Should I opt for Epidural??

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by joandnis, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. joandnis

    joandnis New Member

    I am still trying hard to collect more information regarding epidural..some tell me the epidural will have a bit of pain but yet bearable compared to without taking it..but i am very afraid of injection..yet i don't know can i leave without epidural and i also heard all sorts of side effects about epidural..can someone give me some advice?

  2. blueberries

    blueberries Guest


    I've experienced birth with and without epidural.

    With epidural, the nurse can control the amt of anaesthetic that goes into your body to numb the pain. So if you cannot take the pain, then ask the nurse to increase the amt of anaesthetic released into your body. The side effect is you will not be able to feel the baby coming and will not know when to must listen to the que of the nurses n doctor. Also, for some ppl, they will vomit and shiver. For me, I shivered until I could hear my teeth clattering, but I din vomit. I also feel that my bb is more sleepy the next 1-2 days after birth, so nursing had some problems.

    Without epidural, contraction pain is v bad. At the most intense period, I could almost feel that my insides were splitting open and I was screaming away, cursing everyone. I wouldn't hv done this if not that I reached the hospital late and we din hv enough time to do the epidural [IMG=]. The good thing was my bb was quite alert after birth n latched on well.

    I'm also someone who is v afraid of injections....even drawing blood makes me sweat....but for no pain birth with epidural, I will bear the needle [IMG=].

  3. enyi

    enyi New Member


    I delivered my 2 kiddos without epidural. Had a hard time with the first - 14 hours from onset of first contraction till delivery. I was told 14 hours is not too bad for first birth as some mummies goes through longer hours. Midwife thinks the delay was due to bb not being in a favorable position - something about anterior or posterior position. Can't remember anymore [IMG=]. I read as much as possible about epi and prepare myself mentally with regards to birthing process. I'm glad I went through w/o epi. As what blueberries said, my bb was very alert. She was wide awake from the moment she was borned.

    Delivery of bb2 took about 3 hours, from outset of regular contractions. I would say the pain was more manageable second time around. bb was in the right position, and I was mentally more prepared for the pain after 1 experience. bb2 was also very alert.

    That said, whether to hv epi or not is a very personal decision. And every delivery is different, even with the same mummy. I'd say, equip yourself with the knowledge, discuss with your dr, and keep your options open. All the best.

  4. pipilili

    pipilili Member


    if it is your #1, you better take epidural cos our V is not seasoned yet. It will be longer and tougher.

    i am definitely going for epidural.

  5. joandnis

    joandnis New Member

    Blueberries: Thanks for the advice..i wanted to go without epidural but i don't know whether can i survive the pain...

    Enyi: thanks for the tips..i guess you are someone who have high endurance for pain...what did you read or research about epidural and birthing process?

    Pipi: yes, this is my 1st worried and don't know which to opt for..haiz

  6. faithz17

    faithz17 New Member

    also my first baby... i super scared pain one and will confirm go for epidural... in fact also considering to have caesarian birth so they can just knock me out and get the baby out... but hubby say recovery timing longer not so good, so trying to persuade me not to... but i was also a caesarian baby...

  7. joandnis

    joandnis New Member

    faithz17: i heard that C-sect no good..cos although during delivery, you don't feel the pain but you will encounter after effect pain and is very very painful and indeed the recovery time is long....y

  8. friends78

    friends78 Active Member

    I tried to go without epidural..but gave in after 12hrs of labour...The labour pain is too much to endure... I didn't feel the injection pain at all maybe due to the labour pain... It was an instant relief and I fell asleep immediately... I was so relaxed that I dilated to 10cm within the next 5hrs and went thru normal delivery....

  9. faithz17

    faithz17 New Member

    yah thats wat my hubby says also so currently my choice now is normal with epidural lor... but now just start 2nd tri so wait till nearer the date then see wat gynae say... maybe baby too big or never go into labour then maybe have to c-sec...

  10. twinklestarsjta

    twinklestarsjta New Member

    i opt out for epidural. But i have c-section. There is a different, my room mates also have c-section but she had the epidural ject. She can move around freely, of course for myself i will feel the pain.

  11. yasminelala

    yasminelala Member


    Personally, i think should go in the labour ward with an open mind. If you could not take the pain, just ask for the epidural. At the end of the day, a smooth delivery is the most important.

    I went into labour ward with little pain, the pain grew but was still manageble at 5cm dilation. But i was thinking to myself, will i have the strength or concentration to endure for another few more hours? So in the end i opted for epidural at 5-6cm dilation.

  12. joandnis

    joandnis New Member

    Friends: Thanks for the info..guess i need to play by ear when the day comes [IMG=]

    Faithz17: yes, just see what gynae say..but hope everything be fine for you and have a smooth delivery [IMG=]

    Twinklestarsjta: Noted..i just hope to opt out from epidural and hope i can do it..

    Yasminelala: Agreed with you totally..i will just have to see how things goes and whether how good is my endurance..if can't then i take epidural..

  13. hayashi_2011

    hayashi_2011 New Member

    Hihi.. Joanne.. u give birth liao?

    how yours? u opt for epi?

  14. cosmoronymama

    cosmoronymama New Member

    Epi is good as you can sleep a while later you have energy to push. With epi the feeling different you feel the urge to pass motion out but can't so u have to push. This is tell by my dr and midwife on duty that day I give birth to 2 one.

  15. babycupid

    babycupid Guest

    do without epi if possible.. the feeling is great! [IMG=]

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