(2010/03) March 2010 mtb

Wish, how to join the group in FB? Couldn't use the link u provide.

BTW, Nicholas sleep really well after swimming. He swam at 10.30am today.. slept at 11am after milk..now still zzzing....

hi mummies,

Sorry to intrude but I need HELP!

I'm due in Dec10 n I'm looking for a gd confinement lady urgently.

I'd tried calling a few contacts but they're alrdy being booked n now I'm panicking.

Will any kind mummies here pls pass me ur CL contact if ur CL was gd? Pls help n thks so much!

1727 - U have to copy the whole link, including the portion that is not automatically 'hyperlinked'.


OR search in FB for "2010 Tiga Den" group.. hopefully u can access..


Try this lady Diana (mobile: 90544885). She was my cousin's CL and my cousin had good feedback abt her.


depends how long I drag. If morning overnight pump need 20 to 30 min to clear. If normal 3 hourly interval then around 15 min.

Aiyaya!!! At MIL place now.

HB and I went downstairs to paktor and left 50ml of milk for MIL to standby in case Selene wants to feed again.

When we came back, MIL fed liao but left the storage n feeding bottle there. Super diao!!!! Might as well wash the bottle so that can use for next feed ma!

Re: BM yield

I think I need to go back to more regularly pumping if I cut back on calories. Yield at 3pm was pathetic.

Was telling HB that I drag pumping sessions now to train my boobs for gong back work.

HB said I stupid. Said I should pump more regularly to increase milk stash while I still can and that bm yield sure drop when I go back office so is Bo pian.

I think when I get back to work supply will drop even more cos of work stress...

Feeling so sleepy... Moo moo moo...

Lovinglife, where's the Philips warehouse?

Hubby n I juz brought Isaac for his first swim session today. We juz wanted him to try out, n he thoroughly enjoyed himself. So we signed the package.. Another bb splurge ;)


power leh! u can feed in this manner. if baby never hiccup or regurgitate, he's fine. dream feed is just one method to try. gotta trial error feed amount and timing. don't stress yrself ah. i'm not very concerned about dogs and babies together. when all of us are on the bed, i will lay a cloth for dyl to lie on. usually my dogs will lie at the corner of the bed away from him. like elise, i make sure i wash my hands b4 dealing anything with his feed.


i'm going back to my good carbo diet. i duno why i keep feeling so listless. i did what your hubby suggested. bad move for me. resulted in leaky sore breasts. this last week before work, i practice the timings i could possibly pump to test waters. most are in the 830ml range but thankfully i got a few times in the 900ml range. maybe you can do what your hubs say and then practice the "timings" few days before work.

WF, guessed I will be using my heater water, instead of boiling it. Hehehe...Hope Lac enjoys her swim tomorrow, cant wait! Btw, urs need to inflate? Mine think no need according to the supplier..

BF cant take diary products...gosh! Could it be the reason why Lac has a gassy tummy last time??? I drank those mama milk practically everyday! Thought it was good.....faint!

Reen, the neck float comes together with the tub when I purchased it. U can check out the spree. its $70 for the tub, neck float and a waverider, self collect at Buangkok. I will update once I let Lac try tomorrow! =)

Lovinglife, thanks for sharing the info!

i didnt go Pigeon talk coz last minute hiccup.

Did i miss anything? They really make you guys stay throughout the talk ah..? Gooodie bag still the same mah?


i drank Meiji milk everyday when i was pumping for Selene also wor but we give her massage twice a day after bath in the morning and evening la.

LadyK, actually I find the talk abit different from last time, guess coz the speaker is from different hospital. Today is from Mt A. I personally find some parts quite good. Wanted to listen more on the 2nd section on babycare tips but hubby called me from lobby, screaming for help to feed Lac who kept crying and dont want drink milk. So sianz...

Goodie bag also not same. Got 2 wet wipes, pacifier wipes, 12pcs breastpads, cream, bottle washer, Anmum samples and 2 magazines.

So good Selene let u massage. Wheneven I apply oil and want to massage for Lac, she will squirm and struggle. If I manage to apply oil on her, its gd enough liao...

Philips Avent located at Toa Payoh Lorong 1

i must say it is worth coming down to get avent products or philips electrical products. last sale i got the avent steriliser. it was like 40% cheaper than usual price. list down what product you are getting and look ard for prices in the market first before come down for the sale.

yo mommies..

have u all heard of such total development program before? supposed to be good for developing love for reading in ur child at a very young age and can start as young as right now.. another such company is Grolier or something.. was approached at Baby Fair before.

total cost is like 6k..can pay by 24month installment but still super ex.. but will get a mini library of books.. cdroms.. materials, resources etc..


a lady came to my house today to do a presenation.. abit swayed.. but the price is holding me back..

any feedback??


oic. no more BM storage bottles ah? Then i didnt miss much except for the talk contents hehehe.

Actually Selene also wriggle when i do for her but i don care... i just tell her "mama massage and rub your tummy then no pain pain la... you don't move around.." Then i just chop chop apply oil and rub downwards lor. She prefers my HB doing it... maybe because men's palm is bigger and more comfortable.


Thanks for the very useful tips! Am taking nite flight too, so have to swaddle him n let him sleep before takeoff. :) did u bring pram with u on flight or check in? or u use sling all the way? so much things to pack for Rei! how about steam sterilizer? i am thinking just to use hot water in hotel to soak the bb bottles...

Btw, how did u dress Emma in Korea? Did u get her cold clothings? I went to suntec winterwear n coldwear, didn't see any infant cold clothings.. so wonder how to warm my little fellow in Korea.. can't possibly swaddle him always mah...

Btw, u paid 10% of the airfare for infant right?

Am going there on 26 may n back 31 may :)...not sure where to go...have to do some research via internet... hubby on biz for first 2 days n ask me to bring rei out myself ...what a challenge as i dun speak Korea at all! downloaded "simple Korean" to my Iphone just in case... haha!


where do u place the swimming tub? possible to put in living room and drain off water into a pail? my toilet really too small.

swiming costume

anybody wants? i saw one infant swimming costume at zara 29.90 so cute! almost bought it. but got to settle tub problem first.

mommies who got the goodie bag from pigeon.. just a few questions..

1) how do u use the "baby cream"? for face? butt?

2) the antibacteria wipes thats in the plastic box, can it be used for butt? says ok for face and hands.. guess its ok? but its antibacteria.. hmm

anyways, nice meeting you all again! new and old!

elise, i'm sooo amazed by ruff.. sooo cute and guai.. unbelievable.. he's almost like a stuff toy u can bring anywhere.. sweet.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

tiga, the antibacteria wipes is to wipe pacifers, teethers etc.

ladyk, u shld have sms me to help u collect ur goodie bag!

tiga, thanks!! keke.. ruf is a very very good boy.. thats why he is always out w me.

Eilse u awake so early? Enzo wake u up again or u pumping?

This morning kinda "overslept". Didn't hear Mal ehhh ehh to wake up to pump. Like that ve to make up by pumping more later. Even if I didn't pump from last night 9pm till 4am also only get 250ml. That's 7 hrs apart leh. Normal last pump is at 9pm then pump at 1am will get 200ml.

Wah..... Wanna cry

ladyk, I really envy yr ss.... So good. I wish I ve more for Mal....


haha okie la... luckily goodie bag not fantastic.


Maybe after yr 200ml, yr body slow down milk production...

Anyway i suspect my SS dropping coz i reducing food intake. I gonna make up by upping my pumping sessions. Instead of 6hrs, probably 3hrs.

Last night, i tried latching via lying down instead of bottle feeding. Actually also no joke, not that time saving but no need get up or support bottle. Once latch on properly then can rest. I also dont know how much Selene drinks but she no cry then i bochup liao?

Now im pumping to clear excess milk in my boobs so it wont affect milk SS...


no need envy my milk SS la.

Still liquid gold, no matter the amount [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Initially i dry like desert too but i abused my dual pump to up my milk SS. My mum was very supportive n i could do regular pumping during confinement so tts y my milk SS is established.

But i must thank TMC LC who said the comment that spurred me on!!! ....."this girl got VERY LITTLE colostrum ..."

winnie, i take over e 4am onwards shift from hubby... At least i can sleep 10pm to 3.30am... If i m not very tired then i pump.. else i go sleep.. Yr ss very good liao le.. me 7 hrs only 160ml last night! i suspect cos my menses coming so e ss drop again...


Same same, when in hospital, 1st time I pump, the nurse just give me the look and tell me at my face, "like that only huh! Got more or not?" I almost want to kill her then kill myself

got do regular pump at confinement but still not enuf leh. Maybe now will need to go back to 3hr pump instead of 5 hr lor. Hope Mal cooperative during day so can pump more

Elise, take care ya. This morning after feeding Mal @ 4am, I placed him on the bed, with his body parallel to the mattress, By the 7am feed, he twist and turn so much that he is perpendicular to the mattress liao. He turn 90 degree clockwise in his sleep.... Kau... He really think he practice kong Fu, and plus all the eee ehh ehh...

Is Enzo like that also?

RE pump,

anyone using freestyle? do u feel milk lweak out of bottle? i using glass bottle...anyone know why leak when bottle is tight?

ladyk, ya, i take over from 4am onwards...

winnie, no le, enzo doesnt move his position but yes with lots of kicking n eh eh eh...

lynn, mine also leak.. damm irritating..

stupid MIL..

tell Enzo, we going to MONG MONG later.. I told her pls speak to him in proper chinese.. We are going out for lunch! Not mong mong.. what the hell..

I on my side been letting him listen to BBC and she here talking all the stupid lingo, lum pong, mong mong.. Buey tahan!

Elise, u managed to find out wat is lum pong? I very curious to know wat it mean. What's yr MIL dialect?

I told my mum to speak to Mal properly. Dun use all the funny language. Lucky my mum understand.

Mal is getting too active in his sleep already. First is the ehh ehh, then kick, now the twist. Wonder wats next. But the ehh ehh is killing me

winnie nope! me didnt bother to ask... Her dialet is hokkien.. I ask hubby what is lum pong he also dunno..

Yeah lo.. the eh eh eh is really irritating...

i find that it leaks only when i use glass bottles, medela bottles are perfectly fine!

at this stage..it is good to imitate babies so that they will learn to imitate our actions and speech to learn. so if the older generation cant stop using their "slang", then just ask them to imitate baby's coos. bo pians liao.

Ugh!!! This morning Eva woke up at 5am crying. I thought she was having a bad dream, since I fed her only 2hrs ago. Turned out she was very irritated with the swaddle and was trying to get out of it. But it's the first time she actually cried like that. In the end I let her sleep without the swaddle.

This is the 2nd consecutive incident already. I sure hope it doesn't repeat every night. It never happened before... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

tks elise, how abt the babycream? moisturiser? or diaper cream.. the product details all in jap la.. grr..

by the way, i'm wondering if its possible to pool together to get the hwa xia swimming package? dun wanna get so many sessions, just want to try 1 or 2 sessions first.. seems that most babies love it so far

Ladyk, ya lor..no more storage bottles. I am aiming for that too to keep.

I got talk to Lac and tell her I am going to massage her. But if I take too long, she will wriggle so I can only rub rub down and not massage for long. Anyway, she had a mega poo earlier! Shiok!

Timy, I let Lac swim in the tub earlier liao! The tub is really big leh, can fit in one of us also...think we on running tap for nearly 10-15mins (or maybe more!) lor. Lac struggled when we put the float around her neck but quiet when we put her down in water. She "jump" around the tub and enjoying her swim. So cute! After we brought her up, she fell into deep sleep. Hahaha! Think the swim made her super tired..I dont think can put in living room coz U definately have to carry alot of pails to fill up the tub n draining it. Really tedious..

Thanks to 1727 who mentioned to fill half tub of water, else alot of water waste wor!

Tiga, I am also wondering what is the cream for coz its in Japanese. Abit silly...Yeah, nice meeting u mummies there!

Elise, I think sometimes PIL will use bb language to talk to our bb. I will say "pom pom" to Lac also leh. Hehehe... but of coz I will said its bathing time to her.

Btw, last nite Lac also make alot of noise at 4am and 6am but I just ignored coz her eyes closed. Think sometimes they have nightmares coz Lac will also make crying sound too which we thought she woke up. End up she slept till this morning 9am, missing one feed again! Not sure why she so tired lately...



wow u gal like having fun swimming! after hearing it, i think try my luck and get a set. want my gal to swim and have fun too. and heard not so good reviews on hwa xia so that option is out.