1. L

    Gynae recommendations for c-sect at Thomson Hospital

    Hi Mummies, it is my first pregnancy. I'm looking for recommendations for female gynae for c-section at Thomson Medical. Please help! Couldn't find much reviews so far Note: due to health issues, I have to opt for c-sect
  2. toblerone

    Auspicious Date Selection for Cesarean & Baby Naming

    I am back after so many years! 不少老网友认识老师。想要知道老师究竟是谁,可以搜索以前的旧贴子(search for past postings)。 今年2020庚子年,出了乱象与动荡。一整年里,尤其是下半年没什么好日子生产。 尽管如此,老师将抽空尽力帮助妈妈,(1)挑好日给宝宝出世与(2)命名。 老师服务不收费(F.O.C)。外面如何收费,不妨打听。您有缘看得到我的贴子算幸运了!;) 2. 择日剖腹生产 I)...
  3. X

    WTS: Smith & Nephew Cica-Care Scar Treatment Gel Sheet

    Self-adhesive, durable silicone sheet. For management of both new and existing hypertrophic and keloid scars. Comfortable, reuseable, cost-effective and easy to use. Thinner and more flexible than the original dressing. Helpful for mummies who underwent C-section. By Smith & Nephew. Expiry date...
  4. A

    Anyone opting for planned C-section?

    I have a few friends who opted for natural births but encountered problems. In the end, they had to go for emergency C-section. They had double pain and was charged twice - for natural and c-section deliveries. I am thinking of going for planned c-section instead. Anyone planning for c-section...