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1 month to think and choose...SO-IUI or IVF?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by faithe, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. faithe

    faithe Member

    Really desperate for advice...undergo some fertilities checking and found to have slightly blocked left tube, hsb with poor morphlogy sperm..now kk doc advice me to take up IVF, but mentally,physically and financially not ready...although i noe thats the best treatment....wat shd i do?

    1. Cost
    SO-IUI cost S$1.2-1.5K but IVF cost 7-9K with govt subsi 3k per cycle (max 3 cycle) and claim medisave 6K per cycle (max 3 cycle too)..so hard cash maybe abt the same as SO-IUI

    2. Chance of pregancy
    SO-IUI is 15%, but for my case with male and female fertility fator, maybe 10%?
    IVF is 35%

    3. Process
    SO-IUI not so long and straining, but IVF process is very long, need high time committment...

    4. Risk
    SO-IUI may have eptopic pregancy cos i have slightly left tube block
    IVF risk of failure and higher cost incurred...

    really hope for some advice, i am lost....

  2. silkygin

    silkygin New Member

    Hi faithe, I am planning to go for IVF at kk next year.

    I also have a side blocked tube and so the kk doc advised me to go straight for IVF. He did not suggest SO-IUI or IUI.
    Anyway, I was told by my previous gynae that there is no point to go for IUI if there is a blocked tube. .

    I am struggling too after going through the counselling session at kkh.
    IVF chance of success is not really high and after going through the whole process, if ended up not successful is very disappointing.. Heard quite a few cases of failed IVF cases from this forum and don't know if I should really for for it.

    But after discussing with my husband, our conclusion is that, no matter what we have to give it a try.

    I don't think it is wise for you to waste the sum of money for SO-IUI.
    I think if the forked out hard cash is the same as IVF, then you may want to consider to go for IVF.

    Best is to discuss with your husband and do some calculation.
  3. piglet74

    piglet74 Member


    u can pm me if u want to. My girl is conceived thru IVF.
    she is now 2 and a half yrs old...
    dun think of the failure side...think of success...
    my gynae wants me to go thru IVF, instead of the IUI..cos i got Endometrosis...so immediately she says dun try IUI, go for IVF, u could speak to yr gynae and ask for their professional view..
  4. karyl

    karyl New Member


    I did 4 rounds of IUI and 2 rounds of IVF. Unfortunately all failed but out of pure miracle I was blessed with a daughter last year.

    I'm not trying to put you off. But my advise to you is that you really cannot think about the cost of the process once you decide to do it. For IUI the price range is not so big and the procedure is actually very simple so not so stressful.

    However for IVF, the price range can vary depending on your body as they will need to see how much medicine they need to stimulate you. So the whole process especially on the women is really very stressful not to mention that your hormones will be going crazy with the artificial stimulation, so when you are doing it the last thing you should think or worry about is the cost. For me I just didn't register the amounts when I'm paying.

    Basically you need to relax as sometimes we want that baby so desperately we become so stress.

    If you need any more help or advise just PM me.

    I wish you all the best of luck.
  5. faithe

    faithe Member

    Thanks for all the advice, i think i will try 1 round of IUI, at least get myself to prepare the kind of injection i need for IVf, then if failed, then go to IVF....
  6. eastwood

    eastwood New Member

    Hi can anybody recommend a good gynea for me? I am thinking of doing an IVF at KK.
  7. wish

    wish Member

    Hi eastwood,

    Can try Dr SF Loh @ KKH
  8. piglet12

    piglet12 New Member

    I'm going for my IUI in Raffles tis mth (wish me luck arrr).

    The gynae told me the success rate is 36%. Not sure if this is the general rate or the hospital success rate.

    I'm taking the injections from day 2 of my mensus, 50ml daily. Did try clomid for 3mths, but my egg is not responding well to it. sighz.

    Went back for scanning on day 6 of mensus, doc say my eggs size is not big euff. So injection dosage to 75ml.

    Going back again tomolo to scan n then doc can advise me when's my ovulation/IUI date.

    I was told tat i can claim medisave for IUI. But, there's a limit. We can only claim 3times, 1st time-capping of 6k, 2nd time-capping of 5k, 3rd time-capping of 4k.

    If u submit the claim for IUI 1st time, then 2nd time, u wanna try IVF, its counted as the 2nd attempt. So need to tink carefully if u wish to claim IUI. The costs of IVF ranges from 6k-10k according to the Doc.

    Procedure of IUI requires both hubby n urself blood test (to check if we've AIDS, HIV etc) b4 we can proceed wif IUI under MOH ruling. Have to clear MOH 1st. Oso have to submit ur marriage cert n sign a consent form.

    I'm quite stress ar, try not to tink too much. I'm oso scare tat my 1st IUI attempt fail. Doc was telling me, if IUI for 3times (max), still not pregnant, then no point carrying on wif IUI. The next step is IVF liao.

    Haiz, how can i not tink abt it ?
  9. dety

    dety New Member

    relax n pray
  10. gwen814

    gwen814 New Member

    Hi, i'm a newbie here and also having difficulty conceiving, been married and trying for 2 yrs but still not lucky, age 32..

    anyway, last january '09 my hubby and I went to KK for fertility check up, after some tests the result for me is normal (ovulation ok, tube ok), but my hubby sperm count is below normal (arnd 5M, i think normal is 10~20M)..anyway, during our 2nd check up with doctor, I was surprised that he immediately recommend us to go IVF (what i know is IVF is the last option) and we haven't gone thru any medication like clomid or go thru IUI..anyway, i ask him if there's any other way aside frm IVF (as we are not yet ready emotionally and financialy), so he recommended multivitamins for my husband to take for 3 months, and the next apptmnt will only be on May..

    I was thinking if its better for us to try SO IUI as early as possible, coz i don't want to waste time and wait till May just waiting for hubby's sperm count result..i am currently unemployed now due to recession so i want to make use of my time to concieve asap..

    Is Dr Loh handling only IVF? i'm thinking if it's possible for me to request for her as our doctor, coz i think the one handling us is quite young and newbie..
  11. royal

    royal Member

    How much is 1 session of IVF, may I ask?
  12. antonbunx

    antonbunx Member

    I have endometriosis and removal of ovarian cysts and fibroids. After that I went for 2 sessions of IOI with no results and felt very demoralised.
    My hubby has very low morphlogy sperm as well.
    We tried TCM and my baby gal arrived in May this year.
    I prefer to seek alternatives before trying IVF as I think that apart from the cost, it can be emotionally straining as well, just my own opinion.
  13. zaiozzy

    zaiozzy New Member

    Hi, i have endometriosis too and underwent ovarian cyst removal + hydrotubation concurrently, the latter i found was to clear blocked tubes if any. after 1 round of clomid we succeeded in conceiving my 2nd (with God's grace). my 1st was also after ovarian cyst removal.

    i agree with some mummies here, sometimes dont worry about not conceiving too much ok, the stress level may cause things to backfire. Relax as much possible and pray, miracles do happen...
  14. joylee

    joylee New Member

  15. koalatree

    koalatree Active Member

    Can't conceive after 4 years married, have a few times failed experience for So-IUI and IUI, but blessed with a son by trying the 1st time of IVF with a good doctor, he is Dr SF Loh, at KK hospital.

    You may want to give it a try . Wish you all the best and believe me, there is always miracle in life[​IMG]
  16. jennytansc

    jennytansc Active Member


    Can i know hw much u spent in all? My sis was recommended by the TCM to go for IUI or IVF aldy as they are married for 6yrs liao. She said no time to waste aldy. Moreover my sis hubby is 10yrs older than her wor.
  17. tigerlily88

    tigerlily88 New Member

  18. ycfern

    ycfern Member

    Hi, I also have blocked tube problem. recommended by KK doc, went for laproscopy+ hysterscopy+ hydrotubation. This is to clear the system inside and if possible of the blocked tube. within 6mths after this op,is the best time to try for BB with high fertility..
    I got my 1st boy on the 6th month!but I did also consume clomide on the 5mth month.
    My doc was Dr Tay Eng Hseon but think he left KK already. he put me to Dr SF Loh after the above op for fertility issue.
    The whole op is simple and think cost ard 2K+.. but can use medisave to pay for 1K+.
    as for hubby, maybe can try to take supplement to improve... or actually c doc too to get advise.
  19. xmasnowy

    xmasnowy New Member

    hi piglet

    when must submit the marriage cert? I going for the blood test this fri/sat le...

    so upon the 1st day of menses we need to call KK rite? after that wat's nxt?
  20. clamby

    clamby New Member

    Hi I am new to this forum.
    I am seeing doc Loh for ivf. He suspect I have cyst and suggested opt. Can I have ivf immediately after opt to remove cyst
  21. xmasnowy

    xmasnowy New Member

    hi clamby.. think Dr Loh will advise u accordingly... normally they will recommend soiui before suggesting ivf.. and ivf q till jun/jul le i think
  22. kellykok22

    kellykok22 New Member

    Hi i am kk, i started my ivf at kk already!
    Our blood test passed and today is my 2nd injection
    On lucrin. Next appt is 21st mar
  23. jetair69

    jetair69 New Member

    Hi Ladies,
    I'm new to the forum.
    I just did my IUI on 12 FeB 2011 with Dr Kelly Loi at Paragon Medical Suites.
    My IUI failed chk on 1 March 2011.
    Tot of taking 1 mth rest & will start with SO IUI in April 2011.
    btw I'm 27 & husband 32 married for 1yr 2 mths.
    Any SO IUI success stories? Thanks!
  24. jetair69

    jetair69 New Member

    Hi Seow Cheng!

    That's great! wIsh you all the best! update us on the status yah...[​IMG])
  25. jass76

    jass76 New Member

    I am a newbie. Going for IvF once menses comes which is anytime as there is brown discharge. Doctor is SF Loh, KK hospital. So worry as work is so busy and subordinate is on reservist next week. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Pray hard and hope for the best.
  26. enoki1

    enoki1 Member

    Hi kate, how's ur IUI? Good news to share?

    Hi Jass, u not trying IUI? Dun be so stressed ya. [​IMG]
  27. jetair69

    jetair69 New Member

    Hi Enoki,

    My IUI & SO IUI failed....now gg for IVF with DR SF LOH [​IMG]
  28. jass76

    jass76 New Member

    All the best to all.
  29. enoki1

    enoki1 Member

    Kate27 >> good luck to ya. How long have u been trying? I m also going for IUI tis month.. Anything that one should b prepared while/prior to doing IUI?

    ALL >> Good luck [​IMG] hopefully good news for us to share with all, soon :D
  30. jass76

    jass76 New Member

    So scare of needles.
  31. jass76

    jass76 New Member

    4 eggs In right ovary. No reaction for left side.
  32. jass76

    jass76 New Member

    Additional jab to stop ovulation and allow egg growth.
  33. piggy2005

    piggy2005 New Member

    Hi Ycfern,

    I'm new member, i have same problem as u, my right site tube is block and i have PCOS. Understand that u have undergo the laproscopy+ hysterscopy+ hydrotubation, is the final that the Dr suggest to you? is the success rate high? My gynae suggested me to do this but I'm still considering.
  34. ycfern

    ycfern Member

    Hi Piggy, yes the doc would strongly ask u to go for the 3 in 1 op.But I only know abt my blocked tube case after the scan shows frm the 3 in 1 op.Success rate can be considered high but at times certain blocked tube case may not be able to clear as what the doc said( if I did not remember wrongly).For my case, I went thru one more time of clearing blocked tube process after the 3 in 1 op where the scan shows confirmed blocked tube.Luckily for my case, tube was unblocked.

    Which gynas and hospital are u seeing?
  35. piggy2005

    piggy2005 New Member

    Hi ycfern,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm currently with Dr Yu Su Ling from SGH. I did the scan and went thru the Hydrotubation( i think is this) once...dr told me water cannot went thru my right side tube, she strongly ask me to go for the 3 in 1 in order to open my tube for higher chance to conceive....

    I'm on clomid previously but no ovulate at all...heard clomid cannot be keep taking, maybe harmfull...
  36. ycfern

    ycfern Member

    yes, for the last resort, think 3 in 1 is the only way to try to conceive.
    Yes, did heard that clomid cannot be taken consecutively think more than 3-4 mths, would have certain side effects, can't remember what is it.
    If you had make up your mind to go for it, the dun take any more clomide. After the op,1 mth later after 1 cycle of menses, u can try to conceive naturally 1st. only last resort like towards the 5th or 6mth after op, then include clomide in again.Your system will somehow be in tip top condition after the op, tats y doc says fertility rate is high within next 6 mths.Also provided your tube had already been unblocked too.
    Good Luck to u!
  37. piggy2005

    piggy2005 New Member

    Thanks Ycfern,

    Infact i got no more problem on my ovulation after i trying on organic protein powder, i've ovulated since i drink that protein powder. I did my Basic ovulation monitoring everymonth, unfotunately my eggs always ovulate from my bolck side, thus gynae advise me to go for the op....How i wish have miracle that the eggs will come out from the unblock side...I might be considering visit your gynae Dr Loh at KK...
  38. ycfern

    ycfern Member

    I am not too sure with Dr SF Loh. As I oni see him twice with normal consultation. I would not say my pregnancy success was due to my consultation with him.A lot of ppl say he is quite popular and well known in IVF & fertility issue,but there are a minor of them dun feel tat way.

    Else you may want to see a private gynae? He is my gynae for both my kids.Dr Fong Yang.His clinic is at Tiong bahru n Paragon.
    He also do 3 in 1 op, but think at Thomson medical ctr.U can drop me a PM if you like to have the clinic contact #.
  39. liaocarol11

    liaocarol11 Member

    Can anyone advise a good female IUI gynae doctor?
    Teddy75 likes this.
  40. bizmarck

    bizmarck New Member

    I went for IUI early this month but didnt work out ... Will try IVF with Dr Loh @ KKH next..

    Was thinking of seeing TCM too to tune the body .. Anyone has tried both at the same time before?
  41. elicia

    elicia New Member

    So the IVF cost can use medisave 6K to do and 3K subsidised by government? means we hardly will fork out any cash? can i say that? Cos my case is i had done ligation when i was 24yrs old, already wif 2 kids, nw thinking of remarry and hope can bear one baby for him. Think my case IVF will be easier and cost lesser?
  42. starcy8899

    starcy8899 New Member

    My gynae, Dr SF Loh has left KKH.

    I've intention to do IVF this year due to endometriosis but unsure which Gynae I should go to in KKH? Anyone has other good recommendations?

    Or any other Gynae who is experienced in this area in other hospital?

    Thanks alot!
  43. ycfern

    ycfern Member

    John Tee? not sure if he can do IVF but I heard he is a popular choice of gynae doc at KKH.
  44. babycloud

    babycloud New Member

    I had IVF with Dr Yap Lip Kee at Mount E.
    I find him very good and experience.
  45. ete

    ete Active Member

    hi Babycloud, can you share the experience with Dr Yap?
  46. babycloud

    babycloud New Member

    Dr Yap is very experience and very gentle. He is very kind to his patients and that potray a very fatherly image. The nurses in his clinic are very experienced too. I heard they were with Dr Yap for many many years. I believe I am also very lucky to strike at the very first try of my ivf.
  47. ete

    ete Active Member

    How much did u spend? Possible to share?
  48. ete

    ete Active Member

    Babycloud can I pm you?
  49. babycloud

    babycloud New Member

    Hi Mrs Chris - sorry for the lare reply. I can't recall exactly how much I spend but I recall around 10k ish..

    Yes u can pm me.
  50. ete

    ete Active Member

    Hi babycloud. Pm msg doesn't seem to be working. Anyway, how long did the whole process from first appmt to conceiving? I'm not familiar with the process.

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