iHERB (Free Shipping to SG) @ 24% off ~vicky~


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Quick spree requested by Spreeist due to attractive offer 30% discount.

i) http://www.dermstore.com/
ii) http://www.blush.com/
iii) http://www.hairenvy.com/?xovrid=trvlrinq799cg6c8pqgoc4irj6

i) Domestic (within US): Free
ii) International (from US to SG): vPOST
iii) Cost: allocated according to actual item weight. Heavy/bulky items (eg. glass bottle packaging & bottles with liquid content) incur higher shipping charges.
iv) Delivery time: ~ 5 weeks +/- (after order submission)

i) Local Postage: Singpost (new rate w.e.f. 01 Oct)
> SmartPac @ $5.00, for package up to 3kg & dimensions 30cm (l) x 19cm (w) x 7cm (h)
> Normal mail (at your own risk)
> Registered mail with tracking # (recommended)
- Nominal stationery/handling fee applies.
ii) Courier: $7.00 for package up to 60cm (L+W+B) & above for larger package as per Ta-Q-Bin's published rate (new rate w.e.f. 01 Oct)
- Nominal stationery/handling fee applies.
iii) Collection: My block / Boon Keng MRT / Town area
> Arrange in advance at mutually convenient schedule. Subject to change.
> For bulky/heavy load, please collect from my block/Boon Keng MRT or use courier dispatch only.

i) Order is included only upon receipt of payment.
ii) There could be extended waiting time in the process of collating order &/or consolidating shipment at vPOST.
iii) Delivery could around 5 weeks as stated above (due to parcel consolidation at vPOST US). Please order only if you are aware that items cannot arrive as soon as you require.
iv) Promotion/Offers are usually limit to once per account (i.e. 1 batch only). Orders may not be submitted immediately so that other Spreeists can enjoy the discount too.
v) No amendment/cancellation/refund will be entertained once order is submitted/confirmed/shipped.
vi) Refund will be made in 3 days for items that are out of stock.
vii) I am not liable for wrong/spoilt/leaked item or items that are not sent by Merchant & will thus not bear any cost for such loss.
viii) I will not be responsible for parcel loss/mishandle/delay once I dispatch it, be it by post or courier.
ix) I reserve the right to decline any order or close the spree earlier once capped amount is reached.
x) Do refer to this spree thread for shipment status update as it serves as the common platform for all Spreeists.

Email: (via PM/email):
Distribution Mode:

Item name:
Colour (where applicable):
Size (where applicable):
Price (US$):
Quantity: (if > 1 )

Total quantity:
Total amount: US$ x (applicable discount) x 1.33

i) 1st payment: item cost
ii) 2nd payment: vPOST shipping cost + local postage/courier (if needed)
iii) Indicate if your payment was transferred via ATM or ibanking (& provide nick/name)
iv) Exchange rate: 1.33 (revised if credit card bill is higher)
v) My bank account: POSB savings

i) Post in this spree thread (preferred)
ii) Send me PM (Start a Conversation)
iii) Email: [email protected]

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dermstore 30%.png

EXCLUDED brands (no further discount): http://www.dermstore.com/extend_DermStore_268.htm
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Not sure whether entitled to "Free gift with any purchase of 2 Dermalogica Powerbright products". If dont have, nvm.

Tt done. Thanks.

To AccountPOSB Passbook Savings Account
049-20327-6 VICKY
Transfer Currency and AmountS$96.82
Transaction Reference13421850659
Hi lynnet_mama

Payment received: $96.82
Dermalogica brand is, however, excluded from this offer as listed in the link in spree post #2 above. There is, however, 15% off Drugstore now.
Pls let me know if you wish to transfer your order over or opt for refund. Thanks.
Hihi. Sorry did not notice that deremologic is excl. Pls help to transfer only one qty of item two to drugstore. The rest of money pls do refund. Will.pm u my acct no. Thanks.
My Order:-

1. The Healthy Deodorant - Pure Vanilla (2 oz.)
Fragrance: Pure Vanilla

2. Mineral Blush - Damselfly (0.2 oz.)
by Becca Cosmetics
Color: Damselfly

3. Mineral Blush - Songbird (0.2 oz.)
by Becca Cosmetics
Color: Songbird

4. Mineral Blush - Wild Honey (0.2 oz.)
by Becca Cosmetics

5. Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25 Plus - Pearl (1.7 fl oz.)
by Becca Cosmetics
Color: Pearl

6. Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - Limited Edition - Rose Gold (0.3 oz.)
by Becca Cosmetics

Total: $189.00 x 0.7 x 1.33 = $175.96
Hi Esther Zhang (mousey_mouse)

This item can be ordered but it will be shipped separately (backorder) & incur additional shipping cost. Thanks.
Hi Apple Teo (applepie_80)

Noted your order, 6 items.
I will prompt you for payment upon order confirmation. Thanks.
Hi dear,

Funds Transferred. Thanks.
To Account POSB Passbook Savings Account
049-20327-6 SMH_Vicky
Transfer Currency and Amount S$175.96
Transaction Reference 13446804517

Batch #1 @ 20 Oct --> Submitted
Discount: 30% off

  • Lynne (1 item)
  • Alison (2 items)
  • Apple Teo (applepie_80) (6 items)

Batch #1 has reached vPOST US & may be released with my next shipment in abt 2 weeks' time.
Pls see this spree thread for further update. Thanks.

Batch #1 @ 20 Oct/18 Nov --> Received
Discount: 30% off



  • Dermstore - Batch #1.pdf
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Hi gaohuian

Refund of $45.69 was made (via ibanking) just now as per your request on order cancellation. Pls check. Thanks.
My Order:-

1. Propoline Women's Tonic Shampoo for Thinning Hair (8.5 fl oz.)
by Apivita

2. Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - Opal (0.28 oz.)
by Becca Cosmetics
Color: Opal

3 Face Mask With Grape (1.42 oz.)
by Apivita

4. Face Mask With Royal Jelly (1.48 oz.)
by Apivita

Total: $94.00 x 0.7 x 1.36 = $89.49

Funds Transferred
To Account POSB Passbook Savings Account
049-20327-6 SMH_Vicky
Transfer Currency and Amount S$89.49
Transaction Reference 13682176092

Batch #2 @ 02 Dec --> Submitted
Discount: 30% off
  • fatinmolane (1 item)
  • Apple Teo (applepie_80) (4 items)
  • rong_rong (2 items)
  • Lynne (3 items)