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Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by lismom, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. lismom

    lismom New Member

    Hi moms,
    Can somebody advice me on some good Gym in the west? i live in Jurong and my dd is 10 months old.
    I think she really needs to socialise with other kids of her age
  2. chocopie

    chocopie New Member

    Maybe you may want to try Baby Jumper Gym
  3. kellytai

    kellytai Member

    hi, which part of the west insland you are staying? If you dun mind to travel to woodlands, i recommend u to go My Gym Fitness Center. Is good for little one to explore..
  4. lismom

    lismom New Member

    Thanks moms,
    I was thinking about baby jumper. How is it?
    I live in jurong East so it should be near. Haven't tried tumble tots as I heard some bad reviews about it.
    May be if baby jumper dosen't work well, I will try the woodlands one.
  5. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member


    I just went for the trial at Baby Jumper Gym last weekend. It's quite ok, just tat my gal doesn't like the gym part.... maybe coz she prefers reading to exercise, but anyway, it's a good exposure. So I have signed up with one term, which will be starting next week. See how it goes first.
  6. lismom

    lismom New Member

    Hi Kelly tai,

    Do you know how much they charge for their classes?
  7. genki01

    genki01 New Member

    Hi there...May I know what do you/our baby do in the Baby Jumper Gym?My son is 17mths and I'm kinda of keen to let him be involved more..
  8. mtdt

    mtdt Active Member

    my son only 3mths old. can join?
    wat's the min age?
  9. cofibeen

    cofibeen Member


    My 20mo's joined My Gym in Woodlands Civic Plaza. Pretty fun.. I love it myself.. haha..
  10. i go to little gym at Forum... stay in the west... i just love it s does my baby.. the director of the gym takes her session.....she is great

    Hey MTDT
    Minimum age is 4mnths in Little GYM
  11. ev0618on

    ev0618on Member

    any recomendation around town area pls.
  12. laugh

    laugh Member

    Hi littlfire,
    Try gymboree @ vivo city, big & clean.
  13. ev0618on

    ev0618on Member

    hi laugh,

    tks!! : ) will check it out this weekend.

    you baby attended gymboree? how do you find it?
  14. laugh

    laugh Member

    Hi littlefire,
    Didn't really sign up my ds for a fix class yet, only tried a few trial class @ Tanglin mall, Marine parade, vivo & other gym centre. B4 vivo have, found quite inconvinence to travel with ds if w/o hubby driving us there. Now with the opening of vivo, am considering to sign him up in one of the class.
  15. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Anyone have try Baby Jumper Gym @ Bukit Batok? how do you find it?
  16. win_ng

    win_ng Member


    been wanting to enrol my bb in the BJG in BB for trial classes but to no avail. they are fully booked! wonder if they could do one trial class if we manage to gather like a min number of pple....
  17. mtdt

    mtdt Active Member

    they can arrange to organise one class if u have 3 or more mummies.

    I went to the trial at BB before. not bad. [​IMG]
  18. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Hi MTDT, i did called them but they said trial class is fully booked. They will call me when there is available. Did u sign up your child for the class?

    Hi win_ng, they can arrange to organise one class if we have 3 or more. r u interested?
  19. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    hi jenny

    yes i am def interested! but i can only do so over weekends, is it convenient for you? we could perhaps find another mummy?
  20. summermay

    summermay New Member

    hi jenny,

    i'm also interested in BJG at BB!! My baby is only 7 months, is it ok? Like win_ng, I can only do weekends..
  21. lynnchua

    lynnchua Member

    Hi Jenny,

    I'm also interested.I'm only free on weekend
  22. secret_garden

    secret_garden Active Member

    Hi jenny,
    i am also interested in the trail but my baby is only 4+mths, can join in? weekends would be good [​IMG]
  23. hi I can aslo come for the weekend trial class...My kid is 19 months
  24. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Hi MTDT, i have few mummies interested on the trial class. So do you know who to contact?

    Hi all mummies, i also can only do weekends. I'm checking with MTDT who to contact.
  25. secret_garden

    secret_garden Active Member

    Hi Jenny,
    I think you can contact Annie at 67890442 (bt batok branch). But when she called me a few days ago, she told me there is a long waiting list for trial classes...[​IMG] You can try calling again perhaps?
  26. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    i have emailed to the person in charge actually, but did not get any replies. its so difficult to contact them via phone as well....
  27. They will call you up...they called me in October but I was busy for the trial classes

    Put in a mail again...
  28. mtdt

    mtdt Active Member

    hi sorry for the late reply...

    yes, my contact is also annie. tat time, 6mummies with the same mth old babies arrange for a pte trial class with annie. of cos, still need to see if the teachers are available or not.

    my understanding is min 4mths old babies...
    n preferably, same age babies join together. I feel the most will be 2-3mths differences

    i am waiting for the 2007 schedule to be out. int to enrol my boy. [​IMG]
  29. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    hi all

    i managed to speak to annie.

    must have at least 5 babies if any 3 signed up for the programmes, they'll have 10% discount for the term fees. The babies must be of the same age group, meaning they have to be
    Little crawlers I (less than 9 months)
    Little cralwers II (9 months and above)
    Little walkers (1-2 yrs old)

    Time of trial (45min - 1hr) available at the moment as their new term is starting 6 Jan
    Sat 130pm - 230pm, 145-245
    Sun any 45min timeslot between 12 to 130pm or anytime after 430pm

    $20 trial fee/ baby.

    they can open a trial class with at least 3 babies.
  30. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    my baby is 10months old, and will below to the little crawlers group II, i wonder if any mommy is among this group? so that i can arrange a class if possible.

  31. lynnchua

    lynnchua Member

    Hi win_ng,
    My girl is 9mths old now.May I know how much is the term fees? Tks.
  32. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    hi lynn - i am not sure how much is the fee. if we are going for the trial its $20.

    you may wish to check the website at for more details

    thanks. let me know if u are interested for the trial class
  33. secret_garden

    secret_garden Active Member

    hi win_ng,
    guess I can't join you all liao [​IMG]

    any babies in Little crawlers I (less than 9 months)so that we can arrange 1 trial class for this group as well?
  34. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Hi all,
    sorry for the late reply. my girl is 19 mths old now and will be in Little Walkers. Any toddler in Little Walker so that we can arrange 1 trial class for this group?
  35. Yeah my girl is also 19 months....would u like to go for the trial class with me.. i live in Clementi...
  36. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Hi PA, I live in jurong. They need 3 babies or more to sign up for the trial class. Still have to get 1 more
  37. msmummy

    msmummy Member

    Hi PA and Jenny. My girl is about 16 months old. Can I join in the trial class with both of you? I stay around Bukit Batok..
  38. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    wah the little walkers have a class!!! how nice...

    no takers for the little crawlers II group???
  39. lynnchua

    lynnchua Member

    Hi Win_ng,

    I'm interested. keep me posted. tks.
  40. teenie

    teenie Member

    my boy will be little crawlers II
    he's 9month plus
    so me & win_ng
    any others?
  41. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    great! we have teenie and lynn in little crawlers II

    i shall PM you ladies shortly!

  42. Hi Msmummy and jenny

    Good now that we are 3 does that mean we can sign in for a class trial first.
    what days suit us....I am fine with weekdays and weekends.Only thursday and wed mornings are busy

    Who amongst us is going to call...thanks
  43. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    Hi teenie/ lynn

    i just contacted annie. there is an existing class that we can join this sat at 4pm. and if we are interested, we can do so this sat! and i need to know if you are interested, so that i can help to confirm all three of us this sat.

    however if we were to confirm joining the class, it will mean that we have to stick with this timeslot.

    the 10% discount is only applicable if all 3 of us signed up for the class
  44. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Hi PA & msmummy, i just contacted annie. She said babies must be around same age. My gal is 19 mths plus. Will be in Walker II. How old is your child?
  45. teenie

    teenie Member

    Hi Win_ng
    4pm this saturday is fine with me, but we cannot sign for other day classes if we try the trial on sat 4pm?
  46. teenie

    teenie Member

    sat morning or sun morning have any slots, cos 4pm is in between we cannot go shopping :p
  47. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    hi teenie,

    i think we can sign other classes' timeslot, but its more like we can start straight away.

    apparently there isnt any more slots available on sunday now for existing classes, but i think if lynn can confirm which one she prefers, we could go on for a sunday timeslot, but it will only be after 430pm

    think the earliest timing available is 1230pm on sat. she did mention that she can fit us in if we want to, but the class is quite full. are u more keen in this timeslot?

    is the location convenient for you for a sat's class?

    Lynn - appreciate it if you can give us an answer by tomorrow, so we can confirm with Annie.

  48. summermay

    summermay New Member

    Hi piyo,

    My bb is 7 months, I can join you for trial!
  49. angeg

    angeg Active Member

    hi piyo..

    my ger oso 7mth.would like to bring her too but hor,she still cant crawl leh.can only move backwards..urs? scare wasted trip there..
  50. hi jenny and msmummy

    my child is 19 months old She is born in MAy 2005
    I live in Clementi
    Saturday trial class is good for me.
    As far as the 10% off is concerned we and the baby should enjoy the session.
    I am up for it.
    U can book me for saturday. this one also fine . mornings work better for me.
  51. Msmummy's child is 16 months which is not that far apart... but depends what BJG thinks about that.

    What did she say about the Trial class.. only afternoon seem to be available.
    Kashvi my girl gets sleepy by then.. any way will get her for one day atleast...

    Do call her and and ask about the ages thingee

    thanks for you effort
  52. gingerbread

    gingerbread Member

    Hi moms,

    My baby is 10months old, can i join in your trial class? [​IMG]
  53. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Hi PA, i have spoken to annie. She said that my girl belong to Walker II which is 19 mths above and for 16 mths, belong to Walker I. She said that must have at least 5 then can arrange trial class.
  54. secret_garden

    secret_garden Active Member

    Hi Jenny,
    Must it be at least 5 to conduct any trial class in any categories?

    Hi May and Angeline,
    the last time I spoke to Annie, she mentioned that as long as baby knows how to lift her head on her tummy can join the class, not necssarily crawl...

    if may, angeline and I makes 3, need another 2 more?
    any others?

    Hi Gingerbread,
    wanna join us? But you may wan to be in Crawlers II, it's ok[​IMG]
  55. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    teenie - wonder if you are ok with sat's class at 4pm based on the post above? if not we have to wait for another 2 moms to confirm on another day of trial

    hi ginger - yes, you can join us at little crawlers II! there is a slot this sat at 4pm if you are interested, since there is still no emails or news from Lynn....

    Lynn/Ginger/teenie - let me know by today 3pm, so that i can advise annie. otherwise she will release the slots
  56. jenny_hong

    jenny_hong New Member

    Hi Piyo, yes, must have least 5 to conduct any trial in any categories. For my girl, she will be in Walker II (age from 19 mths to 24 mths). For Walker I, age from 14 mths to 18 mths.
  57. teenie

    teenie Member

    ok if u gals want to have sat class at 4pm, I shall go for the trial ist, if confirm I want, can I join another timing on sat?
  58. lynnchua

    lynnchua Member

    Hi win_ng,

    I'm free after 3pm this saturday.
  59. win_ng

    win_ng Member

    hi teenie and lynn

    thanks for the quick reply!

    contacted annie. yes she has reserved 3 slots for us. could i ask you to PM me the following details?

    name of baby
    DOB of baby
    your name and contact number

    Teenie - annie said we could confirm on another timeslot after the trial if need be, provided that another timeslot has vacanies available. if not, we could wait for another term.

  60. gingerbread

    gingerbread Member

    my baby is in II leh, would love to go classes with u though!

    I have to take another class, I have a birthday party this sat! ARGH!!

    Anyone wanna join me for crawler II class?

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