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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Planning to
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    Ask support Age 44 TTC

    Besides that, we have to fork out cash first before we can start IVF. As at Sep 2019, Hormone Bloodtest for couple wife and spouse total S$550 each yet include GST plus another S$500 for counselling session. Talking for those in KKH; other hospital I am do not know. Before we actual start, we...
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    Ask support Age 44 TTC

    Another problem is $$. Not want to invest to drain again since in life many other things to consider besides having another baby
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    Ask support Age 44 TTC

    Can try the famous TCM if u r nearby AMK. Dr Zhou.
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    Egg donor IVF

    Try out in neighbouring countries for use donated eggs. Else, check out anyone willing to bless you their eggs.
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    Conceiving as a single woman

    I would want to donate my eggs if I am younger to bless chance for others unable to conceive. I only know when am already 44. I am now hoping to try for my own pregnancy. I had 6 live birth before at my younger age.
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    Ask support Age 44 TTC

    After my tubal reconstruction, I managed to conceive at age 41 but miscarriage at 11weeks. Tried 1 time IUI and natural till now, no news and periods become irregular as I age. Should I go for IVF again? Previously before 40 did 2 times IVF failed.
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    Reviews for Dr Liu Shu Ling from KKH

    DR Liu a very nice doctor.
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    TTC Naturally at Age 43 (Need Support)

    Yes, I did ligation immediately after the birth of my 6th kid. Now, I have fixed back my tubes hoping to conceive again.
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    Clomid Chicks Support Group

    Yes, still trying.
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    TTC Naturally at Age 43 (Need Support)

    I am not her patient, she may not entertain to help.
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    TTC Naturally at Age 43 (Need Support)

    Thanks. I think God must have said my family have enough kids not blessing anymore to me. I have never been stressful when comes to trying for kids, I know is a NO, No, No if got dress. I just following the flow of doing what needs to do and no result that is it [emoji2]
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    TTC Naturally at Age 43 (Need Support)

    Thank you for your blessing. I really hope my wish can be true.
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    TTC Naturally at Age 43 (Need Support)

    Intro my background. I had did a tubal ligation at age 33 thinking not want any more children. A regrets. I started my 2 cycles IVF journey at KKH at age 39. (2 fresh and 1 Frozen.) I did a major surgery to fix back my tubes at age 40. 4 months after the surgery, I conceived but miscarriage...
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    Asking for Egg Donar, TTC for 3 years

    Hi, I am already near 43. Have been try several methods to conceive, with no success since when 39. IVF, FET, IUI, Clomid Pills, Tubal Reverse. My womb is clean and good. Problem unable conceive maybe due to aging, poor egg quality. I hope to receive donar eggs to try FET for better success...