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    WTS brand new pampers diapers (size xxl)

    Suitable for 14kg and above. One whole box with 4 bags. Each bag contains 34 pieces. One bag opened with one piece used. Selling at $35. (bought at $50+).
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    WTS: Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (newborn)

    Pampers baby dry diapers (newborn, up to 5kg) - soft Touch-Dry layer quickly absorb wetness - Magic Gel helps to absorb and lock it up to 7 wettings - wetness indicator: the line turns into BLUE colour and notifies urine Selling 33 loose pieces @ $7
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    Short survey on diapers, your response greatly appreciated

    Hello dear mummies, We are a group of Y1 students from NUS Business School, taking a module on Marketing. For our final project, we will be analysing the marketing strategies of Pampers as well as its competitors. We would really appreciate it if you can take a few minutes to complete our...
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    Pampers BN

    Swaddlers Size 1 and Size 2 Each Pack $24 Ready Stocks Buying more than 1 pack, will have special discount