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    A Part-time Nanny needed

    Hi ibaby_mum, U cannot accept PM, can email me at [email protected] for further discussion?? I'll be mving to Hougang early Oct and planning to be a baby-sitter.
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    6 months old baby CONSTIPATION

    Hi Linping, u can try the following: 1)Japanese Cucumber Juice. Scrape it then collect the juice, warm it up, let it cool down to room temperature then feed him. 2)Pear Juice. Buy those yellow, big type. Scrape it and collect the juice for him. 3)Use spinach to cook soup then use...
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    Advice needed - My husband is having affair with a China Woman

    Dear All, has been reading thr threads that talks abt strayed hubby, and to my surprised, I have found 1 person here doing exactly what I am doing, its Pearly!! I strongly agreed to her suggestions as I am doing the same. Yes, though its sound cunning, but dont know y, it works. I can say...
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    1.5yrs old son suddenly refuse to drink milk!

    Hi sherlyn06, Got 1 brand can be found at all leading supermarket like NTUC, Shop&Save, I forgot the brand, but only 1 kind, 6 super small tub in a pack. Got Tropical, banana, etc..My gal is 20mths old, she super like it very much. Intially, i bought meiji brand, and she spit it out, then...