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    Highly recommended confinement nanny -Auntie Siew Mei

    Hello mothers, I am a STM to a November 2023 baby and would like to highly recommend my confinement nanny Auntie Siew Mei. I had initially engaged a different nanny, who fell sick and was unable to complete the job. She connected me to Auntie Siew Mei, who fortunately had last-minute...
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    Highly recommended confinement nanny - June

    Hello to All Brave Mothers, I would like to commend and recommend my sis-in-law's confinement nanny, June, who will eventually become mine, as my maturity for birth is due ! June is a mid-aged Chinese/Cantonese/Hokkian-speaking Malaysian. She has been blessed with 6 grandchildren over the 17...