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  1. PeiPei1986
    PeiPei1986 Miss Jane
    hi jane, can i have the contact of your PI that can have access to the person mobile activity?thanks
  2. PeiPei1986
    PeiPei1986 jonliveitup
    hi,can u install the app to check their whatsapp wechat msg photos etc without having access to their phone?
  3. PeiPei1986
    PeiPei1986 Eggpudding
    hi eggpudding, do u still have the contact of the PI? Thanks
  4. Accountgram
  5. Accountgram
    we have developed extremely cost-efficient methods to help you with your company's ongoing book-keeping needs.
  6. Ceciliawongg
    Ceciliawongg Jenyyy
    Hi, my number is 93369474. Can add me to the whatsapp group. Thanks
  7. Ceciliawongg
    Ceciliawongg wyljacq
    Hi, I am Cecilia. My number is 93369474. Can add me to whatsapp group chat. Thank
  8. djg
    djg damahome
    Hello! :) I’m Daphne and I would like to join the Dec mummy WhatsApp group. My number is+65 9489 0987 thank you!
  9. Ceciliawongg
    Ceciliawongg loveholic
    Hi can add me in November 2019 WA group chat.. i am Cecilia. My hp number 93369474.Thanks
  10. sher1015
    sher1015 damahome
    hi dear, i would like to join the Dec 2019 WA group as well, my mobile 9438 0326. my EDD 16 Dec 2019 :)
  11. AmberC
    AmberC nurrj
    Hi, can you help add me in the Oct 2019 mummy whatsapp group? 97349458. I can whatsapp you the info for verification.
  12. Ziqin
    Ziqin grungy80
    Hi Grungy80, do you mind to share more detail with me? Does the size retain? Is the pain tolerable? Mind sharing the photos?
  13. xxibii
    xxibii Blossoms1987
    Hi i would like to be added to the Aug 2019 Mummy WA group chat if is still open to additional. My number is 92954373
  14. hmdrbt27
    hmdrbt27 nurrj
    Hello! Can u pls add me to Oct 2019 mummies group chat? 90614518, will send the verification via whatsapp :) Thank u!
  15. Mewmewxx
    Mewmewxx loveholic
    Hello, this is Jo Ring. Can u add me to the November 2019 WA Group Chat. 96672814. Thank you in advance :)
  16. Ryanstatham009
    Ryanstatham009 Tirimisu183
    Hello i am a sperm donor in singapore. Leave contact if interested.
  17. Ryanstatham009
    Ryanstatham009 Narrisa
    Hello i am a sperm donor located in singapore. Do leave a message/contacts if interested.
  18. Ryanstatham009
    Ryanstatham009 Narrisa
    hello i am a sperm donor located in Singapore. For more information please leave a message/contacts.
  19. hunnybunnymunny
    hunnybunnymunny loveholic
    Hi this is Hallie. Please add me to Nov 2019 WA chatgroup. 8399 3919. Thank you!
  20. cloverluv
    cloverluv ribbit999
    Hi Ribbit,
    Juz chance upon this thread and found we have the same/similar situation.
    found my hb's affair a month ago or so and tomorrow i wil be gg to lawyer.
    same, he left the hse.
    just wan to find support. hope all is well w you.
    1. ribbit999
      have you talked to him yet on how to share the asset, custody and whatnot?
      Apr 16, 2019
  21. lemongrasstea
    lemongrasstea damahome
    Hi, can add me to the group? Mobile 98711263
  22. Jenny (芬姨)
    Jenny (芬姨)
    Jenny Yap (芬姨)FB page:Jenny Yap-Confinement Nanny 芬姨 (坐月婆新加坡/马来西亚/海外). WhatsApp: 010-2354077 WeChat : jennyyaplifun
  23. Afry
    Afry MummyAX
    Hi MummyAX, May i know did you success on IVf Bridge Dr Tan?
  24. Angel Lily
    Angel Lily
    Mummy for 2
  25. jennytracy
    Hi all mummies, we provide local experienced cleaner as well as movein or out cleaning. call 93658089
  26. Nilaa
    Nilaa queenny
    please add me in october mummies whatsapp group :)
    my name is Nilaa
    number is +94777037733
  27. Carineeeee
    Carineeeee nurrj
    Hi nurrj, please add me to Oct 2019 chat! 92336694, will send u the verification via WhatsApp. Thank u!!
  28. beefnoodles
    beefnoodles Jenyyy
    Hi! Please add me to the group chat thanks!
    1. Jenyyy
      hi dear, 1 of the mummy pm me to join. can give me ur name n contact? i ask them to add u in too
      Apr 11, 2019
  29. sarah92
    Pregnant Mommy to Be! ~To receive pregnant and baby related products try and review on social media. PM ME now if keen.
  30. lx05
    lx05 nurrj
    Hi, please add me into Oct 2019 group chat, 96234906 will send in for verification in pm what’s app. Thank you
  31. MrMrsJay
    MrMrsJay Siti Rukaiyah
    Salam Siti! Thank you for reaching out. May I know what race the baby is? You are Malay Muslim and the biological father is...?
  32. Odiliamary
    Odiliamary damahome
    Hi not aure if i am too late on this msg. But a is there any dec 2019 wa group created? If yes i would like to join. My number is 91821978. My name is julia. Thank u
  33. beefnoodles
    beefnoodles loveholic
    Hi, I'm a mature 1st time mum. I would like to be in the WA group as well. Please add me whenever convenient for you. My name is Wendy at 94389560. Thank you.
  34. MrMrsJay
    MrMrsJay nrrirah
    Hello nrrirah! Responding to your msg on adoption... have you found prospective adoptive parents?
  35. Masondd
    Clipping path service is a famous part of graphic design.
  36. alban partner
    alban partner
  37. mamajojo
    mamajojo nurrj
    Hihi! Please add me into the oct 2019 group pls :) 81838321 Thanks!
  38. sspiggy
    sspiggy loveholic
    Hi, pls add me in November mummy group. Sher 92224512. Thanks
  39. missyemily
    missyemily nurrj
    Hi! Please add me into the oct 2019 mama group. My number is 81382224. Can forward you the verification via WhatsApp. Thank you! :)
  40. Christina Phua Li Eng
  41. celesgoh
    celesgoh Joycelyn12
    Hi, can add me in? My edd is 8 Sep and hp is 91785855
  42. Devon87
    Devon87 nurrj
    Hi! Kindly add me in, 90296860. Will send you the US & details via WA :)
  43. Summerdreamz
    Summerdreamz loveholic
    Hi, please add me in November mummies group. Sandy 98398952, thank you :)
  44. Linzy888
    Linzy888 damahome
    Hello! Pls add me to the dec 19 mummies chatgroup :) thankew

    Oops forgot my hp. It is 94770607
  45. steph9393
    steph9393 damahome
    82829387. Add me too!! ☺
  46. mrsO
    mrsO Joycelyn12
    Hi Jocelyn. Possible to add me to the wa grp too? I’m due 25 sept. Thanks so much. My no is 98245810
  47. JacelynPhang
    This is Jacelyn Phang, I am a #girlboss who loves to share on fashion, beauty and my cherished moments on Instagram (@JacelynPhang)!
  48. Belinda Carlisle
    Belinda Carlisle Krusteaze
    Hi there, I'm Evelyn, a producer from Beach House Pictures. We specialize in factual and entertainment programming such as Asia’s Next Top Model, Masterchef Singapore, Wild City. We have a unique opportunity to pitch a series on the Modern Family and would like to send you more details. If you don't mind sharing your email with me, I will provide you more information. MIne is evelyn@beachhousepictures.com.
  49. siesie
    Want to let go New Obimin - 100 tabs (in new box). Please PM for more details. Thanks Expired date:12th July 2020
  50. Belinda Carlisle
    Belinda Carlisle Abb
    Thanks! I've sent you an email :)