(2010) TTC kopi-chat...anything n everything under the sun...u name it..we chat it


is ur ILs cantonese? if yes then maybe thats y ur MIL wants ur DS to call her ma ma..last time my MIL also wants my gal to call her ma ma but too late we already taught her to call nai nai



she is hainanese but wants him to call her cantonese ma ma and she insist and persist hor though my DH keep telling her not to.. she said teach ur son to call her mummy lah

dont know leh, i find that he is my son why need her to decide what to call me right.. somehow i still like my son to call me ma ma then mummy..sound so ang mo


相见好同住难。。anyway still early to teach ur boy how to call her ..if not then everyday u tell ur boy she is his Nai nai... :p


then u also muz tell ur boy infront of ur MIL at times...at least make known to her that u want ur boy to acknowledge her as nai nai


yah loh later if she told my boy to call us daddy mummy then i will tell my boy mummy daddy is ang mo style, u are chinese learn chinese way ma ma and pa pa then see what she say


jialat also leh u


your boy still too young to learn. He won't remember what to talk one la. When he reach around 2 then you tell him you want him to call you ma ma instead of mummy.


u got the chest drawer frm ikea?

im comtemplating to buy chest drawer from ikea or get those plastic 5 tier drawer frm toyogo ....


hmm mayb i go check out the toyogo warehouse first then decide...

have to divide the playroom into half nursery half play room now... :p

bubbleling, ya.. i got from ikea.. 4-chest drawers... i prefer wooden drawers so got it from ikea..

Candice, i packing baby stuffs, now all stuff in storeroom.. the diapers samples all in different bags.. i shall clean the big big tupperware containers then put the diapers inside.

my EDD is 06 july.


our room very small no place to put so the 5 tier one serves me well haha [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


last sat i saw one pink chest drawer at ikea..still tinking wana get thtat or not


ya the 5 tier toyogo drawer will save a lot of space

Candice, ohh. you are Candice Cxxxx huh? sorry because got my office local agents adding me in FB also.. i dont want to add them lah.. haha.. so when adding me need to tell me in advance.. keke..

hi ladies,

Long long time nvr come in le.

I'm due in dec'10 n lookin for a confinement lady. I remember reading abt some CL recommendations sometime back but I can't recall who. Can anyone help? Thks!


so u decide on 1 bed or 2 bed liao mah?


yah loh keke can watch all the tv i want, can sleep till late late.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

bubbleling, hahaha.. i saw that also.. i intially want to get 3 tier one.. then i feel too short for me.. keke..

bb dust, no leh.. hahaha... ok you make me think of my pre admission form yet to fax in..

Candice, added you! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Good Morning ladies.


I also got the 5-tier toyogo drawers, but find it not sufficient to put in all my baby's clothes & necessities leh... Enough for ur ah boi?


You wan my CL contact? I haven try her service yet. But she is one of the CL recommended in SMH.

I have met with her and find her not bad. very nice to chat n not vert restrictive on the traditional measures...