(2005/06) Due in June 2005, Any 1


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Hv not seen any gynae yet. Thought of either Gleneagles or Raffles Hospital. Any1 can recommend good female gynae with good stitching?

How old is Dr Thong, she look pretty on the web :p. What abt Dr Lee I woon? Is she good? Aloe is this yr 1st baby also? How many weeks already?
Seems like not many pp wan Raffles Hospital dunno y, isit due 2 cost?
Hi ladies!! I'm so glad someone started a new thread for the June 05 MTB!!

I've just gone for the first visit last Sat to a lady OBG at gleneagles. Her name is Dr Lisa Chin. She seems like a nice lady and my hubby had a good first impression of her. Saw many pics of babies delivered by her - parents sent back photos with nice thank u notes. Of them, i saw Lina Ng (TCS actress) also delivered by Dr Chin. Seems quite credible.

But i'm not so sure about her stitching skills though...
Hi shekinah,

Dr L Chin seems very popular in the forum. I think she should be quite gd.

Actually how do we know if the gynae stitches are gd or not ?
Haha..Shane, good question. You prob won't know until it's over. But of course can try asking if any mothers here have been stiched by Dr Chin before. But seriously, the stiches should be quite standard. Plus they're not really visible (hidden underneath clothings) so i would think the skills of the OBG shouldn't be so much of a worry...
Hee.. hee.. i just ask ask lah, i also very lost in such things .... now very blur ley ... don't know which gynae to go to ...

we chat over the other thread okie - the apr-june one. there more pple
HI, have you tell your coy that you are pregnant already or at which month must tell?

Good to have new thread, the apr/may/june too many 2 read

Hope here all June05 Mummy then we can share the symptoms
Hi shane,

My sil's gynae, Dr Chan KH, also from Gleaneagles. She had her c-sect done by him. Heard tat his stitching is very good cos she dun feel much pain after her delivery...

Have read about him in this forum. Seems that he is very popular among the mummies here too. Maybe u can go check it out?!

I will be going to see him next week for the first consultation before deciding if I want to take up the antenatal package with him or nt.. Still in a dilemma.. I would want to go for good gynae but am worried abt the high cost too!....

Btw, when is ur EDD? Sorry huh.. lazy to read back.. Heheh...
I think it all depends on yourself. If u are the superstitious type, better to announce after 6weeks? Some would preferred to let pple know only after the 1st trimester.. Whens ur EDD?
no i hvn't let anyone know yet except for 1 of my very close colleague. the rest will let them find out by themselves.

my edd is mid june. but i read that edd will change as the pregnancy progresses.

I would also like a gd gynae but I don't think I can afford high fees. So my choice is TMC or MT.A but i haven't looked for a gynae yet. I actually quite like the gynae that I saw to confirm my pregnancy but she practise in Eastshore and Mt.A however she say she doesn't practise often in Mt.A so now i abit blur, don't know if she can deliver at Mt.A or not.

i thot of pang dang should only tell after 12 weeks which is 3 mths (pass 1st trimester).
Hi I'm just passed by 6weeks. I don't intend to tell my colleagues until maybe past 1st trimester. Not that i pang dang, but thought the 1st 12 weeks are more unstable and things may go wrong. Just to prevent having to "untell" the good news.

Symptoms i have include feeling nauseous mostly in the evenings. And all forms of car/bus rides are horrible as it makes me feel worse.

are u experiencing any MS? Any tips how to feel better?

i have the same thots as you. so i try to not let many pple know. Just let both side parents know and my very close friends.

at the moment, not much MS for me. Slightly nause. and most food taste bland for me. can't eat much also.

Try to have frequent light meals. Empty stomach brings out the nause more. Bring sweet with you also, suck on them when u feel like vomitting. Avoid car/bus rides since they make u feel bad.

Are all of you having ur 1st baby ?

yup, its better nt to announce so early. My colleagues said after 1 mth shld be ok to announce but there is no need to make deliberate announcement. Just nod ur head and agree if someone asks lor..

I also worried that my parents will go spread to relatives.. They even intend to tell my grandfather and all my uncles and aunties.. But i told them not to do so since i'm still in the very early stage. Sigh!

Now just pray that my bb is growing at a healthy rate and is in the right position..


So far, what symptons have u encountered? Care to share wf us??
Same for me.. I am beginning to experience the nausea very often, esp with an empty stomach.. Cant eat much but feel hungry most of the time! Seems that taste bud also change, becomes dull huh... Most food also taste bland for me..

Sometimes I feel pain in lower abdomen. Also experience some muscle pulling effects in my thighs, as if I gonna get hamstring.. :-( Quite an unpleasant experience at the start of my pregnancy..

Yes, this is my first bb!!
Still got a lot to learn.. Must realli learn to enjoy our pregnancy! :)
Shane, it's my first bb too. And i've been taking belly pictures..hahaa..just for fun. To observe how my tummy is growing bigger.

Have any remedies to counter nausea to share? Willing to try anything especially when it gets really bad in the evenings...sigh...
agree lor so i try not to tell so many pple. but very mixed feeling cos 1st bb and unexpected so sometimes feel like sharing but just keep quiet. hee hee ....

my mum was very excited. she say nvm one, wat will be yours will be yours. which i agree also. she say gd news must share ha ha ... i think she only tell my grandma. So for now, it's only immediate family members who know.

i think we all feel the same way, just hope for bb to grow normally and healthy. We'll all give each other support, i guess it'll make the 9 mths more bearable

do u gals feel that it's very unreal at times ? I do ley cos lifestyle all the same, tummy also the same. So sometimes worry for bb. sigh.

I also have slight cramps but now getting lesser. The gals at the other thread said it's normal ? cos our uterus is expanding ? So there's some kind of 'expansion' in progress ?

i also same as you ley. feel hungry but can't eat sigh. whever i v hungry, i buy alot of food. but when the food put in front of me, i dont' feel like eating liow. Then the food that i thot will be delicious, i put in my mouth, the taste like so bland. so end up eating very little.

for nausea, my gynae just advise to have frequent small meals. I do notice that i feel nausea when i'm hungry. other than that i'm ok. so i try to eat something the moment i'm hungry even if i don't feel like it.

u so fast start taking belly pictures already ? Is ur tummy growing ? Mine still normal ley. But i think i'll take also. So next time can look tru' hee hee ...

how do u feel in the evenings ? bad nausea ? try to find out wat cause it and counter it. Best thing is come home, hv dinner, then go sleep. when u're sleeping, you wouldn't feel anything. hee hee ...
do you gals still wear high heels and jeans ?

Will jeans be too tight for us now ? I still can wear my jeans, but i wonder if it's ok to wear since jeans are normally quite fitting...
Hi I aso 1st time being a mummy. I aso feel telling only when the baby is stable. I have not tell my mum yet ok :p when will start morning sickness? I m jus 6 week lah and dun tin any1 w ask coz no diff yet
My symptom is that I lost appetite esp in the evening. I felt terrible during evening lor. When is your EDD? My is end June 05.
have u seen a gynae already ?
wow, ur mum still don't know? My mum was the first to know hee hee ...
My EDD is mid June. But i guess the EDD will be more confirmed as we progress into the later stage of our pregnancy.

Btw, how old are you ?
Ya I dunno when I shd tell my mum. Yes I have seen gynae. I m seeing Dr Thong. Any idea is her stitching good? Shane when is yr EDD? Not working 2day ah keke
I have cramp aso.... slight one esp when I caught in rain

Shane so now u in week 8? Any changes yet? Easily notice you pregrant?

working ah ! But my work allows me to go onto the internet hee hee ...

My EDD is mid june. I'm 27. I hvn't confirm on my gynae but I seen Dr Watt from Eastshore. U confirm on Dr Thong already ?

I think cramping is normal. But if there's bleeding together with cramping then better go see doc.

I still feel the same, everything the same. Only apetite change abit. If not as per normal. I just cross fingers, wun have MS :p

How long have u been married ? Was it planned ?
I've been married for abt 2.5 yrs, baby was a surprise hee hee ...

Me also 6 weeks... My EDD also end June.. So close huh! I think its better to let ur parents know. At least ur mum will advice u wat are the DOs and DONTs. They will also take care of ur diet when u are back home for a meal?! Also warn ur siblings nt to shift any furniture when u are ard? Heard that it will "dong tai qi"...

shane, shekinah,
I told a few close colleagues as I want to find out abt their wifes' gynaes and the pregnancy symptoms.. Have not told any of my best frens yet... Dun expect to break the news to them until they discover my growing tummy!! Hehehe...

i actually also want to ask my colleagues abt their gynae ley, but once ask, they will know already. But i feel i still so early ley, don't know want to let them know or not.

But my best friends all know already. Hee hee.. close to them mah, so share gd news with them. hee hee ....
will u gals be seeing ur gynae for the 2nd time soon ? my next appt is in 2 weeks time. like so far away, feel like seeing baby...hee hee ...

worse thing is i not sure to stick with this gynae or not. But i think she will tell me abt her package during my 2nd visit cos i asked her during my first visit then she say 2nd visit then discuss.
Serrich how old are you? Wow we 2 can share our symptoms closely already hee hee
Shane you are so young
I married last Nov. Baby was a surprise 2 me also. I did not plan for it :p. I hv been asking ard to see if Dr Thong stitching is good but seems like no one know leh. So good hor no symptoms. I dun feel good in evening and I am very very tired. I left all things to my hubby. Lazy (tired) to wash even 1 cup OK
How much is your 1st visit to Gynae? I saw my Gynae yesterday and frankly I m shocked at the price keke may be 1st time lor... she aso said 2nd time then said the package.

I dun intend tell colleagues lah u nv kn hw they really tin, some may ask you do more so when u go on maternity leave they dun hv 2 do so much...

I aso scare of retrenchment leh I think during January then tell my boss give him a shock

my first visit cost me 130 if rem correctly. It includes consultation, medicine (give me 2 types and cost me $25 already ! ) and the scan. Quite siong, if every visit is 100+. So i think must sign up package to save money. I heard we can claim this antenatal fees from our medisave also. But not sure how to. The limit is 400 or 450 i think.

It's hard to say, maybe now i no symptoms but later might come back. They say 3rd trimester might feel worse sometimes.

Ok lah, i don't feel young feel old liow. But i feel i hvn't play enough ley .. hee hee :p

Dr Thong ... u try to search thru' the forum see if there is any thread on him. Maybe can find some feedback pple give on him.

how come u scared of retrenchment ? Ur coy gg thru' restructing now ?
I saw many pregnant lady recently haha many given birth and when I go hospital they said more babies at year end. I aso nv expect June so many mummy
my 1st visit is 200+ I m shocked lor. It include consultation (100), scan (60), folic acid(30) and fish oil(30) + GST. Xiong man! I tot the most 100+.

I search thread many said Dr Thong Good but no1 can tell me how well her skill is!

They can use all sort of excuse to ask you go dun really need to be restructing lah. Sometime is the yuan between you and the boss lor. If he suddenly bui song ask u go he can give u reasons
hi jamci,

we both have the same EDD. have u seen a gynae already ? decided on where to deliver as well ?
wah so expensive ?!!! But i think different doc different rates. Esp those famous and popular ones definitely more expensive.

how come ur gynae give u fish oil ?! i thot pregnancy cannot eat fish oil ?! cos i bot fish oil last time before and i read on the bottle that say pregnant ladies should not consume fish oil. But i might have read wrongly.

If the Dr is gd, then the skills should be good also right ? So i think you don't worry.

ya tt's true, when the coy want to get rid of you, any stupid reason also can ....
What medicine did the doctor give you?

I dunno what medicine is good she ask me eat wat I eat wat. She said 3 glasses of milk ( I cannot make it) and 1 egg everyday.

Any gynae tell u differently?
my doc only give me folic acid and duphaston. duphaston was for my spotting. i didn't eat since it stopped already. so now just taking folic acid.

doc also got ask me to drink milk but nvr say 3 glasses a day. i just try to drink 1 soya bean milk a day. i also got buy those milk with fruit juice at home but hvn't drink yet.

i tink doc know best. Better follow lor.

I am 24 also married last Nov!! Wah, we have so much in common! hahahhaa... I did plan for it but never expect to strike when I start taking my temp! So the charting is realli very accurate huh!! :)

I noticed that hubby treats me better now... When i started to do housework, he will offer to help and ask me to stand aside.. Hahaha... Keep reminding me to be careful. Everynite will talk to his bb.. Hahaha.. How funni!

So how much did u pay for ur first visit?
200+ lor, do really feel pinch
Seems like I m the oldest 2 b 1st time mummy here hee hee. Folic Acid is it all the same? I m taking 4mg type. Yellow little tablets.

Really hope all hubbies are always that nice. Yesterday I kept complaint tat my hubby didnt dote me he said he now maid for me and I still complaint :p
I spent $180 on my first gynae visit, and i didn't even get any medication. I was already taking folic acid (which is a very cheap supplement) and my gynae just said to continue taking it. She also did a scan for me and a urine test after i told her i had UIT (urinary tract infection) a week ago.

For that short 15 min, i thought it was quite a hefty sum to pay....

duunoleh - folic acid should be all about the same. I bought the cheapest one from Guardian - only $2+ for 100 tablets (5mg). But GNC sells for pregnancy one is 8mg. But i think shouldn't take too much even though it's water-soluble.
Shekinah who is your gynae and from where? How old are you?

I m just taking 4mg dunno enuff or not. I eat many small meals, any of u doing the same tin? But I do feel uncomfortable after drinking milk lah, like wan vomit lor
I hv been very heaty when I pregnant. Me drink coconut everyday b4 I know I pregnant.
How you cope with the heatiness since we hv so many tins cant eat?

u're so young !!! so gd, u'll have lots of energy for your kid hee hee ....

my hubby also start to do more hsework. but he still as per normal ley, nvr dote on me more ley :p

My folic acid is 5mg. Seems like my first consultation quite reasonable liow. Actually i was expecting more cos i thot such visitwould cost alot but was quite surprised when it's 130 only.

i'm also taking many small meals. seems to be better. 1 full meal like no apetite to eat.