YISHUN : Pri tuition / Babysitter for toddler / After-school care


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Primary school tuition / Baby sitting for toddlers / After-school care for primary school children Private available (house atmosphere - been around for over 6 years now)

Preschool: english, math, art&craft, phonic and reading classes
P1 to P6: english, maths and science.

Been tutoring for 10 years now and have had great success with my students.

I make it a point to summarize the chapters into the essential core and focus on building up the foundations of my students. I am also familiar with the trend and types of exam questions.

I enjoy engaging my students with fun and challenging problems and questions. I always make my lessons as fun as possible as well. I like to apply the subjects to real world situations to allow my students to fully understand the relevance and necessity of knowing and using math in their everyday lives. I believe that my students need to understand instead of memorize.

certain special situations we have encountered:
- if you are a foreigner and your child hasn't been placed in school and you need a reliable sitter to watch your kids while you go to work
- if there is an emergency and you need someone to watch your kid

Please message me if you have any queries! :)
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