1. A

    looking for babysitter

    Hi . I m looking for a baby sitter at Tampines, I need the nanny to come to my place to look after my twins, my Mother I. Law will be there to help as well. Please whatsapp me at 8183 7651
  2. A

    looking for nanny for twins

    Hi, I’m looking for a nanny for my twins, my Mother in law will be there to help as well. We need the nanny to come to my place to look after the babies. I stay at Tampines central 7, please whatsapp me at 8183 7651. Thanks.
  3. S

    Looking for nanny in Tampines

    Dear All I am looking for an evening baby sitter who stays near Tampines St 86. From Jan onwards. Need help to fetch two children (4and5yo) from childcare centre on weekdays around 5.30pm and provide, feed dinner and shower the kids. Timing - 5 - 9pm on all days, except Tuesday and Thursday...
  4. S

    Looking for Nanny near bedok reservoir

    hi, looking for nanny near my place at 470136 to look after my daughter 2mths old from mon to fri 7:30am to 7:30pm, effective on 1Aug18. please message / whatsapp to my mobile at nine-one-one-6-nine-1-four-4. thank you, ST Lim.
  5. N

    Full day childcare in Tampines

    hi , Any recommendations for a full day childcare around Tampines?we stay in Tampines street 22 and most of the places around are full.So far got a slot in Lutheran street 21.I’m getting mixed responses about the place .Any other recommendations where you and your child is very happy..I need to...
  6. Jayde

    *Ignore this post pls* Babysitting service for Tampines area

    **Kindly ignore below info. I have no idea how to delete this post if it's possible.** hi there, New to this forum and would like to find out if there is any market for babysitting services. I have a 4mth old baby girl and will be staying home to care for her from Feb '17 onwards but looking to...
  7. G

    WTS : Baby Boy Bundle from 0-12 months clothings

    clothes ranging from 0 to 12 months, onsies, shirts, pants, tee shirts, overalls, socks, shoes, etc. $1 per piece - onesies, socks $2 per piece - t-shirt $5 per piece - shirt, shorts, pants $10 for overalls feeding spoons, bowls, etc, take all for $15
  8. Jocelyn2016

    Looking for babysitter near my area tampines st 83

    hi all, I am currently looking for babysitter in Tampines near my area. Please contact me at 87269437 if you are keen or you have any introduce. Thanks
  9. Jocelyn2016

    Babysitter/Nanny in Tampines

    i am currently looking for Chinese experienced baby sister in Tampines. St 83 or maybe the area convenience for me otw to work. Please call or message me 87269436. Thanks.