How long can DOM be kept?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by mum05, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    A bottle of un-opened DOM was passed down to me but it was bought many many yrs ago, can it still be consumed? Anyone knows?

  2. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    I heard the longer the DOM is kept, the better it is. My aunt kept a few bottles.

    In fact there's no expiry date for hard liquor.

  3. kuehdahdah

    kuehdahdah Member

    how to keep an opened bottle of DOM? Need to refridgerate ma?

  4. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    i think no expiry date. i have a few bottles also, never opened. and my mum said it has been at least 5 to 7 years!

  5. kittyki

    kittyki Member

    DOM has no expiry date. The longer we keep, the better it is.

    I just keep my opened DOM at room temperature. Should be alright =)

  6. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    That's what I thought too! That the longer it's kept the better, but not too long ago, we met a liquor/wine collector and he told us it's not so for DOM... [IMG=]

  7. wcy

    wcy Member

    Hi mum05,

    I agreed with the rest.DOM can be kept long period of years.

  8. jiequn

    jiequn Member

    Yes, I think can be kept for a long period. I have a few bottles bought since 2007. Maybe should ask the liquor seller next time.

  9. hael

    hael Member

    but will DOM get more and more concentrated with time? it being alcoholic based?

  10. wcy

    wcy Member

    Hi Hael,

    Nope,it will not.In fact the longer it kept the better it is.

  11. hi all,i still hv 4 btls cz cant consume all in 1 month hehe

  12. rain4days

    rain4days New Member

    aiyoh, my FIL also gave me a couple of DOM that he kept for ages... I seriously dont feel like drinking it as I'm very against drinking stuffs that has been kept for long - but dun wan to offend him [IMG=]

  13. steo

    steo New Member

    Yep, was told no expiry date & I have many bottles went through confinement without finishing even one bottle.

  14. bumblebee22

    bumblebee22 New Member

    My DOM kept many years is normal that is fishy smell rite?

  15. delifairy

    delifairy Member

    Really no expiry date? I just opened one and it has a strong "woody" smell. I dare not drink it coz the previous ones did not smell like that. Oh dear, how to differentiate spoilt or still ok to drink?

  16. css5192

    css5192 Member

    No worries really no expire date.. Ive tried.. My MIL gave me one tats abt 30yrs old, abt same age as my hubby.. E smell abit diff frm fresh bottle but it taste "sweeter" then those "fresh" ones..

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