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    Hi Mummies Recently I come across the milk powder "Pediasure" cos' my baby girl having diarrhea and PD advised temporary consumption of Pediasure. I tried myself and if according to the instruction - 190ml water with 5 scoops, it is EXTREMELY sweet, well, my 4.5 yr old child and baby...
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    Confinement Lady To Recommend

    Hi mummies Just curious....apparently the confinement agency does not charge very high compared to the freelance confinement ladies, some even slightly cheaper, if the confinement ladies under the agency are really that good, why would they not become a freelancer and obtain all the fee? Why...
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    Confinement Lady To Recommend

    Hi Sparks Thanks for worried... So you met up with the May Chua from i-kare? She said she was a lactation consultant from KK...Did you take up the herbal package? SGD500+, worth it? I cannot remember how much I paid for the 1st baby I had.... May Chua recommended...
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    Confinement Lady To Recommend

    Hey Mum05 Are you talking about i-kare? Cos' that was the confinement agency i recently talked to, have not decided...pls advise And what's the name of the agent and confinement lady? Need urgently. Thanks.
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    Hi Debelle This Auntie Poh you are currently using, her charge of SGD1,900 is relatively lower than the norm, so no compromise? How old is she? Speak Mandarin? Does she help in housework and cook for family cos' I presently do not have a helper and am living with my parents? Since she...
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    Best confinement nanny ever to recommend

    Hi Dawn How old is this Lan-Jie? I am actually staying with my parents, so she is willing to also cook for the family and do housework? Wow...if so, then really worth considering... Tks!
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    Advice pls: Fibroid 3cm+, do i need to remove?

    hi a friend just had her fibroid removed via surgery, wonder if she needs to "do confinement" like eat confinement meals? Anything she has to take note? She felt naueous and was coughing after the surgery, ok? Thanks.
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    7 p.m. to 7 a.m. - realistic ?

    Hi Alicia How old is your girl? So she wakes up two times for milk? I second your envy that babies can sleep from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m....mine cannot also... Best is 9 a.m. to 8+ a.m.... Maybe should tell the rest of the family members to cooperate and keep noise to the minimum while your...
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    7 p.m. to 7 a.m. - realistic ?

    Hi Kell How old is your baby? 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. meaning 8 hours sleep (provided it is uninterrupted)...then how long does she nap and how many times? No offence and not trying to scare you, but if my baby (now 15+ mths) sleep 8 hours, I get stressed, worried that she may not get enough...
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    Baby's knees turn black due to crawling

    Hi Mummyfel My girl is walking now....somehow and sometime at 14+ months, she just walked when we hold her hands and then one day we let go of her hands and then she walked....cute! Tahanks for the advice...
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    Hi Rachel and all other mummies I just stumbled upon this thread... I am sorry for what your baby, you and your family have to go through due to very non-professional management of doctors... I delivered my girl at TMC and was seeing a PD there as well...currently not in Singapore thus...
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    (2009) TTC a boy. Any advice

    Hi Karin Can you also send the tips to my email? [email protected] Thanks.
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    Advice Needed: When need to change baby's used milk bottle

    Blisslive I mentioned, the milk bottles also need to be replaced with new ones every 2-3 months.... As Avent has indication as to which teat to use for what age baby, I generally adhere to what they say...
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    Advice Needed: When need to change baby's used milk bottle

    Hi Blisslive What I understood is you need to change teat every 2-3 months...milk bottle as well....taxing on pockets huh.... I am using Avent so this is what I was told...
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    Advice Needed: How to remove milk stain from baby's milk bottle

    Hi blisslive My experience is to soak the bottle with water after my girl finishes the milk....then a while later wash with cleanser and should come off... Try and see if it works on the kind of milk powder/milk bottle you use...