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    Looking for a part time maid

    Hi mum, Looking for weekly Part time helper, area: boon Keng. Any recommendations? Thank you
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    Help needed.

    Hi Vespertine, do you mind to share with how is the charges like for Dr Chan? Tks
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    Feb 2018 mummies to be

    All the best ya! Dun worry so much. You and baby will be fine!. Actually I have been seeing tcm for my pocs and now the doctor also give me "an tai Yao"
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    Feb 2018 mummies to be

    Hi Hibun, congrats to you too. Nope, i did not go for any consultation as I was not realise that I m pregnant untill I took a home pregnancy test at wk 6. But I was on Chinese medicine. I think may be is better to check with your Gynaecology to be safe?
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    Feb 2018 mummies to be

    Hi, congratulations all mummies. I just went for a scan last week and I was 7 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy after trying for a year as I have pcos, me and my Husband were praying very hard for this little blessing. This is a little surprise from God. I was seeing dr Chan K h at...
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    Doctor Chan Kong Hon

    May I know what is the hospital charges? Is it for stay?
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    Doctor Chan Kong Hon

    Hi gymie, could you pm me Dr.chan's package too? Thank you