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Hello Mummies, am new to this forum and guess am the first to start this thread too... I just found out that I am 4 weeks preggy (God is Great) and so coincidentally, my EDD falls on the same date as my birthday 4th Dec ..

Mummies.. please share your joy.....

u hve pm
hihi, babylove/shill, I'm waiting to test tomorrow using clearblue. I tested today using hpt strip but it's very very faint. Hope to join you gals.
Hi ladies, mine was a faint line too but i was abit kiasu so I went for the blood test on last thurs and doc confirmed the preg... dun worry just pray and have faith and all will be well
Hi ladies, I am new to this thread! Congrat to all mummies to be.

I am also expecting 2nd Baby and I am in the 5th weeks now. My EDD is 30 Nov 09 but I hope i will delivery on 02 Dec 09 same birthday as my 1st son.
blueginger, yes i am. Had a v faint line yesterday cos lmp is 4 mar. Today use clear blue n it says pregnant wor. Hee. When is your edd? So qiao, we in same mtb thread again. Ü

thanks, cheryl. Ü
wow, its really so nice to see that there are so many mummies-to-be... let's keep the babydust going
Good luck..

Aside to questions, anyone experiencing mild cramps which are on-off cos am hvg tis cramp for the past one week. My tummy started to grow bigger now how about yours? Please share.
Hi Mummies,

How are you people going on?Firstly,i need to congrats those who are going to become new mum soon.Actually my mum n auntie are a confinement lady.They are very experience,friendly n not calculative.Those who are interested,pls feel free to drop me a cal for any info.I m always very glad to hear from you.My contact no:90094481.Always waiting for your cal.Thank you.Have a nice day!
today's our anniversay and i got a positive hpt this morning. goin to see my gynae soon. we've waiting for this moment for so long!
Hi Pauline,

WE only want 2 at the moment.. my 2 babies are still small..

Accident lor... haiz..what to do? after this better put IUD.

My DD is only 31 months and my son is just 12 months. Now pregnant again.. So tire....
hi bblove... amen to that, God is great!
I have a 10.5 mth son.... cramping is normal for some pregnancies, its the embryo adjusting itself in your womb against the womb lining, hence the cramp.. take folic acid twice a day and see doctor immediately if there's any spotting or bleeding
hi everyone,

i'm waiting for gynae's confirmation next sat. tested positive on the test kit and missed my period which is always on time. This will be my 2nd one.

Pauline and blueginer, i'm from the same 2008 MTB thread as both of you. So, 3 of us will be the same MTBs thread in 2008 and 2009
Hi All,

Congrats all mummies for the good news and joy for the coming baby!

I am so happy to be preggy again. My 1st son is 5mths now.

Hoping this 2nd child is a girl. My EDD is 8th Dec.
Hi all,

Was surprised to see Dec09 thread for Mum to Be .. haha .. kinda early.

Anyway, i did a test using clear blue. Positive. But my menses suppose to come on 3rd April, so i am still waiting before i go to the gynae. Maybe will do another test this weekend again .. pray hard!!
Hi Mummies,
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Hi Roxy, i reckon the pain is due to my constipation.. hv been rinking lots of water this few days and the cramp seems to hv lessen (keeping my fingers crossed).. ya just got to take care...
Rain, I see, so you already got the 'hao' zi lar, good lar, like that no. 3 no stress. Good lar, suffer at one time and bring them up together lor. Next time, their age gap quite close, got lots to talk about.

Congrats, Nobertina. So, when's your EDD?

Lovie, wow, your no. 1 is only 5 months old, you 'gung ho' leh, so fast try for no. 2. I waited until no. 1 turned 12 months old then I had enough guts to think about ttc for no. 2. :p

I hope to have a gal again.
hee hee..

Although this pregnancy is not planned. And am not so excited like my 1st and 2nd pregnancy. But will look forward to it.

Need to change to a bigger house and change to a bigger car now.. opps!
Hi Pauline,

Thanks ! Congrats to you too !
I'm visiting the gynae next sat. Will find out then. Should be Dec baby

I've a 14mths old boy already, praying hard for a gal..
M/s Confused, i hv asked the nurse if its common and she was saying some pregnant does have the cramp but if the cramp increases will hv to call them immediately.. so am praying hard everyday
Hi all mommy to be, i'm new here, confirmed with my gynae that my baby is 5 weeks young
Due date is 2nd Dec
Hope that could get some pointers from here
Just now, I wipe and got some pinkish/brownish discharge, don't know if it's spotting. Don't remember having that for no. 1. So scared, went to test hpt strip again to see if the lines grow darker. Looks about the same leh, but then it's not first morning pee so maybe hcg concentration not as high. Hubby said if worried then tomorrow just walk into any private gynae lar, don't wait for kk appt. Think will wait till tom morning, test hpt again then decide. Hope I'm not scaring myself. Anyone else has this? :p
i have brownish discharge too...
This also happens for my #1 and #2. So I just wait for my appt on 11 April.

And I still hv to go business trip to korea on the 14/4 to 17/4 then to Shenzhen on the 22/4 - 25/4 then to hong kong on the 28/4 to 2/5...

I hope my MS dun kicks in till May..

** Praying **
i read before the pinkish/brownish discharge is implantation bleeding, not very serious! Don't worry, maybe you like to check more about it online!
Thanks, Rain and Sharon. I never had that for no. 1, that's why worried. At first, I thought it may be implantation bleeding too. But then I think again, I thought implanted already then hcg level will rise then hpt will be positive. So, I'm worried why now got pink/brownish discharge lor. But then, since my LMP is 4 Mar 09, maybe really implantation bleeding from a few days ago? :p
Hi Kitsune,

I had this pink/brown discharge for my No. 1. I went to see gynae, haf to take jab to stabilise. It came back a few times during my first trimester, and gynae advise is to go back to see her everytime i have this discharge.
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Very coincident. When is your EDD? Mine not sure yet. Still sourcing for a gynae for Mt A I hope.

I dun rem I know you in Feb2008 MTB leh?
Hi blueginger,

My son was born on 6th Feb 2008. Hence I follow the Feb2008 thread.

I hardly post cos there used to be a firewall in the office on SMH.com. I only post on weekends when i'm available, which isn't often.

For some reason, the firewall was removed. So i'm able to post on this Dec09

I posted my qns regarding my son on the Feb08 thread before, but maybe i was new, i was ignored