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    Losing weight while TTC

    Hello ladies, this may be stupid-but has anyone tried to lose weight while TTC? Can we take pills to expedite the weight loss or will the med stay in our body? Desperately trying to lose some weight but not been able too.
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    Ivf @ NUH

    Hi ladies, I just went for my ivf counselling today at nuh- was told everything will and can only start after it turns yellow. I did ask what if the situation remains to be orange for another 6 months, the nurse did say, they may change BUT as of now, no actions untill yellow. Prof Wong...
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    Hi Hopingformiracle, My hb had borderline testosterone too! The doc gave him clomid, i bought blackmores vitamin and also cordyceps tablets for him. He just did a tese and we have been informed there is sperm we can use for ivf! We saw doc joe lee in nuh.
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    For conceiving, warming up the womb.

    Hi, please can you share it with me too. Thank you
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Just to ask, would anyone know what tcm tonic is good for recovery after the TESA procedure?
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Im sorry to hear about your baby. I wil be ttc but trying not to think about it as it makes me very very stressful. Keep ur hopes up! Gd news will come soon!
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Shadowing : would u be able to use the government grants? Any money is good money , hope it still helps and your ivf will be successful :) keep the hopes up!!! The rest of the ladies, lets not give up. 2020 will be better in our ttc journey! :)
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Stay strong! Sorry hopeforthebest25, i dunno the procedure yet. His checks have all come back normal so waiting for the appt with urologist n then the date for the procedure before i can give any right answers. Hopefully Shadowing replies you :)
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Hi! For us. We went to Thomson Fertility initially to do the Fertility Test. I did the blood test which is all normal but my dh was diagnosed azoospermic. He repeated the test and also did a blood test. Blood test was very normal but the SA failed again. Dr Loh then suggested us to try IVF...
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Thank you! Were your blood tests results all normal too?
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Thank you. Dont mean to pry, your husband's case also azoospermia?did he take any blood test? And wat other test he took?
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    TATS GOOD NEWS!! YEAPPIE!!! can u share your email so i can ask you more or you are ok for me to ask here?
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Hi! Thank you. Fingers crossed for tuesday.
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    TESE Or MESA- cost,procedures?

    Hello all, probably officially embarking on the TTC journey and need to find out more information. DH and I went for the fertility test last Nov and the SA wasnt good (azoospermia) Dr Loh SF suggested did his blood test and the results were all good- so he suggested going straight for IVF...