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    Any give birth Mummy that live in yishun ??

    I just enrolled my child in Angel care (near Khatib) For infant & small children, not too sure about their standard. But so far so good for my child in kindergarden level. You may want to check it out.
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    Breastfeeding past one years old

    slowly drag longer hours between each pump or feed. If usually 4 or 5 hourly apart, then try 6 or 7 hours apart. Gradually over a few days, you won't feel engorged. Then increase the hours in between until it dries up. Cold turkey is painful. I'm going to stop bf as well. So I'm doing it slowly.
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    Advice needed on how to stop breastmilk naturally

    Any mummy only latch on during the night ? Currently I still express twice during office hour and at home, just latch on late at night, middle of night till morning. Wanted to stop the day time expressing ? But wonder will it cause the night feeding to stop as well ? Cos I rather latch the...
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    Window grill

    Don't know expensive or not. Don't know are those sample house in Spore ? just wonder is the material thin & sharp ?