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    Clomid: Need some advise if anyone experience the same?

    Hello everyone! I'm on first cycle of Clomid after my LMP on 9 March 2019. I have regular period ranging from 28-32 days. However, doctor just prescribe me clomid to make sure that i ovulated as my husband has low sperm count. Scan was done on my CD10 and there is 2 confirmed eggs growing. On...
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    Clomid therapy

    any ladies has been instructed by gynae to start clomid therapy? I have two boxes of clomid to bless away Postage fee payable only Or self collect anytime anyday at 670516 Please message me
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    Anyone on Clomid dosage 150mg (2nd cycle) not ovulating?

    hi ladies, i have been TTC since early 2017, been through a basic female wellness scan, tested negative for hyperthyrodism (history condition), but have always experienced irregular period since teens. Last Nov/Dec, I made my 1st appt with Dr Adrian Woordworths at Seng Kang, and he did my...