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Bukit Batok/Bukit Gombak Mummies Club

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by saintbaby, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    Hi all..

    I'm a new mummy staying at bt batok.. just wanna know more mummies staying here... [​IMG] Maybe can exchange pointers & meet up next time.. [​IMG]
  2. celtricia

    celtricia Active Member

    Hi saintbaby,

    I'm staying in bukit gombak area, i'm due in Nov.. hw bout u? [​IMG]
  3. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    hi celtricia...

    I'm staying near the little guilin area... i've just given birth to my daughter in june... [​IMG] so where are u going to give birth? [​IMG]
  4. littletots

    littletots New Member


    I am staying in Bt Gombak opp the driving centre. I have 2 girls, 32mths and 4 mths.
  5. celtricia

    celtricia Active Member

    Saintbaby, i'm delivering at TMC..

    littletots, i'm also staying opp d driving centre.. hee..
  6. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Celtricia,
    Long time no write! The last time we chatted was on the Singapore Brides site... about our houses! Our friend is staying in 395 too... and we visit them every now and then [​IMG]

    So happy to hear you are due soon! How's everything? I'm expecting my 2nd one now, and this bb will be due around CNY... Will be delivering at TMC too [​IMG] Who's your gyn/ob by the way? Mine is KC Yeo...

    Hi Saintbaby & LittleTots,
    I'm also staying in Gombak. My older boy is almost 2 [​IMG] A REAL handful!
  7. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    Hi Mummies!
    I'm putting up with my parent's at Bt Gombak now. My son is coming to 5mths old now...

    Littletots and celtricia,
    I also stay quite near the driving centre... Maybe seen you before... =)
  8. celtricia

    celtricia Active Member

    Heya Andrea..

    ya lor.. d last time we chatted was in the SG Brides.. [​IMG] Everything is going on fine.. u expecting ur 2nd one ah! dat's great! COngrats! hee.. My gynae same as urs leh.. also Dr KC Yeo.. ur first child also delivered by him issit?

    Eloz zyp.. ya.. mayb seen b4.. hee.. juz those walking pass situations [​IMG] mayb one of tis days all muz mit up liao.. kekekke..
  9. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Celtricia,
    wat a coincidence! Yup... first one also delivered by KC Yeo. He's really good [​IMG] His staff also ultra-friendly [​IMG] When's your next visit? For all you know, we may have bumped into each other at one of our visits!

    This second pregnancy is not as stable as the first one... and I've been to see him quite frequently. But now, much better. My next visit is on 20th... will be gg for scan too [​IMG]

    Hey Littletots!
    Just realised you are Bubble also [​IMG] will check out your board regularly [​IMG]

    Hi Zyp,
    Which block are you at? So you take your ds for regular walks? [​IMG] We try to bring our boy to the playground ... he usually has a go on the slides after school b4 heading home [​IMG] Getting more difficult to pry him away from those slides...

    Hope to hear from you all soon!

  10. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    Hi Andrea,
    I'm at 358...
    So far it's my Hubby who's bringing BB out for evening walks cos I tend to work later... :p

    Since we all stay around the same area, is there any good PD here? My son is down is cough and cold now...
  11. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Zyp,
    I used to bring bb to a paed in Jurong Point. She's good with children, but I think because she's a paed, some of the medicine dosage she prescribes is too low... my boy took a long time to recover. After a while it didn't seem all too encouraging...

    Now we bring him to a GP in Clementi (Jurong Dispensary). His medicine is very good for my boy.

    But yesterday, since that GP's clinic is not open on Sunday, we took him to one in Bt Batok East Ave 4. Good also. Both my husband and I go to her... and she's very patient and nice -- BUT the wait is L O N G !!!

    Anyway, your bb is still quite young. Don't go to GP yet. I hear that there is a good paed at CCK -- in the building where the old Popular Bookstore is. I'll try to find out more info for you...
  12. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    We already brought him to the lady GP at blk 359... She's quite friendly but I think the medication she prescribed doesn't seem right cos it made my boy's cough worse...
    My son's not getting better, vomitted last night... I've stopped giving him the medication, hope his cough will recover by itself.

    I heard abt the PD in JP also... but also heard some bad comments abt her... Hope to hear from you abt CCK PD soon!
  13. littletots

    littletots New Member

    Hi Andrea,

    Acutally I am not Bubble. I'm her sister. Ha ha. But I also staying in Bukit Gombak. In fact, I am staying one level below her. Are u bringing ur son to the baby show this sunday?

    Hi Zpo, Celtricia,

    Ya, maybe we have seen each other before.
  14. celtricia

    celtricia Active Member

    Afternoon ladies,

    Hi Andrea, glad to hear dat ur 2nd pregnancy is better nw.. Do take care k?

    Quite true dat we may haf seen each other in the clinic b4.. hahaha.. my nxt checkup is tml.. so dun tink haf chance to mit up liao since my checkup is gg to b every 2 weeks nw.. [​IMG]
  15. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    Hello ladies,
    Can I join?? I'm staying in Bt Batok too.. [​IMG]
  16. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    hiya mummies....

    Looks like we're all staying pretty near each other... hehe... [​IMG] must meet up one of these days... [​IMG]

    Welcome forgetmenot! [​IMG]
  17. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    Hello forgetmenot!!!
    I know u stay near westmall right? [​IMG]
  18. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    hello... can i chap in too?? i dun stay here but my parents stay nearby... i always go to their place during weekends... [​IMG]
  19. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    Hello Jen!
  20. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    Hullo everyone.......

    hehe..i noe u staying in gombak.. [​IMG]
  21. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    yeah.... was in Westmall the other day... suddenly thought of u, wonder if you and little Ryan were there too... hee...

    Hey anyone brings your bb to bt batok nature reserve for walks? I'm thinking if it's a good idea.... breathe fresh air. but I'm worried about mosquitoes... esp dengue fever hoo haa now...
  22. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    haha.....same....i'm worried of mosquitoes too..
    then i oso worried tt my hse will hve mosquitoes..
    thinking of getting lamp berger to "burn" in the hse to prevent it....but quite ex leh.....

    u will at westmall during wkdays or wkends?i seldom bring him to westmall on wkdays..oni wkend,when my hubby is ard..then we will bring down to westmall to makan..
    next time u free,can drop by my hse lah..[​IMG]
  23. applelee

    applelee New Member

    dear zyp,
    not need to worry.. if he can vomit out , probably he will be well in fews days time , continue with medication..
  24. nnchander

    nnchander Member

  25. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    I also had a Lamp Berger... a gift. The essence not cheap right? I stopped using after I finished the essence... remember mine was eucalyptus (spelling wrong? :p).

    We've not brought Zavier to westmall yet... Hee... most of the time is HB and I go there rush here and there buy things and run errands then rush back. Haha... maybe next time we bring Zavier there and pay Ryan and you a visit. =)

    Hi Serene,
    Yah, still taking medication cos I believe it'll help reducing his phelgm...

    Thanks Andrea! I've considered Kidslink too... In the amist of deciding which PD to go, friend recommended a PD at Crown Centre and we went there. Not bad...
  26. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    hi Zyp,
    heard that the Lampe Berger is good... been meaning to get one, but quite ex, although hubby has membership card with them.

    Btw, is your son still phlegmy? My boy had a cough problem for the longest time. He even developed bronchiolitis one time and had to be hospitalised. He also needed to be nebulised frequently. We had no choice then but to invest in a nebuliser for him.

    But once he passed 18 months, his condition improved. Also, my colleague advised me to reduce the formula milk strength for him. Since then, it has worked wonders!
  27. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    How come your hubby has membership without needing to purchase one?
    Are you really interested in getting the lamp? Mine, used less than 5x, is lying somewhere in the store. You want? Sell you cheap cheap... [​IMG]

    Yah my boy still quite phlegmy... but slowly getting better now.

    What does reducing formula strength mean? MAking it more dilute?
  28. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Oh, we bought a Lampe Berger for his grandma one year at Tangs... then got the membership... but haven't really gotten down to getting one for ourselves. How much you intending to sell yours for? ;)

    And you are right... reducing the strength means diluting it. He is drinking 240ml now... and that usually equates to 4 scoops... but now I put only abt 3 scoops for 240ml of water...
  29. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    sure no prob..

    Re:lampe berger
    is true tt the oil not cheap leh..my sil has it.her colleague told her tt those purifier tt runs on water one,is more effective..

    since i hve the purifier..i just need to buy the oil to try out..
  30. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi forgetmenot,
    which purifier did you buy? or do you mean a humidifier? coz i bought two oils for my humidifier, but i've since thrown it away... can pass you the oils if you have a humidifier...
  31. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    Hi Andrea,
    mine is not humidifier..is those goodaire type of purifier..

    y u throw away ur humidifier??spoilt liao ah?
  32. janz

    janz New Member

    Hi Ladies..
    I'm also a Bt Batok mummy...may i join?
    Seems like alot of ur are either staying in gombak, near driving centre, ornear west mall...[​IMG]
  33. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    Actually wanted to throw it away liao cos don't know who to give to. Willing to sell away at $20 if anybody wants and, and provided I can find it. Let me check out my store-room this weekend and take pic to show u... :p

    Hihi Janz! So which part of Batok do u stay?
  34. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Zyp,
    That's great... really appreciate it. Let me know when you find the lampe berger [​IMG]

    Hi forgetmenot,
    actually my humidifier wasn't spoilt. It still works, but it was extremely difficult to clean -- there was a lot of scum. Also after awhile, it was impossible to remove one of the coverings... so we had to throw it away...
  35. aug_22sg

    aug_22sg New Member

    Hi mommies,

    I am also staying in Bukit Batok East Ave 5 and a proud mom of coming to 11 months son, hope I can also join you gals [​IMG]
  36. janz

    janz New Member

    hi zyp,
    i'm staying at bt batok east ave 4...how abt u?
    anyone staying in this area?[​IMG]
  37. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    P and Janz,
    Both of you live quite near each other huh?
    Me at st 31...

    So your son learning to walk already? [​IMG]
  38. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Celtrica,
    How did your checkup go? [​IMG] How are you feeling these days? Are you still working?

    I'll be gg for my checkup next tues -- and scan too... shld know bb's gender by then... [​IMG]
  39. celtricia

    celtricia Active Member

    Hi Andrea,

    My checkup was ok, juz dat Dr Yeo asked me to b mindful of my sugar intake.. heh..

    Tis days juz feel like lazing ard.. but am still wrking, so no choice lor.. hee..

    My next checkup will b on next thurs.. [​IMG]
  40. aug_22sg

    aug_22sg New Member

    Hi zyp,

    I am staying at Reagent Heights not sure close to Janz or not BTW yesterday Neil (my son) has taken his first steps on his own without any support I was soooo excited to see that...

    Hope we gals can meet sometime [​IMG]
  41. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    hi P....

    I'm staying very near u wor... i'm besides guilin view... [​IMG]
  42. janz

    janz New Member

    is regent heights the one near the mosque?if it is, i'm rather near there too...i'm between the mosque and the bbatok park...

    hv ur brought ur babies to the park for walks?
  43. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    Excited to know your bb's gender? Hoping for a gal this time? =)

    Hi P,
    I can already imagine how excited I'll be to see my boy take his first step! Neil must be very excited and eager to walk more right? Hee...

    Any pic to share? Maybe we'll recognise one and another by our babies when we meet around the area! :p

    Introducing my boy.. Zavier...
  44. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Zyp,
    Sort of hoping for a girl, but another boy will be lots of fun too [​IMG] Besides... got lots of hand-me-downs [​IMG] hahah...

    Your boy is so happy in the pic [​IMG] Mine was grouchy when he was young... took him a long time to learn how to smile! And sigh.... I donch know how to add pic lah...

    Hi Littletots,
    sorry missed out on your message! I haven't met your sis... but when I was shifting to Gombak, her recommendation for an ID was great [​IMG] I got Joseph to come do up our place. Also, your sis did mention that you and your parents are also in the area [​IMG] BTW, which block are you at? And hey, can you give me the link to your sis' online stuff for sale? [​IMG] I want to check if there's any new stuff ... heheh.... THANX!

  45. aug_22sg

    aug_22sg New Member

    Janz/Sainy baby,

    Ya looks like we are really close to each other and may be have seen each other earlier...

    wow Zavier is soooo cute
    I am quite excited when I see him walking like teletubbies btw its a good idea to share the bb's pic but I dont have any right now may be later...
  46. janz

    janz New Member

    yup...zavier looks so bubbly...haven got 1 like tat of my son, timothy...[​IMG]
  47. janz

    janz New Member

    btw how old is Zavier now?
  48. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    ZYP & Janz....
    Soooo cute your sons... [​IMG] How old r they now?? [​IMG]

    This is a photo of my daughter... Kirsten.. [​IMG]
  49. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    ur boy vv cute leh.how old is he??

    wow..no.2 liao..how old is ur no.1?

    ur ger vv sweet leh..
  50. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    I would like my 2nd bb to be a daughter so that I can doll her up! =)

    Timothy's adorable! Like his O mouth... haha...

    Zavier has the same teddy gym! Just different colors. :p
    He just turned 5mths yesterday...

    Kirsten is 3mths old now? Born in June right? She has soo much hair! Zavier has quite sparse hair...
  51. janz

    janz New Member

    Timothy is 3 and half months now...so same as Kirsten? When was Kirsten born? Timothy was born 25th may...[​IMG]

    ya Kirsten has so much hair...Timothy used to hv a lot wen he was born, but now dropped so much until very sparse too...can see his scalp...den the middle part very long, all stand up...wan to cut but he like not much hair, so still deciding...:p
  52. bubblebb

    bubblebb Member

    Hi Andrea,
    Hee! Actually I met you quite a few time at the playground area but I dun think you know that's me! Maybe I shld post my kids picture and the next time u seen them, you will know that is me [​IMG].

    My sis's (littletots) place is also done up by Joseph. We are just directly opposite yr blk - Blk 387. We are occupying the same unit but my sis is just 1 level below mine. She is helping me with the biz, just can't cope alone with a full time job, 2 kiddy + this part time. The link is:

    click here

    Hello all,
    Let me self intro a little, I am a proud mummy of 2, Crystal age 3 and Wayne @ 15 mths. littletots is my sis and we are staying at Bukit Gombak, same place as Andrea/Celtricia. Here's a pic of the my 2 little monkeys:


    Say hi when you seen us around the estate!
  53. zypto

    zypto Active Member

    <font color="ff0000">Janz,</font>
    [​IMG] Looks familiar??? [​IMG]

    Zavier also had more hair when he was first born... then started dropping hair at 3rd mth... and so am I
    So we shaved his hair when he was 4mths old... now hair growing out quite evenly.

    <font color="aa00aa">Bubble,</font>
    Your girl is pretty... [​IMG]
  54. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Bubble!
    I am very blur! And you are right... I think I've seen your children before [​IMG] My boy loves the slides, and I think Wayne must have been on it too one time we were there [​IMG]

    Anyway, which floor are you on? Our friend lives in the same block as you, and we visit his place from time to time... Same unit too [​IMG]

    Hi Zyp and Forgetmenot,
    My boy will turn 2 next month ... time flies! This second bb is due CNY! Next week is my scan, then I'll find out the bb's gender (or mebbe not! hahah...)

    This time, a girl would be nice, but I was thinking another boy would be good too ... coz I've got lots of stuff from my older son, that are still very new!! Will save us lots of money [​IMG] But what's impt is -- that bb is healthy! :D
  55. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    Janz &amp; ZPY....
    Kirsten is abt 2 and a half mths now... she was born on 30th june... [​IMG]

    Ya lor... most impt is bb is healthy... [​IMG]
  56. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    ya lor.time realli flies...
    wow..2nd bb due during CNY ah..then if bb arrives earlier..then cant go hse visiting liao..

    if i hve a 2nd one..hope to hve a bb gal..cos bb gal's things are so cute..then pocket will burn bigger hole too..hehehe.. [​IMG]

    did u shave kirsten's hair??
    hey..Ryan is born on 28 June leh..2 days earlier than Kirsten..

    aiya..all of u stay at gombak ah??no one stay at central??
  57. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    This is my boy's pic.. [​IMG]
  58. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member


    Ryan looks sooo happy in the pic... [​IMG] I didn't shave Kirsten's hair... hehe.... I always go westmall with her... soo bored.. always at hm... [​IMG]
  59. bubblebb

    bubblebb Member

    Hi zyp,
    Thanks! I think she was prettier with long hair. She prespire too much so no choice but to keep her hair short.


    Hi Andrea,
    Haha..yeah Wayne gets real excited with the slides. We just had a pre-lantern festival cum birthday celebration for Crystal (she is born on 18/9) last sat at the multi purpose hall. The children went crazy at the playground.

    Oh we are on the 19th and 20th flr. You must be real excited to find out the gender. May yr wish come true!

    Anyone partcipated in the baby contest last weekend? Wayne did and won consolation prize [​IMG]. We are going for the lantern party tomorrow. Any one too?
  60. nnchander

    nnchander Member

    Hi Bubble,
    That means I did see your party last week! We were on our way to a family gathering too at Bt Batok Central to celebrate the Lantern Festival! [​IMG]

    Anyway, we won't be gg to the party tmr... I oso didn't know abt the bb contest [​IMG] Sigh... always wanted to enter Jarrod, but donch know when they are held... think he's overage now! hahah [​IMG]

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