newborn baby

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    Newborn baby girl for adoption

    I am a single mother of a newborn baby girl seriously and desperately seeking for an adoptive parent for my baby girl. It has been a hard decision but one thing I believe is that I will be selfish if I don't give this child the opportunity she deserves. I really need someone to adopt her and...
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    Healthy and Beautiful newborn baby for adoption

    Hello , I have been in search of an adoptive family for since I got pregnant . it has not been easy on me and the decision I took but I think its the best decision I will be taking for this child and my self. I know they are good people out there who will do nothing but to see that a child out...
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    Baby boy for adoption

    I have a babyboy for adoption who is in Malaysia. Pm me if you would like to adopt him.
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    How to handle annoying MIL?

    I'm staying at my inlaw's place as my bto is still building... However I feel that I can't take it anymore.. my mil have been annoying ever since my girl is born. Baby hogging, wrong and bad advises (such as asking me to drink amulet water aka burnt paper ash and to feed my baby plain water) and...