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    Formula recommendations for constant spit ups

    Hello! Thank you so much for your reply, appreciate it [emoji4] actually yes u were spot on, i switched to pigeon bottle (from hegen) and it was soooo much better - minimal spit up now. Baby is also less bloated now. I do also try to burp hin well and let him not lie down after milk. Thank for...
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    Formula recommendations for constant spit ups

    Hello! My baby is exactly the same situation.. same milk formula.. 4 months old and on similac.. any other mommys facing this too? Any suggestions for us please?
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    Rant about nanny from Confinement Angels

    I had a reallyyyyyy bad experience with both the nanny and Confinement agency. Really no time to pen down but hopefully i will soon..
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    Unwed Mum

    Thank you for voicing out neutrally on behalf. I have deep respect for women whom are trying all means to fulfill their dreams and i wouldnt dare to say i can understand the pain nor do i think i can be as brave as that. But only felt that, this is a forum and i can be more supportive...
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    Unwed Mum

    I am respectful to one who are trying to conceive but cant stress enough how ridiculous to have such thoughts on the last statement. It is equally irresponsible not to thought about own circumstances. To each its own and not compare please
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    Help! Antibiotics during pregnancy

    Hello. Im dowm with bacterial infection and my obgynae recommended ciprofloxacin (oral) or Levofloxacin(oral) or gentamicin (iv) as augmentin(deemed safe during pregnancy) is out of the question as my bacterial type is resistance to augmentin. Anybody here has taken ciprofloxacin/levofloxacin...
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    Pull out method

    Do it at your own risk. Pre-cum WILL cause pregnancy.
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    September 2019 Mummies

    any mummies here feel sooooo hot that u have to shower cold water showers for multiple times a day? not sure is this common but it seems like going out in the noon is a no for me at the moment... i also have breakouts on my neck, chest and back, feels fainty when im out in the noon at my worst..
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    NIPT test (harmony/IGene etc) gender result accurate? “Panorama is the only test that differentiates between maternal and fetal DNA, which helps avoid false positives. Among commercially available NIPTs, Panorama has the highest published accuracy in determining the baby's gender.” i just had my report back...
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    Problem with ANTS?!!!

    try vinegar! i mix it with water with 1:3 ratio.. it kinda deter the ants but you have to keep the area very clean and it wont be back..
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    NIPT test charges

    this is before 7% GST. at thomson medical centre.
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    Any good ways to improve constipation?

    you’re most welcome. yes am definitely feeling so much better now - you can refer to my previous comment on what i would have taken when i find myself constipated. it took quite awhile for me to realised (though it sounded simple & straightforward) that it is always a good idea to take stuffs...
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    Any good ways to improve constipation?

    hello. yakult/vitagen are high in sugar and are much less effective. always opt for natural plain unsweetened ones like greek yogurt and you can definitely notice a difference.. even if ure a frequent eater of these yogurt, i’ll highly suggest to always switch among different brands so that your...
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    Any good ways to improve constipation?

    plain greek low fat yogurt (unsweetened), prunes or prune juice, ripe papaya and once in awhile fennel tea.. i find the best time for plain water “flushing” is after waking up, first thing in the morning.. i drank at least 400ml at one shot..
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    2019 waterbirth

    hi there! any soon-to-be-mummies looking for water birth option at either TMC or NUH? have you manage to look for any gynae and decided on which hospital to go to? mind to share your experience?