Stemcord or cordlife

Hi, i am a existing client of Stemcord, considering to bank cordblood for my 2nd bb.

Stemcord offers a package of $980 to siblings, its pricing is definitely more attractive than Cordlife, however their email response or telephone conversation was way behind Cordlife service attitudes and they are not excited or look forward to clinch the deal. This makes us wonder should we bank with Cordlife instead?

Hi Sharon, I feel the exact same way as you!! Y did u decide in cordlife? And u took the yrly or 21yrs plan?

I have signed up with Cordlife for my baby.

Anyone want to sign up with Cordlife at Baby Expo on 20 July 2012? If I refer you as friend, we each get $100 shopping voucher.

Do email me at [email protected]
Have a good day.

I signed up with Stemcord coz their is a 6 year package (you can choose to renew or terminate after 6 years) while Cordlife is a 21 years contract. As current medical studies have not shown the viability of the cord blood use after 15 years of storage, we feel that there is no point storing for entire 21 years upfront.

If anyone is signing up with Stemcord and need referral (you can get $50 off for 1st year storage), can PM me for my details.