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    FTS High NT 5.5

    Hi mummies, I am currently at 13 weeks and my FTS at KKH flagged out that my baby has an abnormally high NT at 5.5. NIPT listed us as Lowrisk for DS but we were still thrown many scary statistics and possibilities for other abnormalities. Currently scheduled for amniocentesis at 16 was and...
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    Harmony NIPT outcome

    Hi people. Anyone has experience with the Harmony reporting style at KKH? I asked the staff in charge, Christine. She said that she only receives "bad news" from the lab, 2 weeks after the blood extraction. If she doesn't call you, it means "good news" and we just wait for our next gynae...
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    NIPT or Oscar?

    Hi all, I have just tested positive (5weeks) for my 3rd pregnancy. I will be turning 35 this Dec and my baby is due March 2022. I did Oscar Test for my previous two pregnancies and the results were healthy. Now that I am above 35yo, should I choose Oscar or NIPT? Anyone know the prices for...