Any Shichida mums here?

Discussion in 'Year 2007 Mums' started by mamijoan, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. mamijoan

    mamijoan New Member

    my son is 9 mths now and we just started the Shichida program this term. Was hoping to start a thread for Shichida mums to share ideas and resources on home practices. I know there is a forum dedicated to Shichida and Glenn Doman method but that forum is not as active as SMH.

    I have yet to purchase any Shichida resources but have bought some flash cards from Popular as well as made some alphabet flash cards to flash to my son. Anyone care to share what they do for home practice?
  2. starystarynite

    starystarynite New Member

    mainly flash cards....also other activity like for memory...maths and phonics...also show baby lots of arts craft to simulate their right brain!
  3. mamijoan

    mamijoan New Member


    how long has your child been on the program? Have you started to see results?
  4. cristy

    cristy New Member

    hi all
    enrol my 1st child when he's 5 mths old,so far quite good,stimulate their brain,but need alot of home practice.
  5. ssmummy

    ssmummy New Member

    I'm interested to start the prog for my girl... is it good? :)
  6. stakka

    stakka New Member

    I started sending my elder daugther to SM when she was 1 yrs old. I guess she was too young to pay attention to the activities in class, very heart pain as it cost almost S$80 for 1 lesson. But I do spend a lot of time with her on home practices, including flash cards, linking memory, eye training, speed reading, maths program and ESP.

    The younger one is 1 year plus now but not too sure if I should send her to SM also. Heard lots of bad remarks about the school being very commercialize.
  7. cocoon

    cocoon New Member

    You can also try Trio (search the web, I forgot the full name). I heard that the people from Shichida came out and started trio and they are quite good.
  8. jane1977

    jane1977 Member

    Hi mommies, just read this thread

    Any more to share for SM??? Want to enrol my son to the class but the fees really out of my budget :)
  9. cristy

    cristy New Member

    received letter from shichida tat they are taking legal action against trio,

    shichida is a very reputable school,my aunt married a japanese sp she's there for almost 20 overs years,she told me they are very reputable school

    i like their concept,"they dun fill up yr child's brain with knwoledge but stimulate or teach them how to use their brain"

    my soon been there since 5 mths ,been ther for almost 2.5 years
    so far so good la..

    can consider
  10. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    my daug was there since she was 5 mths old too. We were there for more than 11 terms. Finally withdraw them since i have an alternative brain stimulation program. I signed my children at Little Neuro Tree now, am happy there too. Y? cos i am no longer have to put up with rude staff, cancellation of class without notice etc.
    and most important of all, my children love the teachers at Little Neuro Tree!
  11. cristy

    cristy New Member

    oh really ?they are rude,i've never experience dis b4 dear,

    will help to feedback dis to the school cos i dun wish dis happen to me too in the future.
  12. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    you are lucky! hopefully they will suddendly improve after your feedback.
    Btw, could you also tell them not to take too long to refund our deposit. Thank you so much!
  13. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    its a good start to put your child is a brain stimulation school. My experience, do not be eager for results. ALwaYS stay positive, motivated. Other than Flashcards, exposure your child to foreign languages like playing them foreign CD or DVD etc. get them fix puzzles, do lots of hand eye co-ordination stuff..speed reading... actually, u will know wht i mean after one term. [​IMG]
  14. cheongyw

    cheongyw Member

    Mummies at Shichida,

    Do u want to share the bulk purchase of 280 grams of A5 blank flashcards from the supplier? Minimum purchase must be 1800 pieces.

    Alternatively, does anyone has excess of the A5 blank flashcards to let go? I am looking at about 280 grams. Preferably both sides matt. Anyone?

    Please email me ASAP. I need the A5 blank flashcards.

    Many thanks [​IMG] !
  15. momomum

    momomum New Member


    Im keen to share the bulk purchase of cards. 280g=how many cards?

    Pls email me at Thanks!
  16. s3hz

    s3hz New Member

    i'm keen too but are the flash cards same as SM ?
    or same as popular kind?
    pls advise thankz
  17. sapna

    sapna New Member

    Hi All
    I am new to this site.I am a mother of 28 mnth old son and i stay in USA.I am interested in Shichida method but unfortunately it is accessible only in Malaysia,Singapore and Jakarta,Japan etc.I have done Glenn Doman method and Tweedle Wink course(right brain course) for my son.
    But fortunately my brother is on tour to singapore.And would like to buy stuff for my son from shichida to understand his method. Can anyone guide is there any DVD or cd or books to unerstand the concept of Shichida method.I am more keen into ESP and some drawing techniques for which he is famous for and Wave reading.Can anyne tell me apart from flash card isthere any other mateial like dvd which i can show it to my son for words,dot cards,eye stimulation ,perfect pitch etc in one dvd???And wave reading is a techniqe or Book for kid from which energy is generated mean is there any special book for the same???Please Please guide me i dont want to miss this chance to purchase from Singapore.
  18. sapna

    sapna New Member

  19. blessy

    blessy Member

    Hi LC,
    How different is Little Neuro Tree compared to Shichida? Are they the same in terms of how the class is carried out? How's the teachers?

    I have a very bad experience with Shichida!!! ;(
  20. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    Hi Blessing,
    Little Neuro tree conduct their class in 3 diff languages. Chinese , Japanese and Eng. It depands on what you are looking for your child. For my children, i am looking for Language exposure, Brain stimulation and ..the teachers must have good diction.
    Its ok you have bad experience with SM, cos you are not alone...
  21. smurf28

    smurf28 New Member

    hi LC,

    They took months to refund mine.i agreed the staff are very ya ya and always black face.
  22. yolk_sac

    yolk_sac New Member

    Hi all

    Calling all Shichida Parents! Let's discuss Home Practice

    My daughter has been at Shichida for half a term now. She's 16 months old. I'm curious to find out what sort of Home Practice everyone is doing.

    Maybe we can share:
    - How often do you manage to do Home Practice? Are you a SAHM or FTWM?
    - What components do you do during Home Practice - flashcards? dots? linking memory?
    - How often do you change flashcards and introduce new flashcards? (I've been told we should not flash the same card more than twice!)
    - Do you make your own materials or purchase from Tensai?
    - Which are good materials to obtain?
    - Do you think all this really helps?

    Would be very interested to hear your feedback. Think we can start an informal Shichida support group here!
  23. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Hi Yolk,

    My daughter is not with Schichida. She is with Right Brain Ctr located in Bishan. However, she will be with Little Neuro Tree in Jan09 becos i would prefer to expose her to language, especially Chinese.

    With regards to Home Practice:
    - I do home practice with her from Monday to Saturday (six days a week). I am a FTWM.
    - I use flashcards (both English & Chinese) + reading storybooks (again, both English & Chinese)
    - I will change one new flashcard every week.
    - No. Bought from the stores.
    - Not sure leh...
    - Sigh...despite what i have been doing for the past six months or girl still refuses to talk. She is now coming to 18mths.
  24. yolk_sac

    yolk_sac New Member

    Hi Wendy

    Thanks for your reply! My daughter doesn't say much either - she's born in July 07 so roughly the same age as your girl. Not to worry, I think some kids are just late talkers but they'll all catch up eventually.

    I've only just heard about Little Neuro Tree. How is their programme different from/similar to Shichida and the Right Brain Ctr? You mention an emphasis on foreign languages?

    How many cards do you flash to your daughter each day? You change just one card (or one category?) each week?
  25. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Hi Yolk,
    My daughter will only say words like 'ball', 'door', 'apple' and some other easy words. She tried to say 'balloon' and 'umbrella', but end up saying something else which is really cute..keke...

    My daughter has not started with Little Neuro Tree yet. I went to the Toa Payoh Centre and got time to mingle with the teachers. The teachers who are teaching in Chinese and Japanese are really native born. The emphasis is not really on the languages, rather it is to expose the kids with different langauges.

    I will flash 4 cards to my daughter each day. Will change one card each week.
  26. yolk_sac

    yolk_sac New Member

    Is that the recommended number at LNT? At Shichida, they tell us to aim for 10 sets of 10 flashcards (100!).
  27. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    i flash abt 200-400 cards per days. But if my kids not in the mood... i take it easy too [​IMG]
  28. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    hi Yolk
    My girl is still not with LNT. The one at Bishan did not tell us to flash cards at home. I do it on my own.

    I bought the cards from Kiddy Palace - letter, numbers, colors and words. I flash 4 cards from each box. Now, i will change one card everyday. I also bought wo hui do - Chinese and English flashcards + book. This one requires us to change one card every week. All in all i flash 28 cards everyday. On top of this, i read English and Chinese books to her everyday too.

    I will change this routine when my girl is with LNT. They need us to do revision 3 times a week.
  29. luanee

    luanee New Member

    Yolk, my daughter also borned in Jul07!
    Wendy, at least yours can say simple words. Mine still can't! Only can say yaya papa hiahia, sigh..

    Regarding Shichida, I brought my elder girl there when she was 2 and gave up after a year. For my 2nd one, we havent done any brain stimulation for her at all, sigh. Think she is getting short-charged being the younger child [​IMG]
  30. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    i flash 2oo- 400 cards a day. Including dot cards too. I will also play the Japanese CD i got from Little Neuro Tree. I play as much foreign language as possible for language stimulation.
    I incorporate Baby can REad.... you might want to try it... i see amazing results!!!
  31. yolk_sac

    yolk_sac New Member

    Hi everyone!

    LC! Wow that's a lot of cards, well done! How old are your kids?

    Wendy: You certainly have a good range of cards. Great that you are exposing her to different languages too. I've bought flashcards too, but I cut and paste the pictures onto the blank cards at Shichida - all A5 size. I like the standard size and find them easier to flash. But it takes a lot of time. Maybe I should just give up and use store bought ones!

    Luanee: Why did you give up after one year? Can you share your feedback on the programme? I'm still thinking abt whether to keep my girl in the programme. It is really so so expensive and a lot of it seems kinda crazy to me, eg: the ESP stuff.

    LC: My girl hates Your Baby Can Read; she finds the pace too slow, I think, and she only wants to listen to the songs. What amazing results do you see?
  32. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Besides flashing cards, i think reading is good too. My girl has been 'trained' by me to sit and listen while i read to her. For her Sunday class, she is the only kid (total 4 kids and all around her age +- two months difference) who can sit for one hour.
  33. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Hi LC,
    I am also keen to know your experience with LNT as my girl will be with them in Jan09. Please share.
  34. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    Hi YS
    for BCR, u know they always show the intro with the dad showing word cards to a baby and the baby could do the action? eg.... belly... the baby says belly and point to the belly? i followed the dad... write down some of these words and show to them... at 11 mths, my kids can do tht too.... i could also get any pen and paper or book, they can recognise most of the words that i have written and say it.... of course certain words their diction is nt very clear. But its good enough for me.
    However, if your girl do not like it.. better do not force it on her... try another time or do something else...PLAY is the best thats what i was taught [​IMG]
    I bot lots of cards for my eldest child when she was in SM for abt 3 years...i even purchased 1000 cards from a lady online.

    i agree with you, reading is very important. And of course with ability to sit down and listen, she can certainly progress very fast. Well done for the "training".
    On my experience with LNT, i think you have made a good decision. Like i said in my earlier post, it also depands on wht you are looking for. Please see my earlier post, if you want more input i could email you.
  35. wesim

    wesim Active Member

  36. jhjc

    jhjc New Member

    HI Wendy,
    come join out playdates. PLease send me your contact to, the mummies are trying to get some playdates going so all of us could share experiences while our children play.
    See you real soon. CHeers!
  37. stakka

    stakka New Member


    My dd has been with LNT for 6 months now and she really love the teachers there. However, I just found out that LNT does not teach Linking memory and speed reading until 4 years old when Shichida start at 1 plus.

    Does anyone know if there is other program teach linking memory and speed reading ?

  38. melodys

    melodys New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    I came across this thread looking for more info on TSM and was happy able to find more infos on LNT too. As LNT has so many outlets, any recommendation as to which outlet has the best teachers?
  39. bel22

    bel22 Member

    Dear Stakka, LC and other mummies,

    I am with Shichida for almost a year and is considering transfer my child to Little Neuro Tree. Can you share with me on LNT programme and will it be a gd decision for the switch. As I know, LNT is in the market for almost 1.5 yrs whereas Shichida is in the market for more than 20years. Please share more with me on your experiences for the switch and also the result you can see. Does LNT focus lots on home practises? YOu may email to me at
  40. stakka

    stakka New Member

    Hi Bel,

    LNT is less commercialize and I like the teachers there. The pace is slower and the content is easier as compare to Shichida but just right for my girl. She really enjoyed her lessons and will focus for almost the entire lesson. The only draw back is they do not start linking memory and speed reading at very young age. But anyway, my dd does not enjoyed these two activities.

    You can go for the trial lessons to see if it is suitable for your child. I go to TP branch and teachers are OK.
  41. bel22

    bel22 Member

    Hi Stakka,

    Thanks for your feedback and update!

    In fact my son also don't really enjoy linking memory and speed reading! But ... after so many months with them, he slowly can accept a bit on these 2 activities as what I have observed!

    Yes I will go for the trial lesso. Me will go to TP branch too as it is nearer to my house. Is there any T&C or so if after I GO FOR THE TRIAL and did not sign up for the class?

    What time slot you take when you go to TP branch?

    Looking forward to your reply!
  42. stakka

    stakka New Member

    Hi, Bel,

    LNT is very flexible with their trial lessons. You can go for the standard 3 lessons so your child can try out all 3 languages, otherwise, they are fine with 1 lesson.
    My dd is 20 months now and they put her in the 2 years old class. Every lesson, they start with wheather, eye training, flash card, photo memory. Then follow by various games to cover hands eye coordination, languages, music and etc. In terms of home practise, there is a handbook with the words and songs for each sememster and they encourage you to buy ready made flash cards for home practise. The flash cards are cheaper as well.

    Compare to Shichida, it is more relaxing and manageable so I am less stressful in trying to keep up with the pace. So far, my girl is able to concentrate and improve during both lessons and home practise.

    I go to the Friday class.
  43. bel22

    bel22 Member

    Hi Stakka,

    Thanks for your input! Appreciate it!
    Some of the activities eg eye training, flash card, weather is similiar to Shichida hor!
    Yes I will go for the trial lesson and see how my boy behave so that I can make a comparision. It is so nice to have the trial!
    Your friday class? What time is that? After work, you bring your girl there?
  44. stakka

    stakka New Member

    Ya, Mine is at 5pm. Cheers!
  45. bel22

    bel22 Member

    HI Stakka,

    Thanks for your info!
  46. happyfeet11

    happyfeet11 Active Member


    my boy is 3 & i'm keen to start him on shichida but i'm hesitant after reading so many negatives reviews on them.

    does little neuro tree focus a lot on language only?

    how much is the fees?

    in comparision shichida seems to be an "all rounder".
  47. vinny

    vinny Member

    Hi, my dd is with LNT PP branch. In Year 2, second term now. I personally find it good, but I cannot comment on SM, coz I have never sent my dd there.

    I must say that the 3 teachers my dd has at LNT PP branch are great! Easy to tell that they are very caring and love working with children. Besides curriculum, to me, rapport is impt too. At PP branch, I believe only the JP teacher is native, not the Chinese teacher (which is ok by me, coz I wld like to expose my dd to mandarin that at least I can understand too from the diction...heh).

    There are 12 lessons in total in 1 term. Conducted in 3 languages on a rotational basis...meaning one lesson in English, next lesson in Mandarin and the next in Japanese.

    I think the main focus is to have an early start in exposing the kids to the 3 languages. It never fails to amaze me on the variety of activities they have for each lesson (the concept of the activity may repeat but never using the exact same activity materials - which goes to show the efforts put in to prepare the teaching materials).

    Fees wise, it's $600 per term at PP branch, which works out to be $50 per lesson (each term comprising of 12 weeks).

    Just for sharing..
  48. shook

    shook New Member

    Can share the website for LNT pls

  49. easy

    easy New Member


    My dd is about two years. Have been showing her flashcards since less than a year. Wondering if any of you mummies who have been flashing cards with your children would like to have an exchange of cards so that we can expand our repertoire without killing more trees?
  50. mac07

    mac07 New Member

    hihi just reg.inorder to communicate with ya.I am considering sending my dd to LNT along Upper Serangoon Rd. Please advise if there is any feedback for this centre. Thank
  51. ash_tree

    ash_tree New Member

    My 13 months-old dd is currently in LNT (TPY) and had attended 4 lessons so far. We wanted to enrol her to SM but classes are full until Jan 2010, so we tot can try LNT for 2 terms and then switch to SM next year. We hope to make some comparisons between the two before coming to a decision.

    So far LNT has been enjoyable as dd loves flashing cards together with songs. Heard SM is more 'stressful' cos it is results-oriented. So maybe they are more confident in promising results than LNT.

    Anyway, for mums who are doing or are intending to start home practices, I've a few topics to share. They are available on my blog for downloading. Feel free to click and leave your comments. [​IMG]

  52. pm188

    pm188 Active Member

    hi magdelene,
    I've sent my boy to LNT @ Upper Serangoon branch end last year for 1 term. reason for stopping the class is because I dun find it very useful.

    Key reasons being inexperienced teachers and the activities are too repetitive that it does not stimulate the brain. Even for supposedly right brain training activities, they are fairly simple, unlike SM, GD or any other right brain training methods/ schools etc... so overall, I find it's not really very brain stimulating for the price I paid. I regretted for not going for trial classes to see if it's good and signed up blindly coz heard good reviews about LNT.

    A gf of mine also stopped after a term @ the same outlet. She also felt the teachers were not very experienced.

    Overall, I think teachers play an impt role.. so LNT may be good, but different outlets may have varying standards.
  53. mei_ling

    mei_ling New Member

    Hi Magdelene,

    I have been sending my son to Shichida classes in KL, and I find the teacher are also not so experienced.
    But I have been told by senior shichida mothers, that
    as parents we must do our part, because classes are only once a week. So all the "homework" must be done by parents.
    I normally buy my flash cards, mandala, and others online coz I don't have much time to make my own flash cards.
    I get my stuff from and
  54. oink1526

    oink1526 Member

    Shichida Tensai Memory Material

    Memory Genius Flash Card Set G - Chinese

    Self-collect at :

    MRT stations: Tiong Bahru, Outram, Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Cityhall, Bugis - 8.30am to 9am & 5.30pm to 6.30pm or

    Bras Basah Complex, Central National Library - 8.30am to 9am & 5.30pm to 6.30pm or

    near Jalan Bukit Merah & Kim Tian.

    Other collection venue can be arranged.

  55. v_ni

    v_ni Member

    hi, my son and i have just started shichida, he's 1yr old.

    i'm wondering if there are any sahm moms with babies around the same age group, who would be interested in getting together on a weekday "shichida" themed playdate. Well, sort of like a home practice session.

    i'll be happy to host at my place, i live near central area.

    please PM me. thanks!
  56. ssmummy

    ssmummy New Member

    My daughter just started at SM. She is a Sept/07 baby.

    Anyone knows what I can do / buy for her? :)
  57. busybee_81

    busybee_81 Member

    Hi! I have home made ESP / HSP materials, which i did for my home practice, if you wish buy kindly PM me. These materials are same as Shichida class, since i am Shichida mother, for my home practice i made these.... let me know if anyone is interested.... Thanks!
  58. thor

    thor New Member

    Where are they located?
  59. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    i have a $100 voucher for use at my little genius at jurong east or hougang,if interested,please pm me.My Little Genius is a brain development school and they were previously called Little Neuro Tree. The new programme incorporate activities such as brain gym, flashing of words cards, storytelling and science which I think are important to bb
  60. bento_bake

    bento_bake New Member

    Hi hi SSmummy,

    My son was in SM @ 2009 . SM mainly have to do a lot of home practice like flash cards. So for a start u can prepare flashcards for your daughter.


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