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    Looking for help on getting 7 year old daughter out of diapers

    Hello everyone I came here hoping people would be able to offer me some advice on getting my daughter potty trained she currently has to wear diapers 24/7 for both needs. I have tried potty training her when she was younger but we made no progress at all later on I decided to take her to a few...
  2. B

    Coach diaper bag in very good condition

    Selling large Coach diaper/multifunction bag the has only been used twice for $150. It looks and functions like a normal bag except it comes with a removable changing mat and has lots of storage compartments. The only flaw I can spot are a few light scratches on the logo as seen in the photo. I...
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    WTS : Merries Walker Pants (Size XL/XXL)

    WTS: - 2 brand new packs of Merries Walker Pant XL to sell at $45 (UP $52.50). Each pack has 38 pieces. - Brand new pack of Merries Walker Pants XXL is selling at $19 (UP $21.95) each. Each pack has 26 pieces. I have 6 packs to let go. Fast deal at Bukit Panjang. Email me at...
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    WTS: Mamy Poko Diapers S62

    Selling Mamy Poko baby diapers size S. 62 pieces @ $12.50. Made in Taiwan. Expiry date June 2019.
  5. X

    WTS: Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (newborn)

    Pampers baby dry diapers (newborn, up to 5kg) - soft Touch-Dry layer quickly absorb wetness - Magic Gel helps to absorb and lock it up to 7 wettings - wetness indicator: the line turns into BLUE colour and notifies urine Selling 33 loose pieces @ $7
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    ** MOVING OUT SALE! **

    Follow me at *** https://goo.gl/mRzdkI *** to receive updates on new listings everyday! Items that need to go include: ✔Furniture/Upholstery ✔Maternity/Confinement items (Medela/Avent/Ameda breast pumps, spare parts, pads, etc.) ✔Newborn/Infant/Baby/Toddler/Children items (toys, games, books...
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    About diaper cream

    I'm looking for a diaper cream for my baby now. My daughter's butt has swollen, so I need to take care of something. It is very secure if it is a product made in Japan, but ,,,,
  8. L

    WTS: Moony Diapers

    Brand new pack of Moony diapers -- S size. 84 pieces. Selling @ $20 only. Self-collection pls.
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    WTS Brand new baby/kids items

    A) Brand new soft toys with tag Barney and BJ hand puppets & Minnie Mouse soft toy @ $5 each B) Glouv for Kids iPad Case @ $10 each Pink color fits iPad Air Orange and Blue fits iPad Mini C) Brand new diaper and baby stuff organizers. Selling both together @ $5 Comment or PM for details.