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(2003) Calling all 2003 babies

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by gen, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. tab00

    tab00 New Member

    Oh, didnt realise! Sorry abt that! [​IMG]
    Yet to c e book as it's available only in jan2013 from ds' sch bookstore.

  2. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    Hi Vamiga

    No worries[​IMG]

    So late huh... I was told by sch book vendor that the books will be in in mid-December so am assuming she's referring to all the text and workbooks.

    I called Visible Math to enquire. I am "curious" as to why my son's school would be using this assessment books for the 1st 3 classes yet the next 3 classes they are using one from Fan-Math.
    I understand from the lady that Visible Math is written by same author who wrote the OnSponge books.
    Visible Math cost about $13 and that they will only distribute to schools next month.

    I was at Popular store in JP yday and truth be told, the staff has not heard of this new book, Visible Math.
  3. tab00

    tab00 New Member

    Ya, quite common for schools to customize learning these days.
  4. juney72

    juney72 New Member

    Hi there,
    I am a newbie, just registered today.
    I have two girls, 9yr old(borned 2003) and 5yr old(borned 2007).
    I hope to get some tips on learning and parenthood here.
  5. jwmum

    jwmum New Member

    Hi, I'm new here. I signed up to seek advice on helping my ds in his Math problem sums. Ds is ok in his Math concepts. However, he has problems with drawing models. His score in the problem sum section is usually very low. Any mummies with children with similar problems? How do you help your children? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  6. Hi JW Mum,

    I was facing the same problem as you, and during my time, I was not required to draw model and i'm totally clueless. What I did was buy those assessment books with full solutions including model drawings. I've to understand them before teaching my gal.
  7. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    Hi!, it has been such a long time:)

    I do not know if you mummies are aware of a member who started a Math Topic long time ago, to help support and teach parents like ourselves whose kids have difficulty with the Math subject. Here is the link..

    Math is getting tougher and I am unable to help my son now, since I failed in Math but am only able to solve the simpler ones esp straight-forward questions. Good thing my son is rather good in the subject, just that he continues to make careless or is-too-sure of himself kind of mistakes:(
  8. kp2

    kp2 Member

    Hi, my boy is P4 this year and very very weak in his studies.
    Thought of switching to go-easel next year so I do not have to mark the assessment books.
    Any mummies here using go-easel by popular?
    Can share your experience? Is it advisable to switch to go-easel?
    Thank you.
  9. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    2003 Mummies!!

    Keen to set up a fb group chat to share / advise on our kids' well being / yr 2015 PSLE etc...??

    Hope to hear some response soon :)
  10. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    2003 Mummies!!

    Keen to set up a fb group chat to share / advise on our kids' well being / yr 2015 PSLE etc...??

    Hope to hear some response soon :)
  11. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    Good morning Agaga! Yes I would love that:)
  12. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Hi mummy, no response from others wor.. so it will only be you and me... hehe

    Maybe we shall just continue to chat here till more mummies join as a grp?

    My girl is having tuition at home, p5 fee is $30 per hr whereas p6 is $45. Totally abt $500 every month... very siong. Pocket burn hole but no choice cos all EMS at border line.

    How abt your child, score well for p5? How you usually help with your child's work?
  13. Jasmine Tan

    Jasmine Tan Member

    Hi agaga! My child has done well for 3 years straight and has went to the same class 3 years straight! Hope to do well for P6 next year! But my P3 one keep downgrading and upgrading hehe...
  14. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Hi Jasmine, so for your elder child, P3, 4, 5 all subjects results are very stable? Did you enrol him or her to any enrichment class?
  15. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    Good morning mummy agaga

    Sorry for late reply.. I always felt this thread to be rather inactive and quiet but things are changing:)

    How many girls (or kids) do you have altogether...two? Yes indeed the tuition fee is expensive. I guessed the $30 or $45 tuitor comes with highly qualified credentials also right?

    My son also scored at borderline for English and Science but scored in the 60s range for his Math as compared to not passing during the 3rd term exams. Overall, it has been a big drop. Through the years from P1-P4, my son was still managing well eventho I ought to have started some tuition for him. I didn't see a need actually, since he was still passing all his subjects as I helped guide him in English and at times be the audio voice for Math. As for Science, he just read through the notes. But come this year, it has been the worst year for him with extreme strict and "military"-like form teacher who uses harsh and negative words to "encourage the students".

    The transition between P4-P5 is seriously difficult and one teacher infact shared that they usually see the students failing P5 yet passin P6 with a breeze. I hope he is right!

    Anyway, we are financially tight so consideration for a tuitor was always scraped according to my hb's. But I knew getting him some outside help would help boost his moral and confidence.

    My son has learning differences and attention issues. Finding a good teacher who is able to handle such kids is rather difficult and could possibly cost a bomb. Having said that, I really have no other choice but to enroll him with CDAC for their tuition program which cost $8.00/month for next year in Math and Science. His Math issues are mainly not understanding the question and unnecessary careless mistakes. As for Science, he gets sian just reading the notes. Being dyslexic, he struggles everyday with the reading, writing and spelling. I don't know if the tuition at CDAC will be useful to him, yet it's a start:)
    Jasmine Tan likes this.
  16. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    Morning Jasmine!
    Different kids fair differently.. The jump from P3-P4 isn't so bad, still have time to catch-up..ie is how I see it. It's good to hear your older child is doing well:)
  17. Jasmine Tan

    Jasmine Tan Member

    Yes, it's very hard to be like that, so as my second born from primary three didn't do well this year. I enrolled her in Chinese tuition (weakest subject), but she improved by, half a mark? She's in 2nd best class this year, dropped to 3rd class.
  18. Jasmine Tan

    Jasmine Tan Member

    Yes! They're all stable, good marks, except Chinese. Well, she doesn't need to enroll into other tuition classes but she's been going to the F class every year, which is the best class. Which also makes me proud.
  19. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Miracle, I have 3 girls, 11yo, 25mo and a 2mo baby. My girl only started private tuition July this year mainly it's becos she almost fail her SA1 English, the other reason is I wanted to witness how she understand what her tutor teaches. Previously she went to small group tution but after seeing her assessments, I knew that she didn't manage to learn anything. So decided to give her 1-to-1 tuition, lucky to have had found a good one.

    Her results for all subjects in P1 & 2 are all As , P3 all Bs , P4 Bs&Cs , P5 Chinese A, EMS C&Ds. P4 to P5 learning is really a big difference. I should have noticed as early as P4 when her results went down trend. I guess it's tedious for her since she hasn't really master P4 work and yet she's in P5 already.

    Really hoping to catch up and bring the gap closer by CA1 next year. I'll be contented if all subjects at least Cs. I don't really carry high hope on her cos she's the playful, no sense of emergency type.

    CDAC tuition is held at katong? What's the schedule like?
  20. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Well, my girl ace her chinese but not english therefore paralysed her science and maths paper 2 problem sums. Mainly it's due to our family mostly speaks mandarin.

    I believe your child's well being must be equally good as her attitude must be positive to study well. Right?
  21. Jasmine Tan

    Jasmine Tan Member

    My daughter doesn't have a good attitude but a DARK attitude. She gives the family a fierce face when someone messes with her. She learned this all from her father. A lot of friends are scared of her... and her hair says it all.
  22. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Jasmine, my girl is always giving me a bad attitude when come to study, her face is as black as charcoal, pouting lips and frowning eyebrows!!
  23. Jasmine Tan

    Jasmine Tan Member

    Oh, that's very sad. Same as second born... doesn't like to study at all but strangely my daughter is willing to study. :O
  24. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Hopefully my 2 younger wouldn't be like her eldest sis. When did you start buying assessment books for your children? How many pages you get them to complete per day and frequency?
  25. Jasmine Tan

    Jasmine Tan Member

    About 8pages per day.
  26. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Since P1 ? All subjects total 8 pages?
  27. Jasmine Tan

    Jasmine Tan Member

    No... o_o" one subject = 8 pages
  28. agaga

    agaga Active Member

    Hi mummies. I'm seeking advice on usage of mobile.

    I'd just passed her a phone since holiday started and I've been checking on her whatsapp and stuff. Then I realised that she's so used to vulgar words and she's super attached to her phone day n night although I'd limit her use but still she'll find way to use it.

    Really headache.

    Any mummy can advise me on this?Whether you give your child a phone or...
  29. forest ang

    forest ang New Member

    hi hi
    I have a 2003 boy now in Sec 1.

    Can mummies here share how are your boys doing?

    Mine both attitude and behaviour is getting on my nerves!
    Even simple thing like asking him to bath is so challenging1
  30. balloonsculpting

    balloonsculpting New Member

    hi! wa thanks for all the info!!
  31. Ladysohfree

    Ladysohfree New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I know of a tutor (my friends son) who teaches in marine terrace who teaches open classroom concept in his home at a fix rate regardless the number of times the child attend per month.

    Basically the child is.able to come every weekdays after school till 6pm (sometimes 6.30pm as I end work late) and mummies can pick their child home after that.

    The rate is quite affordable (300 for pri level and 350 for sec level). For mummies who are interested, you can give him a try. He covers Math eng and sciences for primary and secondary levels.

    Name: Mr Brainer Lee
    Contact: 93369664
  32. MissusLau

    MissusLau New Member

    Hi mummies, my boy is entering Secondary 3 next year. We just moved back to Singapore and I am afraid he will not be able to catch up in school. I am helping him in other subjects but for Mathematics we are both clueless. Any homeschool programme for bridging purposes to recommend?

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