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1st birthday celebration – Venues? Need Help.

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by babynmummy, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. babynmummy

    babynmummy Member

    Dear mummies,
    My baby’s 1st birthday will be coming end of the month. Need suggestions for 1st birthday celebration. Guests are mainly adults and crowd is about 100pax. Been cracking head…. Any ideas?
    Or any mummies staying in condo around redhill area who is willing to help me to book function rooms in your condos?

  2. bebediva

    bebediva New Member

    think u can book chalet...its a lot of pp .. chalet will be good
  3. buttercup08

    buttercup08 Member

    not too sure about your budget or you can try Globetrotters at Novena. I heard its abt $700. You can call them to check.
  4. babynmummy

    babynmummy Member

    I’ve tried globetrotters, but their café cannot cater so many pax. Chalet is one of my choice earlier, but seems troublesome, cos have to bring a lot of bb stuff.
    So wondering any mummies near redhill or tiong bahru staying in condos can help…. Can pm me. Thanks.
  5. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    U can try to book any function halls or multi-purpose halls from sports complex for the event. I had my son's party in Jurong sports complex mulit-purpose hall. I love it.
  6. iluvphyllis

    iluvphyllis New Member

    Hi babynmummy, how abt suites at aranda country club? U can have 2 batches of guest.. 50 in afternn, 50 in evening. Easier to manage too. Also there's a bulk purchase thread on forum selling party items and balloons now.
  7. ellysia

    ellysia Active Member

    globetrotters has ceased operation. anyone know whether it will be open or not?
  8. summer1979

    summer1979 Member

    Hi mummies,

    Any other places near west area which can be for 1st yr old celebration. Intend to get those FOC venue or at least pay mini $$
  9. blessed11

    blessed11 New Member

    Any hotels, or restaurants in hotels which is child friendly and fun?
  10. new_baby

    new_baby Member

    Just celebrated my gal's 1st birthday party at Olio Dome at Marina Square. They block off half the restaurant for us and even help to put up some simple birthday banners and balloons to decorate the place. $20++ per pax, min 30 pax. Buffet style. You get to choose the food (western or asian or mixed). Quite generous serving. I had about 40 guests and only catered for 30 and enough food to go round. Good, prompt and friendly service and proper cultery used (not paper plates/cups).

    Like the place and the service. Best of all it is hassle free!
  11. dardar63

    dardar63 Active Member

    anyone did baby sesames st theme ? care to share some pics for ideas ?
  12. steph_steph

    steph_steph Member

    hi KE ,

    can share yr contact at olio dome, looking for a venue for my ger's b-day . Many thanks
  13. new_baby

    new_baby Member

  14. steph_steph

    steph_steph Member

    ke ,

    thanks so much.
  15. durian_puff

    durian_puff New Member

    you have a pic of the setting which they did for u?
    can pm to me?
  16. steph_steph

    steph_steph Member

    hi durian puff,

    So sorry, i'm not using olio dome. Perhaps u can ask KE for the pics.

  17. summer1979

    summer1979 Member

    Hi mummies & daddies here,

    Anyone got lobang for balloon twister?
    I am looking for one for my gal 1st bday celebration.
    Budget per hour less than $80. Maybe 2hrs job
    If any of yr friends whom can assist, feel free to pass me contacts.
    Pm me if any ...thanks
  18. mummynana

    mummynana Member

    I was also looking at olio dome too. They quoted between $20-$28++ for lunch/ dinner. Hi-tea is abt $18-20++. We compared around and found that we could go to a hotel buffet (with an area to ourselves) for just $5-10 more per pax. Maybe you can look into that as well...

    My gal's bday is in Sep so I am still in the research stage now. Perhaps we could share our findings.
  19. gracemum

    gracemum New Member

    how about Hard rock cafe
  20. bridetobe2005

    bridetobe2005 New Member

    Hello Mummies, I am looking for these BIG flower headband for my princess birthday. Anyone know where I can get one aside from Mothercare? They are selling at $29 but my budget is $10 only.[​IMG][​IMG]
  21. mommyhelper1

    mommyhelper1 New Member

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  22. lowhweeleng

    lowhweeleng New Member

    Hi Periwinkle,

    I saw once these kind of big flowers headband at Novena Sq 2, Baby Breeze, but the one they are selling are not the same as your pic. Think theirs are roses or another kind of flower i think. Maybe you can go down and take a look, see if you like it!
  23. babynmummy

    babynmummy Member

    eventually my baby's 1st bday celebration was held at HANS at Great Eastern Building. Thumbs up! Quote is $18 per pax. generous food serving, spacious venue and good service. most importantly is hassle free.
  24. kengentry82

    kengentry82 New Member

    well, thanks girls for new ideas.
  25. mikamika

    mikamika New Member

    Hi all Mummies,
    I'm a free-lance facepainter who runs kids parties.
    Please contact me if you all are looking for facepainting services for your kid's birthday!

    The face/body paints I use : Snazaroo from UK
    It is specially formulated to be hypoallergenic. They are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, and are non-toxic.This means they are generally safe to use on children's faces and bodies.
    As they are water-based, it can be easily removed with baby soap and water (no harsh removers needed) .

    Contact 8138 2280

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