trying to conceive

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    For trying to conceive naturally

    My good friend who is of an older age has been trying for babies, was on a safe method without oral medication, conceived after 2 months. Hence I would like to share here so more ladies can try who may be benefit as well.
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    Hello ladies, Trying to find more information about PCOS as I’m diagnosed with PCOS. It’s been almost 8 months now since treatment and I’m still unable to conceived. I’m currently only vitamins in the morning and Metformin in the night. And after my period, I would need to take Clomid and...
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    WTS: Unused Letrozole and Folic Acid

    Letrozole 2.5mg - 6 tabs (for 1 cycle) Folic Acid 5mg - 80 tabs Please pm if interested.
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    WTS- Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence (Expired, half price)

    Please read- Selling Tian Yuan Xiang Pregnancy Plan chicken essence. Bought from Taiwan in Oct 2018, expiry date is 8 April 2019 (already expired) Usual price- $200/ box I have two boxes, one is brand new in packaging (selling for $90), one is open but i only consume one packet out of the 20...
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    Implantation cramps?

    Hi I’m TTC my #2 for 3 months. Currently on cycle day 20 and I’m feeling dull lower back pains and slight cramps. Could it be implantation cramps? Have anyone of you experience this with a BFP in the end?
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    Clomid therapy

    any ladies has been instructed by gynae to start clomid therapy? I have two boxes of clomid to bless away Postage fee payable only Or self collect anytime anyday at 670516 Please message me
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    Trying to conceive after BCP ?

    I apologies for the long winded story, but I'm trying to cut it short. I was taking Mercilon since October 2015 and have always been punctual. But recently i started missing the pills and have unprotected intercourse. Breakdown of timeline below. * I fixed the time to take the pill @ 9.30pm...
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    Healthy and Beautiful newborn baby for adoption

    Hello , I have been in search of an adoptive family for since I got pregnant . it has not been easy on me and the decision I took but I think its the best decision I will be taking for this child and my self. I know they are good people out there who will do nothing but to see that a child out...