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    Baby boy and girl for adoption

    Hi are the children being adopted already thanks
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    Looking for a baby...

    Hi we’ve been childless until our child (adopted as well) join us about 3.5 years. We are keen to adopt another child to be a companion to my girl. Do drop me a note if there is any adoption available chance thanks
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    Baby for adoption

    Hi have ur baby been adopted?
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    Full time maid transfer - still available

    Hi is ur helper still available?
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    bottle sterilizer, warmer, baby cot, walker, car seat, baby chair, playpen for sale

    Milk bottle sterilizer - what's the condition like? Full complete set w manual available?
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    Preloved pigeon sterilizer

    How many bottles can it sterilize?
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    Nokia 105 basic phone @ $17

    Pick up from where? Complete set?
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    WTS 3-1 Philips avent sterilizer

    Still available and Suitable for big n small feeding bottles?
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    Looking for home based job

    I'm keen too, thanks
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    Thanks for the info, fion... Much appreciated
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    Thanks candymoshi... Saw dr tan hh today n receive bad news of success rate of ivf... Best option is to adopt in order to have a complete family
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    Yes I would need and how can I contact u offline?
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    Thanks kaylene :)
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    Hi there, thank you for your wishes and alert as well. Sorry to hear the bad news of it being cheated. Will be wary...
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    We, a Chinese couple in early 40s looking for a baby girl (preferred) to adopt. Anybody interested to let go for adoption do drop me a msg, thank you and God bless!!