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  1. PetiteHearts
    Your friendly international distributor.
  2. MapleBear Experiential
    MapleBear Experiential
    Great prizes up to S$1,000/- Education Credits to be won! Join us from 1pm to 5pm!
  3. MapleBear Experiential
    MapleBear Experiential
    You are invited to our Kinder Olympics 2017 this Saturday, 1 April 2017, at The Grandstand #03-12 (Lift 1 from Pasarbella).
  4. MapleBear Experiential
  5. Bhavs
    Bhavs thepregnantchuas
    Hi..cn add me. My number is 86175751
  6. Shamasya
    Shamasya Fel C
    Hi ladies..sorry bumping on the conversation.Guess you are going for IVF soon. I am also thinking of undergoing IVF in Singapore. Can you suggest me a good doctor and cost of IVF here.your suggestions will be very helpful
  7. jac15
    jac15 Ttcjourney1982
    Hihi.. u r dr yeong patient. He give me his namecard with hp no on fri. I lost the namecard. Do you mind share his hp no with me. thanks
    1. Ttcjourney1982
      Sure, it's 9839 0103
      Mar 28, 2017 at 2:53 PM
  8. Praying for a miracle
    Praying for a miracle
    Praying for a miracle !!! Wanna pray to zsnn but dunno how to and what to buy to pray ??
  9. DydyTan
  10. amazingscan
    Amazing Scan is the first and the only provider of 5D ultrasound scan in Melbourne.
  11. Hopeful23
    Hopeful23 Fel C
    Hi Fel C,

    Are you also undergoing the April ivf?

    1. Fel C
      Fel C
      Hi yes. should be april for me as i counted my menses what about u?
      Mar 27, 2017 at 3:14 PM
    2. Hopeful23
      I'm scheduled for april too but my menses should be coming this week and due to my cycle being 35-day cycle, the next one is in may... So I asked kk if they can squeeze me into this week instead
      Mar 27, 2017 at 4:24 PM
  12. irene wee
    irene wee juzsharing
    Hello ! I would be grateful if you can share with me where to let my son who is six year old to learnt about di zi gui in jurong west area? Many thanks inadvance
  13. Chia2
    Hi all, am looking for babysitter recommendation in August near clementi MRT area. Pls advice if you know any. TQ!
  14. blackyroses
    blackyroses thepregnantchuas
    Hi, can I be added to the whatsapp group too? My number is 81702299. Thanks :)
  15. blackyroses
    blackyroses Kayt8
    Hi, I'm keen in joining the whatsapp group too, can you add me pls? 81702299 thank u!
  16. jenlew
    looking for only Sunday daytime babysitter in Tampines area
  17. DaisyCaramel
    mummy of 2 beautiful kids :)
  18. Jana77
    House cleaning @ $17/hour. Floor/Kitchen/Toilet/Room cleaning. Able to do laundry/ ironing/babysit.
  19. Jana77
    Good reputation is built on trust and reliability.
  20. Joey Chang
    Joey Chang Xinhui03
    Hi Xin Hui

    Thanks to add me in the November Whatsapp group :)
    my number is 97864013
  21. mspau
    mspau Lalamoo
    Hi lalamoo, :) I tot PM you more better. haha
  22. Ella Lim
    Ella Lim
    Anyone looking for part time local domestic helper? WhatsApp or sms me for arrangements and rates @ 9191 4824. No phone calls. Free enquiry.
  23. Peterpan1234
    Peterpan1234 yao468
    Hi, I am looking for a nanny for my new born child from Dec 17. I am staying I punggol place (10mins walk from mrt). R u available /interested to babysit?
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  24. Blessedbe
    Blessedbe Bradia teng
    May I have full name of therapist and his mobile? Thanks.
  25. Blessedbe
    Blessedbe BRIANA LIM-TAN
    Hi it's GDD. We r @ jurong east.
  26. Haan Afreen
    Haan Afreen
    Baby due on October 4.. so excited
  27. Emilita
    Emilita eviez
    Hi, my number is 8339-0878. Do add me to June 2017 WA grp.
  28. menoid
    menoid Kayt8
    Hi, my number is 97243383. Can add me too? Thanks!
  29. jtky81
    jtky81 Kayt8
    Hi, my number is 97666227
  30. tiggerpooh
    tiggerpooh mrAce
    Could u share your amnio results? Everything okie?
  31. TheCleaningAuthority
    TheCleaningAuthority Kira Yvonne Lim
    Hi there, are you still interested in hiring a part time helper ?

    If yes, do Whatsapp 9627 9165 for more information
  32. panda2
    panda2 Siew Lai
    Hi i need a temp bb sitter for 5 days.
  33. Twin2011
    Twin2011 ycfern
    Can I know the contact number of your girl's phonics teacher?
  34. Tee12k
    An IFA agent, providing unbiased solutions.
  35. siti gina
    siti gina
    Still passionate helping ladies get the best experience while serving their "national service" increasing the country's baby statistic.
  36. siti gina
    siti gina
    My "inactive" status refer to my postings in this forum.Used to write regularly. Still passionate abt helping as many ladies with postnatal
  37. hesed
    hesed Bendi
    Hi Bendi, does your mum travel to Punggol to care for baby? You mentioned that the rate is $1500 with cooking. How many years of experience does she has in caring for baby?
  38. PeiGek
    PeiGek Bendi
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  39. Josleepy
    Josleepy milkcandy
    I am testing to PM u.If u received it just let me know.
  40. sweetie agnes
    sweetie agnes
    Hi im a weekend part time nanny feel free to msg me thks..
  41. mrstang
    Life Changing Journey Begins...Eat Well ...Live Well
  42. PT Cleaner
    PT Cleaner kathyrine zhang
    Are you looking for PT cleaner pls message me at 9811 2592 Thanks
  43. CaterSpot
  44. Sharel Ng
    Sharel Ng
    Hi everyone, i m new here!
  45. Janelle Lee
    Janelle Lee
    so tired but so happy mummy :)
  46. Susan T
    Susan T Vyong09
    Hi, I have been a full-time SPED tutor for more than 20 years. I have taught many kids ranging from 3 to 17. And I myself have 2 kids with Dyslexia who are both in their 20s. PM me, I may be able to provide some informtion or help.
  47. M.Laeya
    M.Laeya cindylee
    Hello Cindy,

    I wonder if you are still searching for egg donor? I am an experience egg donor just finish donating egg at U.S.A 2 months ago. I am willing to travel and donate again if the travel expenses are paid. Please email me at m.laeya318@gmail.com if you are interested

  48. Rejj1110
    Rejj1110 WttThong
    Hi! Are you interested with the supplement for ttc ? Can WhatsApp me so that I can send you all the info and pictures? My contact no is 92285655
  49. Brian Au
    Brian Au
    I am a swapmeet supplier located at hong kong provide a great quality product and excellent customer services to everyone, check my facebook
  50. shine low
    shine low
    PASSION Confinement Nanny