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    IUI/SO-IUI: Anyone?

    What ur tcm doc advice? Normally people go for iui is for urgency (eg can't wait to get preg) or hard to conceive. I feel you can still try naturally before u head for IUI. Iui not 100% will get pregnant also.
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    IUI/SO-IUI: Anyone?

    Sorry to hear about your lost. I did 1 time iui before but unsuccessful. My hub sperm same as ur hub case. I dont see u got issue of getting preg. Maybe you can try tcm to tiao ur body 1st before going for IUI or try naturally.
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    IUI/SO-IUI: Anyone?

    Any symptoms for your 2nd pregnancy before u MC? Before 9wks is there sac/yolk Or heartbeat?
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    Hi im interested
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    Confinement nanny in dec

    My confinement nanny number +60 13-700 8338
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    Confinement nanny recommendation

    My confinement nanny number she in sg +60 13-700 8338.. Can contact her to check her availability
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    Confinement nanny needed on early March 2021

    Confinement lady in sg her name HUA JIE +60 13-700 8338
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    Confinement nanny to recommend

    Pm you nanny mumber
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    TTC. TCM / Fertility Massage

    Wow congrats.. No 2 out oready?
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    TTC. TCM / Fertility Massage

    Hi Sswan, Hi are you still with Angelia? yes, before i BFP. Engaged her service in Sep18, BFP in Apr19... i ttc for 2yrs still no news so i want to give fertility massage a chance. i can say my BFP was a surprise. my % for BFP TCM Massage IUI (Failed) but BFP the following mth. How's your...
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    Trying to get pregnant

    Me too.. Which TCM clinic you visit?
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    TTC. TCM / Fertility Massage

    I drank 2nd box my whole body heaty.. Tcm said my body cannot over tiao or under tiao.. Need to moderate.. In the end i stop the chicken essence. Never help me at all..
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    TTC. TCM / Fertility Massage

    Hi EY how ur iui session?
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    TTC. TCM / Fertility Massage

    Hi which doctor u went for check up?
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    TTC (before IUI & IVF)

    All along i dont have ovulation issue. Only after failed iui last mth, this mth i not able to track it.. Not sure it came early anot. My O day usually start d12. But when tested on d12, digital kit show negative but with 2 lines.