1. M

    MMI-Compassvale Feedback-A Rotten School

    Dear Parents, I would like to share our experience with MMI-Compassvale and overall how MMI works. My learning is- Money or higher fee can't get you good and ethical teachers in School, FOR ME THEY ARE NOTHING LESS THAN A FRAUD so please be very mindful before sending your kids to this school...
  2. H

    Home Tuition by experienced Teachers @ East / Central

    If you are looking for experienced Teachers for after school learning support in the East / Central, do consider SchoolTopia. Various subjects covered from Primary to JC. Real feedback and results on the website. NOT an agency.
  3. Y


    Hi mummies, any of your child are in K2 and those who are already in primary 1? if yes, do you mind sharing on how to cope when your child are going to primary 1, like the transitions or how you prepare your child to adapt to the new environment. And how your child adapt to primary 1...
  4. F

    Enrichment Classes & Development Programme

    Come Join us in the Enrichment Classes & Development Programme for Mother and Child by The Shichida Singapore.
  5. O

    Freelance Childminding, Nanny or for Accompany Parents to see Doctor

    I am providing freelance nanny child minding (not stay-in) on ad-hoc or regular basis at an affordable rate. Open also to render my support to expatriate's children where I can help pick them to and fro school, after school care, enrichment class, religion and etc. Supervise, guidance to do...
  6. Spring123

    1 scoot ticket to Taipei (round trips)

    1 scoot ticket to Taipei (round trips) At $763 only (currently airfare price at $970 abv on Scoot website) Travel date : 17Dec to 22Dec Inclusive: 20 kg luggage and 7kg cabin luggage (+3kg laptop allowance) Change of name amendment one time Tax Interested please email [email protected] or...
  7. M

    BESSA | The British Education and Schools Show in Asia 2017

    BESSA, the British Education and Schools Show in Asia is a showcase for some of the best names in British education. This annual event provides a platform for families based in Asia to discover and meet representatives from top boarding schools and colleges that offer the British curriculum, as...
  8. Julia Loh

    Is that important to live near a TOP Primary School ?

    You know parents like us will always want to give the best to our next generation, so here comes the question, is that really important to live near a star Primary school, so that our kids can have a better future ? I know a lot of mummy and friends around me are talking about the ranking for...
  9. G

    YISHUN : Pri tuition / Babysitter for toddler / After-school care

    Primary school tuition / Baby sitting for toddlers / After-school care for primary school children Private available (house atmosphere - been around for over 6 years now) Preschool: english, math, art&craft, phonic and reading classes P1 to P6: english, maths and science. Been tutoring for 10...
  10. Y

    Help! My son got hurt had 10 stitches in international nursery school

    Please help me... I really don't know what to do now... I just moved to Singapore last September with my 2-year-and-8-month son and my parents. I registered an international school for my son near Woodleigh. The school is American style and has primary, secondary and high school. My husband and...
  11. G

    Looking for PCF School Uniform

    Hi, any kind soul to bless away the PCF sparkletots school uniform for my girl? She is about 110cm tall. Have a nice day and Thanks in advance.
  12. gtgt2008

    P3 Shaping Maths Coursebook (textbooks) 3A and 3B

    With pencil writings in the books, please erase them yourselves Condition 8/10 Recommended selling price : $6.50 for 3A and $6.85 for 3B I am selling $10 for both books Collect at Toa Payoh, Bishan or Marymount
  13. F

    Free Online Help for Math Questions

    Hi all, it's quite stressful to help your child with Math nowadays given the ever-evolving syllabus. I have recently set up a Facebook Page providing free online help to answer Math Questions (Primary-Sec Levels, both E and A Math). Visit the link below for more info! Thanks...