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    For trying to conceive naturally

    My good friend who is of an older age has been trying for babies, was on a safe method without oral medication, conceived after 2 months. Hence I would like to share here so more ladies can try who may be benefit as well.
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    TTC group chat (WhatsApp)

    Hi babe, I am creating a grp chat on TTC. Anyone keen to join? Have been struggling TTC for almost 3 yrs after miscarriage, ivf, iui :(:(
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    ERA testing in IVF

    Any IVF hospital in Singapore doing ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) before ET?
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    TTC Confusion

    Hi ladies, its my first time here and i would like to ask opinions. Please bear with me as its gonna be quite long I am a 27 years old, currently TTC.. Ive always had irregular periods for as long as i can remember. Im not really in tune with my body. But since October 2019, my periods have...