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    May 2020 Moms

    Hi I’m not able to PM you. Can you PM me?
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    May 2018 Mummies

    Yes! I’m feeling better already, though appetite is on and off! You? Yup we will know the gender soon! Me too haha slowly looking at e things needed to buy... don’t really want to buy it yet until mayb early next year! I’m a FTM too!
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    May 2018 Mummies

    Yes I’m also at week 15 today! Nope I didn’t have morning sickness, only bloatedness n back pain. But just got food poisoning/gastric flu last Sunday... so vomited n been feeling even more bloated ever since :( n lost 2 kgs. Hoping it all goes away soon! N your nausea too! Since we are at 2nd...
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    May 2018 Mummies

    Hello! We’ve got the same EDD! :)
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    How much is the Stokke Stroller?
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    May 2018 Mummies

    Heh congrats! How’s it going for you? I’m now slowly trying to read up n prep for the arrival! Was initially scared when found out pregnant cos didn’t really plan for it. Haha now being careful with what I eat n load up on lactobacillus hoping to build my baby’s health from my womb :) my...
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    May 2018 Mummies

    im keen to join the closed group too! please pm me. my EDD is 10 May, first-time mommy. :)