Dr Lawrence ang (tmc) or Dr adrian woodworth (tmc)

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by moonyuki, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    I have my #1 with Dr Adrian woodworth n find that he is gd. So wanted to let my #2 to be deliver by him too But the only problem is the location as he is located at cck.

    I am staying at sembawang so Dr Lawrence ang is nearer to my place. Both is tmc doc which I am ok. Should I get Dr Lawrence ang since nearer to me? Wat time is his clinic visiting hr? Btw any feedback for him?

  2. garfieldhello

    garfieldhello Member

    Dr Lawrence Ang is damn famous .... u can search in this forum. His business is damn good, sometime i need to wait for hours just to see him.

    He is a very experienced gynae, no regrets.

  3. xiangmum

    xiangmum Member

    Ya, i do agree with garfield.

    i have my #1 with him.

    My prenancy and delivery wasn't complecated case. He gained my trust and it was a good experience under his care.


  4. singyen

    singyen Member

    I have mine delivered by Dr Lawrence on 291110. Premature 1 month, he still can chiong from his clinic to TMC to check on me in the morning. Then he delivered my daughter in the night, very fast since I used edpidural.

  5. hunnymummy

    hunnymummy Member

  6. lynn812

    lynn812 New Member

    I personally feel that for these 2 gyanes if u have a hassle free pregancy do go ahead and see them as they really help MTB save slot of $$$...

    But i feel if u would need more care and attention than look of other gyane as they are really too popular and busy...

  7. shoppingq123

    shoppingq123 New Member

    Hi All,

    Last visit, Dr Ang talked to me about different type of delivery. He sound like Cesarean is good for both baby and mummy. Thus I'm quite confuse. Anyone here can give advice?

  8. shy_ers

    shy_ers Member

    hi Shopping,

    My impression is that Dr.Ang encourage normal delivery, not cesarean ... Thou he is busy and rush, he will still give all the needed explanation if you have any query ... so just speak up without worry ...

  9. alexismummy

    alexismummy New Member

    I'm seeing dr adrain woodworth currently and dues next month . He's not a bad gynae and he's very less in words . He won't tell you more unless you ask him personally . Don't have to worry anything as he is patient and willing to advise you in many ways though you will see Like doing things very fast but he's very professional .

  10. jkids

    jkids Member

    hello...anyone with low plancenta managed to deliver naturally under Dr ang? pls share your experience.

  11. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Jkids, i have low placenta and i deliver in aug by Dr Ang.. Deliver naturally.. was told that as long as we try to bed rest more, dun carry heavy stuff which include toddler and dun do things which will cause placenta to get even lower then our placenta will goes up when it got nearer to the EDD.. i gave birth when i am 36+weeks.. doc say can go via natural cause my placenta went up..

  12. jkids

    jkids Member

    thanks bjy for sharing. dr ang din mention my placenta moved up. in fact during the last 2 visits, he would frown or sign whenever he did the scan. he juz told me i had a 80-90% chance of a natural delivery. yet he left me to decide to go for natural or c section despite his negative expression. he also told me about the consequences n it made me very worried. i wish he would juz tell me i could only go for c section. in the last visit he even asked, u sure u want to go natural? he seemed to want to change my mind, yet he didnt want to decide for me...

    did u encounter any excess bleeding so everything was fine during d delivery?

  13. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Hmmm maybe u can try for natural birth but be prepare for e csect.. My delivery isn't very smooth for me.. I had low blood pressure n during labour dr ang came in 3 times to check on me n he make sure my hb n the mid wife keep me awake.. Theres another lady doc by my side to check on my condition every few mins.. My advise is go for c sect.. I encounter death n life.. I nearly lost my bb too cause the placenta got around bb neck which I have problem pushing him out.. N with my low blood pressure got lower n lower I can't concentrate pushing.. I regrets din op for c sect .. But I do have this question in my mind.. Y didn't dr ang get me e csect when my case turn out so complicated? Seriously, since he have consent on u having natural birth then better for u to go for c sect.. Or u can try asking for 2nd opinion from another gynae..

  14. esther_ksk

    esther_ksk New Member

    Hi all,

    just to share. I was under Dr Adrian for my #1. Its true tat he din tok much unless u ask, he will answer all your question. I found he is not bad. My gal was born on week 35 due to water bag burst. I was in JB during tat time. of coz i feel panic as tis is my 1st child. I called him directly and he is very nice to direct me what to do next. When I reach TMC, the nurses check on my baby and she call Dr Adrian later. He still joke with me while i was inside the ops theatre. My c-sec was completed within 15min.

    His clinic normally at night will be very crowded. Morning will be lesser.

    My gal now is 6month plus. Pre-mature but healty gal. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] did plan for second 1, will back to him also!

  15. baby_ashley

    baby_ashley Member


    Both my 2 kids are delivered by Dr Adrian,THUMBS UP!!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  16. jasval

    jasval New Member

    I am having the 3rd child this time. I want to change my gynae. May I know how the charges like for Dr Ang?

    Plesae advise. Thanks.

  17. kuaigirl

    kuaigirl New Member

    My advice is, never c both doc.. They r irresponsible. My principal gynae is Adrian. But the one who delivery my baby is Lawrence Ang becoz Adrian was out of town. When Im pregnant, i was diagnose having high blood pressure.. When my baby was delivered, she was breached & at 36.5 weeks. I got complication aft giving birth and went to KK for emergency a total of 2 times & NHC for the last hospitalization. And out of these 2 times at KK, i went ICU on my 4th day of confinement. Doc at KK did called Lawrence Ang & ifm him of my situation. But, neither Lawrence Ang nor Adrain called & show their concern. Its almost 9mths eversince I gave birth.. I was hoping that either one will call me, ESP Adrian becoz I'm one of his patient. But none was being responsible towards my pregnancy. I felt so devastated & shared my story to my friends. Well, alot of them were hesitating to give birth at TMC becoz of their poor service & of coz doctors too.. This story of mine involves alot of small issues & if I were to say all, it wil be reali long. But trust me.. Being a mother & pregnant lady before, I would strongly recommend to get a gynae who can thoroughly check u throughout ur pregnancy coz u wil never want any post issue aft pregnancy.

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