1. d0nutella

    TTC - Clearblue Advanced Digital OPK - Spreading Baby Dust ✨

    Hi all, Bought these from a pregnant mama whom shared with me her baby dust last month! ^^ Now spreading the Baby Dust ✨ to next mama who wish to get pregnant too! Only 1 Set FCFS Yah ;) Test Reader Holder & Free Ninjavan tracking courier included Usual Price for a box of 10/20 is alr $71.90...
  2. Y

    For trying to conceive naturally

    My good friend who is of an older age has been trying for babies, was on a safe method without oral medication, conceived after 2 months. Hence I would like to share here so more ladies can try who may be benefit as well.
  3. L

    Clomid therapy

    any ladies has been instructed by gynae to start clomid therapy? I have two boxes of clomid to bless away Postage fee payable only Or self collect anytime anyday at 670516 Please message me
  4. memy

    Is Hsg ( hysterosalpingogram) necessary?

    Hi ladies, Can u share how was your experience with the Hsg test? was it a tough test to take & did it manage to clear the tubes or help in fertility? This is the last test that i have yet to take cos i'm afraid after hearing some horror stories of it. Can tcm unblock tubes instead?
  5. J

    Help! Pain when attempting intercourse

    Hi all... really appreciate if anyone could help me out with this. Been married for a year and each time we try to have intercourse, it will be too painful for me the moment we try such that I have to stop. I had endometriosis previously and got the cyst removed. I read up that endometriosis...