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    Cool down.. Nothing to get furious/angry of what others trying to stir. I believe we all have the 'eyes' to judge if it's relevant at all. But I do have to admit that when there's some issue that happened, both are at fault. Both really need to sit down and think what when wrong. And try to...
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    Dear Lostsoul&rain, Well, for deleted message, you can retrieve it from the phone, if he haven't empty the trash. Google out, and you will know how to restore/retrieve the message. As for adding girls in FB, it really depending. I do at times add random people (guys and gals) in facebook as...
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    The happy the way you are, is the best revenge :)
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    Husband filed for divorce

    Then use this as a chance to nego with him on house matter :) Since he want to rush, and you not in the rush, you are at the upper hand
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    Support group for wives with unfaithful husbands

    to @p-k I agreed with wendy_reborn. Sometimes its better to let go than to hold on. Seeing your case, I too feel that he has lost the love for you.
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    Should I forgive my husband that cheats before and now wanting to get “happy ending” from masseur

    Well, when a person changes, all kind of excuse will be given. It all depend on what you really want. What we can do is only giving you advice. Choices is still yours to make. If you feel you should give him another chance, by all means and go ahead. But do think what if he break this chance...
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    Should I forgive my husband that cheats before and now wanting to get “happy ending” from masseur

    Well, I know of a case whereby the husband had been visiting prostitute/getting 'special' for the past 3 years. Despite no matter how many chances given, trust broken, and yet the husband continue. Eventually, both decided to file for separation. 2 years later, the husband and the wife patch...
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    Need advices on Divorce matters

    Well, it depending on if whether the wife is able to provide proof for the usage of the 1k. If your brother doesn't want accept, he have to either talk with her before filing, or if she have filed, go for contested already Judge will judge based on both party income, and also the expenses of the...
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    Fiance has been visiting prostitute because of ED

    joybundle, Well, I believe you already have in mind on what you decide already. I will suggest to go with your feeling, and move on. Sometimes it's better to let go, and pain for now, than to pain in the long run. Best of luck!
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    Fiance has been visiting prostitute because of ED

    Agreed. Coming to this stage, whether having ED or PA or whatever, it's not important at all anymore. It's the fact that he's been visiting prostitute.
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    where to purchase this

    in local can't find.. But in overseas, quite alot Also, i manage to find one similar at carousel. You may want to check there
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    Fiance has been visiting prostitute because of ED

    What a weird question of a doctor will ask. Frankly speaking, I believe most men won't get hard when pee in the morning. More of like get hard when wake up in the morning... It's just excuses from him la. He will get tired having sex with you. But won't get tired having sex with prostitute...
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    Fiance has been visiting prostitute because of ED

    He aren't impotent, why will Doc prescribe him with Viagra? According to doc, Viagra is only for those with impotent issue. ie: Unable to 'stand' If he's due to ED, or unable to maintain erection for long (unsure how 'long' though), he shouldn't be on viagra... I suspected he's been diy alot in...
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    Lack of regular intimacy ruining my marriage

    Excuses.. if having back pain, how to have or did those fetish? If that's the case, try test out his fetish of tying or whatever then. See if he is really back pain..
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    How do you and your partner handle finances?

    goosebrry, Well, as a guy, I felt that if I'm dating with this girl (as bgf), of course when we went out for meals, I will pay for it. Unless if she insists on paying, or perhaps she wants to buy me a meal or what, I appreciate as well. For trips wise, unless I have the 'additional cash'...