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    Gauging interest for part time confinement help in Perth

    Hi all, I am considering starting my own business to support first time mummies with newborn bubs in Perth. Just checking the interest for such service with the following broad criterias: - Able to stay/support care of bub and Mum during school hours (9:30am - 2:30pm) - Can cook Chinese...
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    Looking for Confinement Lady for Perth location

    Hi, I am looking for confinement lady who is in Perth or willing to travel to Perth, Australia. EDT is 28 Feb - 5 Mar 2024. Anyone know or can give info is much appreciated. Thank you
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    Good Confinement Lady - Jenny Low

    I highly recommended Auntie Jenny to anyone who is looking for a good confinement lady. She is a responsible confinement lady and she takes good care of mommy and baby. Auntie Jenny stayed with me for a month in Perth (from end of July 2018 until Aug 2018). How I wish to have her with us for...