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    Wts usborne my first library

    Pre order 50 books $60 dollars. Self collect. One month delivery. For postage can only confirm when books arrived.
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    Delivery at KKH 2016

    Delivery is done by midwife only if subsidies n stitching by mo only. No complications strictly natural delivery. Bill no cash involve. All by Cpf n will get some cash back( it's ur money from cpf . Dun be too happy cos it's not from hospital) no time for tv, they encourage bf so no...
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    (2015/05) May 2015 Mummies

    Each time I tried to block her she will stretch her both hands trying to search and this disturb her sleep n can make her wake up. I latch her the sleep usually and somehow she can't sleep if I was to carry her in my arms n becos I have knee problem I don't bbw her to sleep at home unless I'm...
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    (2015/05) May 2015 Mummies

    Hi. Thanks for replying. I'm trying my best to stay cool with her crankyness right now. She extreme clingy too. Her smiles did made me feel all is worth. I hope this phase will pass soon too. That day I whack myself and look down from the corridor. I hope I can maintain clear mind as much as I...
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    (2015/05) May 2015 Mummies

    Thanks a lot. I'm a bit cool down. I'm on the verge of breaking down trying hard not to. My mum simply "I don't care I like it " I hate myself for talking back to her knowing that it will hurt her too. I can't control my emotions. I hate it when I shout to my baby threatening to throw her down...
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    (2015/05) May 2015 Mummies

    Hi mummies, need a place to pour my pressure to keep my stress level down. These few days been v tough for my mental. Can't control my emotions. I'm fully latch on demand sahm temporary. Bf had been a tough journey. Starting on solids add on another stress. My hubby does not wash dishes clean...
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    WTS Manduca blackline range (purple) with warranty

    Come with warranty n fumbee. Letting go at $200. Original price $259.90. Purchase on Nov 2015.(EReceipt will be given n box). Letting go becos I had 2.
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    (2015/12) Dec 2015 Mummies

    No prob.
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    (2015/12) Dec 2015 Mummies

    If u accidentally make a loud enough noise that disturb her n she cry, then of cos she can hear.. Jus she don't find rattle interesting maybe...
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    2016/02 Feb Babies

    Hi any mummies interested to get mamy poko s size? I had 50 pcs to let go at 20 cents each.. Cos my baby out grow it already
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    2016/04 April babies

    Hi any mummies interested to get mamy poko s size? I had 50 pcs to let go at 20 cents each.. Cos my baby out grow it already
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    Wts Baby travel bassinet--Brica Fold N Go™ T ravel Bassinet @ $20 hardly use.

    Hi, wits Baby travel bassinet--Brica Fold N Go™ Travel Bassinet @ $20. Hardly use
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    (2016/03) March 2016 Babies!!

    Hi, I had some s size mamy poko loose pcs to let go at 20 per pc.. Self collect at nex or Kovan I had 50 pcs left. Any mummies interested?
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    (2015/12) Dec 2015 Mummies

    Mine same as urs only mine yesterday got once 4hr.. The rest still 2-3 hrs at night
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    (2015/12) Dec 2015 Mummies

    U have friend that have experience with baby that can come to bring u outside for a walk? U need to go out to relax a while. Friends are the best. And u had to try remind urself our bb can only cry to tell u they are uncomfortable but they can't tell u where. This is how I relief myself