is going to give birth must be very excited to see your darling. Those who has giving birth should be enjoying with your darling.
can i check ... ...

1) anyone here conceived aft taking TCM medicine?
2) which TCM and where did u see TCM?
3) How long did u conceive aft seeing TCM?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Mummies & Daddies...
I just signed up at the Parenthood Fair for a free digital edition of the Motherhood magazine. Its filled with lots of interesting articles as well as brochures of the upcoming Parenthood fair for the various contests.
Just sign up at http://gift.motherhoodexhibition.sg/ with the Promo Code PHF3 for the free digital magazine now!
Parenthood Fair from 21-23 Nov 2014 11am to 9pm.



Hi mummies, have just celebrated my girl birthday yesterday and we ordered a big bouquet balloon for her 1yr old birthday. Anyone interested to take over the bouquet at 30 percent off. Kindly pm me. Original price at $36.90. Please note there is only 1heart shape balloon. All u need to do is to get it inflated again. Self collect at sengkang area or via postage.condition 10/10