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    Conceiving as a single woman

    I was also thinking if I should do this. But Singapore currently doesn't allow social egg freezing; it's only for medical purposes. I found out that there are people who go to Malaysia (KL Fertility Centre and Sunfert International Fertility Centre/ Concept Fertility), Thailand and Australia...
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    Life after divorce - what is it like?

    I won't say peacefully. Mine was uncontested and we mutually agreed on all things so it is straight forward (but trying to talk to each other calmly is not easy). No matter how both sides agree to handle it calmly, when it comes to money and divorce, it takes a toll on both parties. If can...
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    Husband has another relationship.. What should I do?

    Your situation was somewhat similar to what I encountered a few years ago. I think if your husband still wants to savage your marriage and family, he has to be clear and end it all with that lady. It is not easy, but you have to be strong, for yourself and your kids. Perhaps try to see if third...